BigTittyGothEgg Biography 2022 – Age, Career, Boyfriend, Onlyfans &More

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Goth Egg is a very famous and popular model and Influencer. She becomes very trending over the internet. And she is a supermodel and a hot start. She is also a big name on Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube. She is a big Star, Model, and Instagram celebrity. And she is from the United States of America. Goth has appeared in several videos on various social media platforms. Goth has a lovely appearance, cute smile, modeling poses, style, and superb temperament. 

Introduction of BigTittyGothEgg:

Goth is very famous due to her amazing acting skill and modeling skills. Goth is famous and popular among all her and foremost trending ladies on Tiktok and Instagram platform. Also, Goth is mainly famous and she is far-famed for her all comedy video clips, performing arts videos, and performing lip-syncs on her Tiktok and websites. 

She becomes a social media personality and trending celebrity. Her social media presence and followers are growing speedily and her followers are growing at AN astounding pace and location. Goth is additionally more fashionable for her all social and Instagram footage, images, and videos.

She is having a Brobdingnagian fan follower. In this article, we are going to share all the essential information about her in modeling and acting shoots. 

Overview of BigTittyGothEgg:

Goth is also famous as Egg. And she is also known as an egg model and personality. She is a real definition of fancy beauty and love. Egg loves her all fans and followers. She has a perfect body and figure. She is a very decent and stunning beauty. Also, She loves all her fans and followers as well. She has a perfect height and weight. Goth has measured between the heights of 5 feet and 5 inches. And she has an average body size and figures too.

An egg is also famous as the name of big titty and also popular as Goth. Her style and sense of beauty are very trending on all her social media accounts and platforms. She has a stunning sense of dressing or unique fashion sense. 

Here, we are going to describe her personality and fashion sense. And we also know her styling and popularity on all her social media accounts and platforms.

BigTittyGothEgg’s early life and early education:

As we all know, she is a very popular and trending actress. She is also known as a social media butterfly and celebrity. Goth has grown up very beautifully in her childhood, Goth is also committing to making many people friends and having fun also. She is giving a great lesson and also giving emotional notes to her fans and followers.

She becomes a great name in the entertainment industry. The egg has a lot of people who love her during her work and also admire her due to her excellent performance. The egg can execute her all jobs and modeling works very well. Goth t has been able and has a lot of people following her on her various social media platforms. She loves to do modeling and adult filming as well.

Age of BigTittyGothEgg:

As we all know, she has an American nationality. And she also belongs to the United States of America. Her age information is public but she never reveals all her age and home city information to the media and other networks.

We did not know about her age or other information. As we get more information or get notified then we must be updated here in this section as well.

nothing was born in the United States of America and she was born in December. And she was born on 20th December 1999. Goth is an almost 22 years old young and fresh model. And her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Weight and Height of BigTittyGothEgg:


Goth Egg has an ideal height and weight. And she has an ideal height of 5 feet and 5 inches as well. She is a very loving and charming personality. She has a huge fan and a following on her all social media accounts.

Also, She loves by many followers and subscribers and Goth makes her look very stylish. But when we are talking about her stunning appearance then we get notified that she has long and beautiful hair and she has sparkling eyes. She loves to do styling. And she posted her many photos over the internet. 

The famous interests of BigTittyGothEgg?

Moreover, she is an icon in the adult modeling industry. She loves to do photography and she loves nature. Also, She is traveling around the globe. She is the best typewriter and Goth has a passion for telling different stories as well.

Goth loves to watch movies, and spend time with her friends and family members.

She often shares her stunning pictures and photos on her social media platforms.

Fandom about BigTittyGothEgg:

In this section, we discussed all details including her pet name a real name. Although, we also discussed all her social and private lifestyles.

Her real and user name is BigTittyGothEgg. And she has nationality of American. And her ethnicity is white. She hails from the United States of America. And her date of birth is 20th December 1999. Her age is only 22 years only. Her zodiac and birth sign is Sagittarius. She is a female by her gender. Her height and weight are normal and moderate. Her height is 5 feet and 5 inches only. The egg is only 50 kg. Her hair color is golden and she sometimes dyed her hair with different shades and colors. Her eye color is blue. Goth has a single relationship. But we did not know her measurement detail and information. Goth has no Tattoo or does not have any kind of piercing. Her social media accounts have huge views and the total number of views is I55 or more.

@ BigTittyGothEgg TikTok reels and videos:

Goth has launched her modeling and acting career under the username @Goth.Egg on her Tik Tok account. The egg has also begun uploading her many lip-sync & dancing videos to many of her popular & trending songs and videos. She is a very fun and loving personality. She is a very caring and friendly celebrity.

Goth’s all videos went viral due to her sexy and killer looks & all her fans and followers love her so much.

She is starting to gain various and millions of followers and subscribers on her all social media accounts. Moreover, she has gained over 3.3 million followers on her amazing TikTok application and account.

@ BigTittyGothEgg Instagram posts and videos:

When we are talking about her Instagram account then we have also become very curious to know more all information about her and her life also. She is an active part of the Instagram app. Goth is only active on her Instagram application. On her social media platform, Egg is sharing her so many gorgeous pictures & daily life videos and she also shared via her status stories and timeline. The egg has private and public accounts.

However, with all this information, Goth has also gained over 750k fans and followers on her Insta account & then Egg will soon be hitting one million followers there as well on her single dancing and singing videos.

BigTittyGothEgg’s net worth and income details:

Big Titty has made a decent and handsome amount from her monthly & yearly social media earnings. She is playing and doing modeling and earning huge money from these sources.

She is a famous influencer or a media personality. Her net worth is estimated to be around $890,000 – $980,000. And she has major or big income sources like these are sponsorships & paid subscriptions as well. But we can easily find her estimating earnings from all her social media application like Tiktok & Instagram and Snapchat etc. Through her sponsorships and Only fans account, she gets huge profits and money from her paid subscriptions.

BigTittyGothEgg’s social and career Life:

Goth Egg

Goth is very popular due to her modeling and career life. And she got a huge fan following. She has gained over 2 billion users on her social media accounts and platforms. All people are interacting with each other. Most companies can interact with their consumers and users through their media networks and channel also. 

There are some celebrities and she does not make anything available on her social media platforms. Goth had made sure that she is a funny and loving personality. The egg has joined a huge number of popular and trending social media platforms and accounts. There are some social media platforms and she has huge followers on her social media accounts. 

BigTittyGothEgg’s social media handles:

As we all know, these type of girls and models have their own separate social life and Goth has also their following and all her social media handles. But when we have given information about her all social media accounts and handles. And she has also huge followers and subscribers there. Then I have come to know that, Egg is most active and available on her Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & Snapchat. She is also available on her Twitter account.

Her YouTube channel name is @ BigTittyGothEgg.00. And she also has her Twitter account under her user name as @ BigTittyGothEgg.official. The egg has also used her TikTok Account under her username as @BigTittyGothEgg.official. Goth is also using her Instagram account under her user name as @ Goth. Egg. She is also using her Snap chat account under her user name as@sweetgothonline.

BigTittyGothEgg’s age, date of birth & birthplace:

The nothing is 20 years old model and influencer. And she belongs to the United States of America. And she was born in the United States of America. But we did not know exactly her place of birth and also her hospital name etc. She was born on20 December 1999, in California, USA, and Goth was also raised there.

BigTittyGothEgg Family, Parents & Siblings goals:

The Goth is not sharing so much information and data about her personal and private life with family and siblings. As Egg is a very private and possessive model of her parents. And Goth is also available in public as well as about her personal life. 

And Bigtitty is not talking about her parents and personal life and she has never talked about so much in her all social media limelight and also her private life. The Egg has kept her all things and personal life away from all her social media platforms and accounts.

BigTittyGothEgg Boyfriend, Husband & Affairs:


Although, the Egg has massive fan followings on her all social media accounts. But she is very active in her personal life and also her relationship life. 

Goth has straight sexuality. And she is very interested to grow in her relationship life so we cannot more know about her anything husband and boyfriend. And she also tell that she is not wanting to marry anyone. Goth has not planned to do marriage or any relationship life. But Egg has not any boyfriend and we did not know his name also. And she is not sharing any photos with her ex-boyfriend on her Instagram platform.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: What is the name of GothEgg’s boyfriend?

Ans: Her relationship status is “Single”. And she does not have any boyfriend in her life.

2: How tall is BigTitty?

Ans: Goth is a very pretty and loving girl. And she has 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

3: What is the weight of nothing?

Ans: She has an ideal weight of 50 Kg.

4: What is the nationality of she has?

Ans: She is an American.

5: What are the Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts of GothEgg?

Ans: Egg is also available on an Instagram account under the user name @goth__egg and her Twitter under the user name as @BigTittyGothEgg) and her Snapchat account is not known to us.

6: How old is GothEgg?

Ans: She was born on 20th December 1999. And she is only 22 years old young and beautiful model.

7: What is the name of BigTitty’s boyfriend?

Ans: We did not know about her boyfriend’s name.

The Final Words:

BigTittyGothEgg is a very famous and popular model on all social media platforms. And she is also a big name on Instagram. She is a celebrity and a trending personality too.

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