Brittney(Therealbrittfit) Bio 2022 – Career, Boyfriend, Facts & Onlyfans

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Therealbrittfit is a very famous and viral personality on all social media platforms. And she is equally famous and popular on and Tik Tok platform.

Introduction of Therealbrittfit:

Brit is a very famous and viral personality and a supermodel. She is also known as an influencer of the Tiktok and platform. She is becoming a big star and famous influencer on the Instagram star. And she is from the United States of America.

Brit has appeared in her so many social media videos. She is known for her killing and beautiful looks, cute smile, fascinating style, and amazing personality. 

Brit is also popular among one of the most trending and stylish girls in Tik Tok videos. She is also popular and she is primarily famous for her comedy video clips, dancing videos and performing on many lip-syncs videos on her Tik Tok and 

Brittney is also popular for her eye-catching performances on her Instagram pictures and videos. She has a huge fan following. You will be soon seeing her in modeling shoots. In this article, we are trying to give all the detail of her lifestyle and also share her biography on the wiki, age, family, boyfriend, and many more interesting facts about her life. Brittney is also known as Therealbrittfit on her all social media accounts. Otherwise, she is also known as Brittney. As it is her real name but her fans and followers are calling her by her social media name. She is also known as an American Tiktok star and also known as a famous Instagram personality. She is also known as a web-based life influencer. Britt is popular as wellness of model and she is represented as a brand diplomat of Blackstone Labs in the United States of America.

Fandom about Therealbrittfit:

In this section, we discussed her fandom as a very famous social media personality and she belongs to the United States of America. Her social media name is Therealbrittfit. And her date of birth was May 13, 1997. She is a very beautiful and cute model. As she is only 23 years old. She is female by her gender. Her height is 5 feet and 2 inches only. And her weight is about only 58 kg. But we did not get any estimate about her measurements. And she is an American by her nationality.

She has white ethnicity. And she is a famous TikTok star by her profession. But we did not know about her parent’s information as well we did not know about her parents’ names along with their professions also. Her net worth is about $100 thousand only. And her marital status is married. Her husband’s name is PJ Braun. Brit is very active on her many social media platforms she has an Instagram account under the user name @Therealbrittfit. Other famous social media handles and their username are also mentioned here. Her Tiktok account name is @therealbrittfit. And her Twitter account under the user name @therealbrittfit. She has also a YouTube account under the username @therealbrittfit.

Therealbrittfit early life and education:


As we all know that she is a very beautiful and charming personality and she is belonging to the United States of America. Moreover, she was brought up in Florida in the United States of America. Brittney began her professional career as a web-based celebrity and also a famous life influencer. She becomes very famous and popular for a couple of years in the past few years.

Although, Brit has begun her professional career as getting saw in May of 2019. She is transferring her stunning and stylish pictures and photos in her various swimsuits and dresses. From that point forward, Brit is celebrating her 100k follower’s celebration for showing her lovely and provocative photos and videos. Brit was losing some specific fans and followers due to her indecent substance and photoshoots ads.

In another case, everyone has their equation for progress in the modeling field and industry. Furthermore, she is also known as the best performer of the year and she has also become a popular Instagram star in the modeling industry.

She is wanting and also seeking her huge approach to pick up fame and popularity. Her Tiktok profile picture is very sexy and snappy for her social media platforms. 

Her profile and photos are giving more vibes and also give attraction to her fans and followers. But, due to her adult photos, she has gathered huge fans and followers on her social media accounts. And she has great organic traffic on her all premium accounts.

Therealbrittfit age:

As we all know, she was born on May 13 in 1997. And she is an American Fitness model and also a famous Instagram star and influencer. Brittney is also known as a popular star of Instagram photos and videos. She is very famous due to her extramarital affairs in her past life.

She becomes very famous due to her X-evaluating content and material on her social media Tiktok. And she is only 23 years old. She is celebrating and praising her 23rd birthday about a month back. Moreover, her zodiac and birth sign is Taurus.

Overview of Therealbrittfit?

Brittney aka Thebrit is a very well-known model and Instagram Influencer. And she is better known as The Real Brit Fit on all social media platforms. Brittney is a famous Tiktok Star, Model, and Instagram influencer from The United States of America. She has been featured in many adult videos and also in adult web series. She has gained immense popularity and fame due to her adult photography and as well in videos.

And she has huge followers on her accounts because of her beautiful and sexy looks. She has a perfect physique, cute smile, unique style, and great personality though. Brittney is well-known among all the fastest-growing social media platforms like TikTok stars and also on social platforms. A lot of People know Brit for her comedy video clips, TikTok videos, and dancing videos on her social media channels.

She is not mentioning some of the famous accounts and as well some of her premium accounts.

Brittney has captured the attention of her fans and followers through her eye-catching Instagram photos and videos on her social media platforms. Brittney has a massive number of supporters and followers on her social media platforms and she has many accounts too for communication. 

Therealbrittfit physical appearance:


When we are talking about her character in short movies and also discuss on web-series then we come to know that she is the best person and also a celebrity. She is also known and famous as The Real Britt Fit. And she is clear that she is a fitness freak and also has the best health and insurance possibilities.

And she is doing her regular exercise and workouts to keep her body fit and maintain achieving a perfect and healthier physique and nature. She has an ideal height of approximately 5 feet 3 inches, and her body weight is approx. of 57 kg. Brittney has an ideal body shape and figure of about 34-26-34 inches (Bust-34, Waist-26, and Hips-34 in inches). Moreover, she has very beautiful and sparkling eyes and also has long and healthy hair. Her hair color is dark brown.

Therealbrittfit professional career:

When she was in high school, she shared some hot and adult photos on Instagram then she further shared her videos on these platforms.

Instagram journey and followers:

Then she first started to share her pictures on the Instagram platform in May 2019. After that, Brittney joined Tik-Tok and the Snap chat platform. And currently, these days, she has more than 400k active fans and followers on her accounts. Brittney is also a YouTuber with over 17k subscribers and followers on her account. She is also uploading her many travel videos, dancing videos, and many other videos and short clips on her YouTube channel under the username @Therealbrittfit. 

She is a fashion freak:

Moreover, she is a very pretty and hot star and a model. And she is also promoting her various fashion and fitness products on her Instagram account and also on her channels. After that, she started posting many modeling pictures in her hot bikini shots and web series.

She lost her many optimistic fans and also followers due to her mature and adult content. She has been banned due to this mistake. But she is again active and available for posting her matured and hot content.

However, she has some fans and followers for adoring her beautiful and sexy photos and videos. She also has an Only fans account on this famous platform and she is always available for her adult content on this platform. Although, she has uploaded her 18+ photographs and videos for her promotions and advertisements.

Therealbrittfit husband or boyfriend:

As we give some light on her personal and marital status then we come to know that, she is married to a celebrity and also a media Influencer. And his name is PJ Braun. He becomes very famous and popular due to her. She sometimes posted photos and images on her social media handle and accounts.

Therealbrittfit facts and figures:


Her total assets are around about $100 thousand. She has a collection of expensive watches, mobiles, and perfumes. As she is a very private personality she is not sharing her parents and family detail on different social media platforms.

She has also a huge variety of fashion-related accessories like watches sandals and bikini clothing range etc. But she is not sharing her parents’ names and also does not share her professional details.

She falls in love with her husband and his name is PJ Braun. Her relationship status is married. Brittney is hitched to a kindred and well-maintained weight lifter name PJ Braun.

She has gathered around 406.5 thousand supporters in her Tiktok account as well. Her Instagram fans and followers are about 1 million.

She is very famous due to her photoshoots and videos. She has 2.95 thousand supporters and followers on her YouTube accounts.

Her Social Media platforms:

She is very active on her various platforms and accounts. Brittney is sharing her eye-catching pictures and videos on her Instagram and Onlyfans accounts. Her Instagram handle is available under the user name @therealbritfit.

Brittney has gained over 3 million followers and fans on her Instagram account and also on the platform. 

She is also available on Your Tube account under the username as@Therealbritfit.

Therealbrittfit net worth and Income detail:


She has not only one source of income but rather she has various social media accounts. And she is equally using all of these platforms. She has earned a huge amount from her many platforms and social media accounts. Also, She is making money by promoting her fitness and beauty products on her Instagram handle. 

She has charged around $10,000 per post or also the same charged on her posting of pictures and videos on her Instagram account for her premium users and followers. 

Also, she has earned from many advertisements and brand endorsements. Moreover, she has an Only fans account where she has charged about $4.99 for a monthly subscription and advertisement purposes. Brittney is judged by her profession and also her source of income.

But when we are talking about her estimated net worth then it is around $100 thousand. But it is not verified with any other account and social media platform.

She has a huge collection of her fans and followers on her social media accounts and platforms.

She is love to make some TikTok videos and short reels on this platform. 

But according to some authentic sources, she has a beautiful younger sister and her name is Chole.

Most Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

1: What are the total numbers of followers on her Instagram account?

Ans: Her Instagram account has 600k+ followers.

2: what are the total numbers of her fans and followers on her TikTok account?

Ans: Her Tiktok account has gained 390k+ fans and followers.

3: What is the name of her TikTok id?

Ans: Her TikTok id is available under the username @Therealbrittfit.

4: What is Brittney’s parent’s name?

Ans: She has not shared her parents’ names and detail.

5: What are the names of endorses and brands name?

Ans: She is a big fan and also has worked with big and different endorses various brands.

The Final Words:

Therealbrittfit is a very famous and popular influencer and social media star. And she is very famous due to her amazing and killer personality as well.

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