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Luisa Rubino 2022 – Complete biography, family, husband, and career

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Luisa Rubino is an actress and is well known for her famous TV series, and its name is Narcos. She is a famous model and actor.

Introduction of Luisa Rubino:

Rubino is an actress and is well known for her famous TV series, and its name is Narcos. She is a famous model and actor. She is a Mexican star and celebrity too. But we have enough information about her lifestyle and all the luxury details about her. In this article, we will share all related information about her life and luxury living style. So, Let’s explore more information about her.

Luisa is known as a Mexican actress and also a famous model. And she became very popular in season 4 of Narcos, a Mexican TV series, and it has become more popular all over Netflix and in various criminal dramas and series.

Rubinao became the most-watched and also searched personality over the internet today. And she has become very popular and famous during the character she was playing Andrea Nuez, a newspaper journalist working for the truth. She is appearing in the final season of Narcos Mexico.

Biography of Luisa Rubino:

She has the full name, Luisa Maria Rubino. And she is Famous as Luisa Rubino. She has the professions of actress and a model. She is trending for Narcos Mexico and Andrea Nuñez.

Her birth date is September 23, 1998. And she is only 23 years old model and a celebrity too. Her birthplace is Mexico, and she has the gender Female. Her Zodiac sign is Libra.

She has nationality of Mexican, and she is also using famous social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc. And her handle name is @luisarubino on all social media platforms. 

Luisa Rubino Family information:

She has wonderful parents, and her parents are also from Mexico, and they have Mexican nationality. Her mother’s name is Lourdes Ramírez. And her father’s name is not confirmed. She has some younger siblings. And her brother’s name is Juan Diego, Rubino Ramírez. But we did not confirm her sister’s name and her profession too. And we did not know about her parent’s professions too.

Her love affair:

Luisa Rubino

Sorry, we did not get any information about her love and past lives as she does not involve any man or boy. Although, she is focused and has a keen interest only in her acting and modeling professions. She has no boyfriend or lover at all. 

Luisa Rubino physical status:

She has perfect body measurements and a slim waist 57 cm / 22.4.

And she has Bust of 88 cm / 34.6 and hips 89 cm / 35. She has an ideal height of 5′ feet and 10″ inches, which is equivalent to in centimeters: 178 cm and in meters: 1.78 m.

Her ideal weight is 50 kg, equivalent to 110 lbs or pounds. She has very beautiful eyes, and her eyes color are coffee brown. She has dark brown hair.

Luisa Rubino’s Info:

Her stage name is Luisa Rubino, and her real name is Luisa Rubino. She is an actress by her profession. She has been date September 23, 1993. And she is a very beautiful and pretty model and Influencer too. She has 23 years old model and celebrity. Her gender is straight, and she is a female. She has no interest in any linear relationship like gay or lesbian. Her Birthplace is Mexico City, Mexico. And her Hometown is also Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico. Rubino has good Food Habits, and she is a Non-Vegetarian.

Luisa Rubino’s education and Qualification:

She was a very bright and intelligent student, and she is a graduate personality. But sorry, we did not research her school and college name. And also did not find any information about her school and college. But yes, she got qualified and studied in Mexico and her Hometown. And as we all know, she was born in Mexico City, Mexico. Plus, her birth sign is Libra.

Her alternate names:

Likewise, she is a very beautiful personality. She is very famous among her fans and followers. Still, she has kept a secret trivia about her names is that she has most amusing and alternate names are Luisa Maria Rubino, Luisa Marino Rubino, Luisa María Rubino, Maria Luisa Rubino, María Luisa Rubino, and Luisa Rubio.

Is Luisa Rubino on Wikipedia or not?

Well, it’s a big yes; she is available and active on Wikipedia, and Wikipedia has also updated her lifestyle and luxury life information accordingly. And she is also very popular on all social media platforms and social sites. Rubino is the famous star of Narcos in all of Mexico. And after the Narcos (TV series), she becomes very familiar and famous in entire Mexico. And yes, she has available on Wikipedia. 

Her Movies and films career:

Luisa Rubino

Luisa has appeared in various films and also in many web series. And she is playing versatile characters and playing different roles in many films and web series. And she is playing the character Fugitiva in 2018, other than Narcos, Mexico. 

But when we are talking about her famous character in the series Narcos Mexico, which boosted and increased her fame and character. She has played the role of Andrea Nuez, an honest journalist who is working for the truth in the final season of Narcos Mexico. 

And she is playing this character and role very honestly, and her role works for the La Voz newspaper, and she is seeking to impress her boss role. She is an actress and a model too.

Moreover, she has the best character and is determined to expose the connection between Mexico’s high society and the drug kingpins taking over the country and her nation.

Caer en tentación:

Rubino has casted in Patricia Vargas’s representation in the “Caer en tentación” series. And this web series director’s name is Juan Pablo Blanco and Eric Morales. This famous webs series aired in 2017.

Simplemente María and Por Ella soy Eva:

As a Mexican actress and a model, she has also appeared in Simplemente María and Por Ella soy Eva’s famous TV and web series. She has played the role of Judy in the famous TV series Como dice el dicho.

Some interesting facts and information:

Luisa has appeared in The One Who Couldn’t Love and Simply Maria.

Rubino’s age:

Rubino is 23 years of age. And she was born on September 23, 1998, in Mexico City, Mexico. Being a famous actress, she has 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

When she began her acting and modeling career when she was only five years old, she is grown up as a model and actor too with her increasing number of years. And she is now doing modeling shoots, and different project works for her brand, which has the name “Class Modelos.” But at ten in age, she has again resumed her acting career. She is also playing the character and a famous role with Alumna in the Juro que te amo series episode Odio a Violeta. After doing the famous cast, she became very famous and played the role of “La Rosa de Guadalupe” as Gina in 2009.

Luisa Rubino her lifestyle and way of living:

Luisa is a Mexican star, and she is born to her mother, Lourdes Ramirez. And she was raised between Mexico and Argentina. She belongs to a white Mexican ethnic family. But we did not know her father’s identity, and she did not reveal it. Although, she has a younger brother named Juan Diego Rubino Ramíre. She has a large family, and she lives with a huge number of relatives and friends. Normally, Mexicans have a large and extended family too. They believe in large families instead of short families.

Luisa is currently living in Mexico and Los Angeles with her cute family. Entire Mexico is thrilled to see her in the latest series Narcos Mexico.

Her luxury goods and their details:

Luisa Rubino

She is one of the richest TV Actresses and a model. She has very expensive cars, watches, and dresses. Plus, she also has very precious gold and diamond jewelry. She owns famous shoes and branded purses. She lives in a luxury home in a very exclusive area in Mexico.

Her net worth and income statement:

Rubino has been listed as the most popular TV actress and model. She has a total net worth of between $3 million to 5 million dollars as of 2021.

And she has a total income of $500K to 1 million dollars which is attributed to her TV career and modeling career. Moreover, her wealth lies between $1.5 million to 3 million dollars.

And as we all know that she is a Mexican actress, and she is best known for her characters are as La rosa de Guadalupe (2009-2016), Fugitiva (2018), and Narcos: México (2018-2021). In a crime show, Luisa is a Mexican entertainer, actor, and model who has become very well known in season 4 of Narcos Mexico on Netflix. She plays the role as Andrea Nuez, a columnist worker for her reality show.

Luisa is Narcos Mexico’s renowned and popular star, and still, she cannot seem to show up on Wikipedia. For example, she has shown up in movies, Fugitiva in 2018, other than Narcos: Mexico. Moreover, it was the series of Narcos Mexico that supported her notoriety.

She is assuming the role of Andrea Nuez, a famous writer who has worked for reality, in the last session of Narcos Mexico. She has a well-known and renowned personality and works for the La Voz paper, where she is looking to intrigue as a chief. However, she is now in many new channels and then also in the air to uncover the association during Mexico’s world-class and with having the medication top dogs assuming to control over for the country.

Famous Roles:

 Luisa was projected by Patricia Vargas,’ and she was also playing the best role in the portrayal in the “Caer en tentación” series by many of the chiefs Juan Pablo Blanco and Eric Morales in 2017. The Mexican entertainer and actor have liked to play up in Simplemente María and Por Ella soy Eva. She is assuming the part of Judy in the TV series Como dice el dicho. Likewise, she is showing up in The One Who Couldn’t Love and Simply Maria. She became the most important part at ten years of age. Also, She again continued her acting and modeling profession. She also has played Alumna in the Juro que te amo series scene Odio a Violeta. Her career life had changed completely when she joined the cast of “La Rosa de Guadalupe” as Gina in 2009.

Rubino is a very famous model and Influencer in Mexico. And she is best known for her many characters and role as La rosa de Guadalupe (2009-2016), Fugitiva (2018), and Narcos: México (2018-2021).

She has played the role of Ana of a famous drama, and its name is ‘Por Ella soy Eva,’ Amalia / Judy / Dulce of ‘Como dice el dicho,’ and Claudia of ‘Fugitiva.’

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1: Does Luisa know about cooking?

Ans: Yes, she is a good cook for Mexican food.

2: Does Luisa smoke?

Ans: Yes, sometimes.

3: Does Rubino drink alcohol?

Ans: Yes.

4: Does she go to the gym?

Ans: She is a fitness freak.

5: What are your hobbies of Luisa Rubino?

Ans: Her hobbies are Reading, photography, learning, traveling, internet surfing, etc.

6: What is the father’s name Luisa?

Ans: Her father’s name is not known to us.

7: Who is the mother of Luisa Rubino?

Ans: Her mother’s name is Lourdes Ramírez.

8: Where is Luisa from?

Ans: She is from Mexico City, Mexico.

9: When is her date of birth?

Ans: September 23, 1993.

10: What is your age, Luisa?

Ans: As of 2022, Rubino’s age is 23 years old.


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The final words:

Luisa Rubino is a very famous model and actress. And she is from Mexico City. She belongs to the white ethnicity. Lucia becomes very famous after the Netflix series Narcos. She is so young and energetic model with Influencer. Moreover, she is only 23 years old fashion icon.

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