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Who is Geffri Maya Hightower? Bio, Age, Career, Relationships, & Dating

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Geffri Maya Hightower is an American actress and a supermodel. She is famous for her role as Maya Bennett in the TV series Private Practice. Maya may look young, but she has been on television since the mid-2000s. When Geffri was only a kid. Geffri is in her twenties, but she comes with a wealth of experience as an actress, writer, and director too. She is a lovely actress with a golden heart. She has a huge fan following on American TV.

In this article, we are trying to cover all her aspects of life. We are also trying to give a deep glimpse of her biography, Siblings, Boyfriend, Instagram, and Net Worth. Well, let’s get started here:

Who is Geffri Maya Hightower?

Geffri is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Simone Hicks in the television series. Also, She is famous in All-American series like Homecoming (2022). She also played Zion in the television series Black-ish (2019).

She debuted on Broadway as Young Nala in Disney’s The Lion King at the age of nine. Geffri also uses social media, particularly Instagram and YouTube. She is a prominent American. She is a prominent actress and model. Maya barely shares information about her private life with the public. Geffri is presently living in the city of Los Angeles, California. 

Geffri Maya Hightower’s Background:

As she was born on February 25, 1995, in Los Angeles, California, USA. Her ethnicity is Black. But her nationality is American. Geffri went to Hamilton High School Academy of Music and then to Clark Atlanta University. She has a great interest in the Arts. She is 27 years old. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. Her religion is Christianity.

Geffri Maya’s famous Movies and year:

The names of her famous TV series and movies name are following here:

Fresh Territory (TV Movie) (announced)

2022: All American: Homecoming (TV Series)

East of La Brea (TV Mini-Series)

2019-2022: All American (TV Series)

2021: Snowfall (TV Series)

2020/I: Loco

2019: Beast Mode (TV Movie)

2019: With(out) You (Short)

2019: Black-ish (TV Series)

2019: WTF, Baron Davis (TV Series)

2018: The Pre-Quarter Life Crisis (TV Series)

2017: Nasty Habits (TV Series)

2017: Shots Fired (TV Series)

2016: Cream X Coffee (TV Series)

2016: The Inspectors (TV Series short)

2016: Defending Daddy (Short)

2015: Finding Carter (TV Series)

2015: Blaq Gold (TV Movie)

2015: Southern Lights Over-Exposed: The Visual Album (Short)

2014: Q & A (Short)

2007-2010: Private Practice (TV Series)

2008: Everybody Hates Chris (TV Series)

2006: Jericho (TV Series)

Geffri Maya Hightower Height and Weight and Fitness:

She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 60 kilograms. She has a perfect body shape and skin, and shiny hair. She has also a slim waistline, a gorgeous body & beautiful look. All things are good in health and figure just because of her health conscious and fitness tips.

Geffri is one of the most beautiful fitness freaks and she is also a Social Media Star. Moreover, she has a slim waistline which is so attractive that anyone can be her crazy and amazed.

Geffri takes great care of her fitness and for this purpose, she does work out regularly. She does yoga and exercise every day. But we can also know that a diet plan is very necessary for a strong and fit body.

Geffri goes regularly basis to the gym and whenever she is not able to go to the gym, she works out at home at her gym. Moreover, she has black hair and also has brown eyes.

Geffri Maya Hightower media Career:

She is a stunning model and actress. Her acting started at the tender age of 9 on Broadway. Where she is featured as Young Nala in Disney’s The Lion King. Maya became famous after she made an appearance in ABC’s hit TV arrangement, ‘Private Practice’.

Furthermore, Maya played the role of Maya Davis in 2 episodes of the show and Bennett in the other 10 episodes. She has been dynamic in the business of acting since 2006. Her extraordinary works incorporate Nasty Habits (2014). Everybody Hates Chris (2008), and East of La Brea. Geffri Geffri’s short movie “Without You” was recognized at the LA shorts Fest.

Which TV series has Geffri Maya Hightower played in? 

Geffri has been featured in a host of television shows and films. Still, the most notable ones are Black-ish (2019), Snowfall (2021), and All-American (2019-2021). 

Geffri Maya Hightower as a dancer:

Yes, while she is the best actor but she is also known for her dancing skills. Geffri has other talents like dancing, painting, and singing. 

Is Geffri Maya Hightower married?

The actress is enjoying her single life and still, she doesn’t have a boyfriend. But we are telling you that she claims to be unmarried and she has not yet been married as well. Geffri also hasn’t been married yet and she hasn’t had any children. Geffri, therefore, plans to get married and then start a family in a few years. Geffri has mentioned that she may have children when she feels capable of giving the infant her complete attention and care. Although, Geffri is now more focused on her aspirations and media work.

Geffri Maya Hightower is a Blackish actor:

She is a very famous Black woman. She is a young, gorgeous, and beautiful personality. Geffri is referred to as a black African woman also. Though, everything is okay, because her skin tone is blackish. She is an American citizen who belongs to the African-American race. 

Geffri is well-liked and recognized in the film and drama industry. Because of her acting work, she is valued more than her facial attractiveness and her slim figure. After turning black, Geffri makes a respectable income through her profession. And that is why her acting is enough to cover all of her expenses.

Geffri Maya Hightower is on Tik Tok:

In this electronic age, everyone can see it on different social media platforms. Because Geffri considers TikTok to be quite an appealing and enjoyable platform. Then she is also seen over there with her amazing videos. She sometimes, chit-chats and give answers to her fans and followers.

She is making TikTok videos. She appears to be very active on the app. Similarly to this, Geffri has a lot of hearts and fans on TikTok. Her video has received over a million views as a result, and she has 38.6 million TikTok views overall.

Geffri Maya Hightower’s net worth:

Her net worth is expected to be between $1 million and $5 million in 2021. (Approx.). But, she has not disclosed her exact net income. She is a wealthy lady and she is wearing branded clothes and shoes. She has luxury apartments and also a car.

She is available on social media platforms:

She has an Instagram account also. Her account is verified and active. She has gained 165k followers and 23 posts. Geffri is available and also gained 1,430 fans and followers there.

10 best things about Geffri Maya Hightower

Geffri Maya Hightower is best known for her role as Simone Hicks in the popular CW series All American. She is top of the sky in fame. Her star is on the brink of shining even brighter. Geffri is now the star of a spin-off series based on her character titled All American as well.

Her famous TV series are so many. But, Homecoming is the best series that follows Simone as she goes off to college. And it is going to be a great opportunity for her to really spread her wings and then show viewers on TV.

What Geffrey Maya Hightower can do? When the show is just getting started, then so many people have fallen in love with the premise and the characters of this famous TV web series. If that show ends up being as successful as All American. Then it could open lots of major doors for her and her amazing skill. So, here we are going to discuss all the best and amazing facts that anyone cannot know about her so let’s get started here:

Geffri Maya Hightower is a California Native:

 She was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. Geffri is very proud of where she’s from and who she is. Unfortunately and however, Geffri hasn’t shared much information about her and also her upbringing or her family life. As far as we can tell, Geffri is still based in the Los Angeles area in the United States of America.

Geffri Loves fashion:

Geffri has a deep love for her fashion and artistic skill. So, we can say that acting might be the main way to express herself. But she does not have only one skill in this field rather than she has so many skills and activities. 

Geffri has a great sense of style and fashion. Another way she likes to share her personality with her audience. Whether she’s getting ready for a gathering event or a party night out with friends. We can bet that she is going to show up looking like a million bucks in this field.

Geffri Maya Hightower was in an episode of Everybody Hates Chris 

Throughout her acting career, she has gotten the chance to be part of some very best projects. But she is among one the best actor in the American film industry. She was seen in many popular sitcoms. Moreover, everybody Hates Chris which aired from 2005 to 2009. She appeared in an episode of the show in 2008 as a character named Latrinda.

1: She Isn’t a Teenager

If any of us is the best fan of All American, then we should know that her character is recently graduated from high school. In her real life, however, and also her high school days Geffri has been behind her for quite some time and also projects. While she does not know exactly how old Geffri is, she is likely in her late 20s and 21s.

2: She Went to an HBCU

While there are so many differences between Geffri and her character. But Simone, there are also some cool things that both two have in common. One of the best things is that she is going to an HBCU. According to her old LinkedIn profile, she attended Clark Atlanta University where Geffri Maya Hightower earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communication in 2015.

3: She’s been on Broadway:

She fell in love with her acting at a very early age. During her interview with Voyage LA, she said, “As a child, I was so in awe of tv shows starring children because I thought to myself “if they can do it, why can’t I?”

She used to tell her mom that she wanted to be inside the TV! She would have known that years later she’d be doing just that. She started her acting career at the age of 9 on broadway starring as “young Nala” in Disney’s “The Lion King”. By the time she was a teenager, she transitioned from stage to TV and film and she has been on the journey ever since!”

4: Geffri Maya Hightower also a writer and director:

At that point in her acting career, she has been putting most of her energy into the acting field. However, acting and dancing isn’t the only thing she wants to do in her career. While talking to Voyage LA, Geffri shared that she also likes to write and produce. At the moment, though, it doesn’t appear that Geffri has any credits for either.

5: All American Isn’t the first time she’s worked with Taye Diggs:

The entertainment industry may seem a huge difference from the outside, but the truth is that it is quite small, and many people have different paths. These paths tend to cross more than once. In Contrast, not only are Geffri and Taye Diggs castmates on all American natives but there are two also who have worked together more than a decade ago. When they both were cast members of Private Practice.

6: Geffri Maya Hightower likes to sing and dance:

She is a multi-talented model and actor. She is also one of the best actors in the American film industry. She has so many ways to stand out in the entertainment industry. Moreover, she is to be able to do multiple things. 

This is something that she certainly understands. On top of her skills as an actress and a model, Geffri is also a talented singer and dancer. That said, she doesn’t look like that Geffri has any interest in pursuing a career as a singer or dancer.

7: Geffri enjoys her privacy:

In this section, it is almost normal for various celebrities to overshare their experiences with the public. When it comes to her personal life, however, she isn’t something like that. She has plans for what she is doing. So far, Geffri Maya Hightower has been a very private model and a girl. With little known about her outside of acting and modeling, it’s easy to keep all of the focus on her and her modeling career.

Some interesting facts and figures about Geffri Maya Hightower:

As she was born in the United States of America on February 25, 1995. She is a well-known model and actress from the United States of America.

She has gained almost 189k followers, of which 1354 are following her. She will be 27 years old in 2023. Moreover, she has finished her high school education at Hamilton High School Academy of Music.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: Who is her boyfriend?

Ans: She is a single model and actor, and there is no romantic or any love affair information available on the internet.

2: Who plays Simone in the American web series?

Ans: She is currently an important part of the sports drama series All American: Homecoming as Simone Hicks. The new series will follow tennis star Simone Hicks as Geffri pursues her athletic career at a historically Black college.

3: What is Geffri Hightower’s ethnicity? 

Ans: She is from an African American background. 

4: How old is Geffri Maya Hightower?

Ans: Geffri is 27 years old as of 2023, having been born on the 25th of February 1995. 

5: Is Geffri Maya Hightower on social media?

Ans: Yes, she is always available on Instagram under the username @girlwithaboyname and she has over 218,000 followers. 

6: How old was Geffri Maya Hightower when she started acting? 

Ans: She made her debut at the age of 9. 

The Final Words:

Geffri Maya Hightower is the best and most famous black American actress. She is well-known in the acting field and she has amassed considerable fame and popularity as a consequence of her work. In 2023, she, who was born on February 25, 1995, will be 27 years old. Geffri posts regular updates about her life and lifestyle on her Instagram account. As well as, she is engaging so much fame with all her admirers and followers.

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