4 Marketing Techniques That Will Attract Gen-Z

In the past, it was always millennials that were the focus of the marketing teams. However, this focus has now turned to the Gen-Z or ‘Zoomers’ for a couple of reasons. The Gen-Z crowd have always had the internet, and no little about time before that. This means they are tech savvy and understand how to find their way around the internet. Many also have money to spend, which makes them of huge importance to businesses. Let us take a look at how you can market to Gen-Z and what the best techniques are. 

1 Know Your Target Audience

Because Gen-Z has grown up with technology and knows how to get the best from it, they have different needs and wants than previous generations. This makes marketing much harder, but the rewards considerably higher. 

One way that you can find the right techniques is to research your target audience to see what drives them and what they typically follow. 

Research suggests that Gen-Z are interested in finding the truth and are not afraid to do their research to find it. You can use this to help drive your marketing and target the areas that matter most. 

2 Create Content Specific to the Channel

Many marketing companies will create one campaign and try it across multiple platforms. While this might work in a small way, it won’t target all of the people you want to reach. 

Gen-Z understands that each social media platform has its own benefits, and they go to them for a specific reason. 

  • Instagram is best for aspirational posts
  • TikTok is best for fun and challenges
  • Twitter is best for news
  • Snapchat is best for everyday moments

3 Keep it Short and Sweet

One of the reasons platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels have become popular is that Gen-Z typically have a short attention span when looking on the internet.  You need to grab their attention immediately and provide the information quickly and easily. 

With Youtube now also getting in on the act with Shorts, there is a huge opportunity to reach your target audience. Entertainment is also important, because there needs to be a fun aspect to the content. Try going for a less formal approach, and instead, create a fun and laid-back feel. 

4 Authenticity Matters

Gen-Z are known for being especially loyal to a brand once it has won their trust and provides a quality experience. This means that as a marketing team, you need to show the authenticity of the brand and how it can make a difference. 

It is important that you show the values that are behind the brand and why those values matter. This will help the company make lasting connections to Gen-Z and prompt them to buy your products. 

To be authentic, you may need to go back to the basics. Keep your content light and relatable but also real. Highly produced content won’t be as attractive to Gen-Z as behind-the-scenes and regular content created on mobile devices. 


Gen-Z knows what they want and how to find it. This means marketing teams need to understand the needs of the Gen-Z and how to attract them to their brand. 

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