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Jem Wolfie is a well-known fitness trainer, model, chef, Instagram personality, content creator, and entrepreneur from Perth, Australia.


Jem Wolfie (born August 7, 1991, age 30) is a well-known fitness trainer, model, chef, Instagram personality, content creator, and Australian entrepreneur from Perth, Australia. Educational videos and Youtube materials have made it popular across the country. It is reported that She is a former athlete and sportsman.

According to media reports, Jem began strength training and physical education at the age of 17 after a knee injury. Wolfie’s best training and nutrition programs are offered to fans as fitness instructors. She also has a YouTube page dedicated to his training videos. Jem is an experienced chef, trainer, and owner of Good Eats.

She also posts cooking videos on YouTube. She has had great success on social media accounts. As a model, Wolfie has sponsored many products on his Instagram page. In this article, We want to talk about Jem Wolfie’s age, biography, wiki, family, parents, boyfriend, job, results, height, and facts.

Jem Wolfie Wiki / Bio

Wolfie is a well-known fitness trainer, model, chef, Instagram personality, and content creator. She has a huge fan following on Instagram with over 2.7 million followers on each of her social accounts. Wolfie is not only popular on social media but also in her professional life. Where she has been working as a renowned fitness trainer for the last 7 years.

Wolfie is one of those trainers who don’t just want to get their clients into shape. But rather work to bring out that inner confidence and make them feel like they can achieve anything. if they want it bad enough. The most amazing thing about Jem Wolfie is her style. She always looks good in whatever she wears whether it’s a bodysuit or an evening gown.

Jem Wolfie Family (Nationality & Ethnicity)

Jem belongs to a wealthy Christian family. She adheres to Christianity. At the time of writing, we could not find the names of Jem’s parents and siblings due to a lack of information. Because Jem has not yet revealed his identity to the media. Jem’s father reportedly runs the business. Jem’s mother is a fitness enthusiast and a housewife by profession.

Jem is the daughter of a Christian couple. As for Jem’s siblings, there are two brothers in the family. Jem loves his family and vice versa. According to reports, Jem was educated at a small private school in his hometown. There is currently no information on the general level.

Jem Wolfie Boyfriend, Husband & Relationships

Jem’s personal life is now unique. There is currently no information about Jem’s boyfriend or relationship on the Internet. Because Jem never mentions her online partner or relationship. Sources say that from 2021 Jem will be alone. Jem prefers to spend time with her friends, not with himself.

 There are many rumors about his boyfriend. This was because of not reveal his personal life to everyone. So, we can say that he has a secret love affair. But there is no evidence to prove it. So we can say that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. But we hope that in the future she will find someone special for her and will get married soon.

Jem Wolfie Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

 Jem Wolfie

She was born on August 7, 1991. Jem was born in Per, Australia. Jem is an Australian citizen. In December 2021, the famous Australian fitness trainer Jem will be 30 years and 4 months old. According to the date of birth, Jem is a lion. Every year on August 7, Australia’s leading fitness expert Jem celebrates his birthday with his family.

Just 5 feet 7 inches. Jem’s body weight is about 58 kg. It has a delicate structure and attractive appearance. Jem has beautiful brown eyes and shiny golden hair. Jem is attractive. Their behavior is wonderful. She is Caucasian. Jem is an Australian citizen. Famous fitness trainer, model, and YouTuber.

Jem Wolfie Education

Her high school was Matraville Sports High School located in Matraville, Sydney. She pursued her bachelor’s degree from the University of New South Wales. She attended Wentworth Ville Magpies junior rugby league club when she was a child. As of 2018, she has not dated any man publicly but it seems that she might be dating some guy privately for which there are no official statements made by her or her partner.

 It also seems that she does not have any children yet. In addition to all these facts, it can be said that Jem Wolfie is one of those Australian personalities, who have been able to make their way into the hearts of millions. With their hard work and dedication towards what they do best.

Jem Wolfie Favorite Things

  • Her favorite color is red.
  • She has also said that her favorite male singer is Justin Bieber.
  • Her favorite female singer is Selena Gomez.
  • Furthermore, when it comes to food, she can eat anything but no sweets or junk food (candy). 
  • On a day-to-day basis, she generally wears black jeans or leggings and a top with boots or converse sneakers.

Jem Wolfie Hobbies

  • Jem has traveled a lot in his life.  
  • She likes to visit new places and try different cuisines.
  • Her hobbies include reading books (especially those from A Series of Unfortunate Events).
  • Playing video games like Candy Crush Saga on her phone.
  • Hanging out with friends and watching TV shows online like Pretty Little Liars.
  • In addition to that, she likes animals very much and loves cats most of all.

Jem Wolfie Career

 Jem Wolfie

Jem began her career as an athlete. She played various sports. Jem is a basketball expert. During her school years, Jem participated in various sporting events. Jem’s sports career ended prematurely. Jem then worked hard to develop a fitness career.

She has earned a reputation as a fitness trainer in Australia for her hard work and leadership. Jem is now a well-known fitness trainer in Australia. Both the model and YouTuber. Pigeon Jam has released a series of videos on fitness and exercise. In addition, Jem shares her best tips on exercise and nutrition with his fans. In addition, Jem works as a professional model.

Jam is associated with well-known fitness and modeling companies. Serves as an example for them. Jem has built a great career in fitness based on his perseverance and leadership. According to insiders, Jem continues to do fitness. Jam is a hard worker who always strives to achieve his goals. Jem reportedly lives a comfortable life thanks to his brilliant fitness career.

In addition, Jam Wolfie supports a variety of accessories and products. Jam also runs her own YouTube channel. The Youtube channel is mainly dedicated to fitness-related content.

Wolfy YouTube channel

Jam is not only a fitness trainer but also a model. You have worked with many well-known model companies. She also works with well-known energy companies such as Bang Energy.

Jem is a chef, as shown on Instagram. There is also the food company Good Eats. She also shared her recipe on social media. In addition, she concentrates his energy on fitness.

Jem Wolfie Controversies:

 Jem Wolfie

If a person’s opinion of you differs form your own opinion of yourself. That person may come at you pretty hard. That’s basically what happens to people who are different on camera. A woman named JemWolfie has built a huge following by being a plus-size beauty, who genuinely cares about her fans. In return for all, she does for them and her public image.

she gets shit constantly. People comment on how fat she is and how ugly she looks just because they don’t see themselves in her content. 

 In an interview, she said, “The toughest part about waking up every day is seeing awful comments and messages. For a few days, being continuously referred to as obese may be taxing. It might be tiring to have your neck shake continuously throughout the day.”

Jem Woolf’s Instagram account is closed:

After uploading too many erotic pictures, the 29-year-old player had a serious problem with the social media giant due to violations of social norms.

A Facebook spokesman in Western Australia said:

According to Spread speaker, the July 2019 report said the site would “temporarily suspend accounts in several criminal cases.” 

Instagram models from Perth were lucky enough to see the body of OnlyFans in a rough video streaming system but did not respond to a request for comment. Last year, Wolfie described Perth’s art as an “ancient” city of laughter.

Wolfie said this was not the case when it came to the profession of Latin American influencers.

  • It doesn’t matter where I came from.
  • Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. 

OnlyFans Account

Jem Wolfie’s most popular social network is OnlyFans, which is the highest paid user.

She reportedly earns $ 30,000 a day through OnlyFans. About $ 1 million a month before and after-tax breaks.

Only Fans CEO Tom Stockley said Wolfie is the platform’s most popular star. paying $ 15 a month for accessing more than 10,000 subscribers.

Bang Energy, a low-calorie sugar-free energy drink that is now widely known among the fitness team, advertises energy drinks.

In addition, the Kanye West postage stamp must be reimbursed for advertising. Jam Wolfie also runs Wolfgang Apparel, an e-commerce site that sells hoodies and T-shirts and monetizes ebooks.

Jem Wolfie’s Net worth

She has a net worth of approximately $ 600K Million (USD) from modeling. Her annual salary is about $ 100K-$ 500K per year. Her main source of income comes from YouTube and a modeling career. In addition to that, she also earns money by endorsing brands and companies through her social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter. As per some sources she receives a good sum of money in exchange for posting sponsored content on her social media accounts. which adds up to her total net worth.

Furthermore, in 2017 she was listed as one of the top 10 richest Youtubers by Forbes magazine. With an estimated net worth of around USD 5 million annually. But later in 2018, it was revealed that there were some mistakes in calculation. She had a net worth of only around $600k. But still, it’s quite impressive for someone who is just 23 years old and started earning from Youtube only at age 20.

Facts You Should Know About Jem Wolfie

 Jem Wolfie
  • She is a dog lover and has two dogs named Mac and Denny.
  • She also has three cats named Ellie, Pebbles, and Shaly in her house.
  • All of them are from her childhood. 
  • Apart from that, she is an active person on social media.
  • She spends almost all her free time on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Moreover, she uploads pictures of herself and shares them with his fans on social media sites.
  • You can follow him on Instagram as well as Twitter for more updates about him.
  • Apart from that, she loves to travel around different places.
  • Whenever she gets some free time.
  • Or whenever she wants to take some broken form shooting videos or songs.
  • She has yet to be included on the official Wikipedia page.
  • Jem is a devout Christian.
  • She exercises to keep her body in shape and active.
  • Jem’s Instagram account has been verified.
  • She is a well-known Australian personality.
  • Jem’s face is radiant and he has an endearing grin.
  • She is inextricably linked to her mother.
  • Jem is an ardent dog lover who treats them as if they were people.
  • She is the proud owner of two canine companions, Mac and Denny.
  • Jem lives a life of luxury.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jem Wolfie

Q. 1 What is Jem Wolfie’s real name?

Ans. She is a well-known fitness model, personal trainer, and Instagram celebrity.

Q. 2 What is Jem Wolfie’s age?

Ans. She is thirty years of age (as of 2021).

Q. 3 How wealthy is Jem Wolfie?

Amounts ranging from $2-3 million USD (approx.).

Q. 4 Who is the boyfriend of Jem Wolfie?

Ans. She makes no mention of her boyfriend.

Q. 5 How did Jem Wolfie get famous?

For her exercise videos, of course.


Jem Wolfie is a social media influencer, model, fitness teacher, chef, and entrepreneur from Australia. She is well-known on Instagram and also has a following of over 2.7 million on ‘Onlyfans.’

Worldwide, only a select few individuals may be classified as entrepreneurs. Jem Wolfie, for example, is one. She was wounded at one time and unable to play basketball. She began exercising to rehabilitate her wounded knee. That is where it all begins.

She operates a clothes company that caters to both men and women. Additionally, she is a cook and the proprietor of a food preparation firm. Additionally, she is an athlete and a personal trainer who gained popularity for her Instagram postings. Initially, it was referred to as an Instagram celebrity who often shared photos regarding personal training.

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