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The Top 5 ‘Green’ Crypto for Sustainable Investors

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Over the past two decades, thousands of people have made massive fortunes. It’s not just speculators and investors as players of Thegamepoint non GamStop casinos have also been able to amass huge profits by using Bitcoin and its digital cousins to bet on slots and sports. This way, the player can double their crypto balances without extra effort. Moreover, if the player keeps these balances until their price increases, he will also make double profits. However, obviously, cryptomania won’t last long as there is a lot of criticism of the crypto market and certainly of a Green Cryptocurrency like bitcoin (BTC), which consumes a lot of energy due to the proof-of-work protocol that the coin uses to add new blocks to the blockchain. 

There are now many crypto coins that take a different approach by using a protocol that consumes less energy. In this article, we look at the top 5 best green cryptocurrencies for sustainable investors.

1. IMPT – Brand New Green Cryptocurrency Available in Affordable Presale

IMPT will be a platform with a number of initiatives that should contribute to combating climate change. The IMPT token is used for everything on the platform, which makes it an interesting investment.

One of the most important options on the IMPT platform is buying carbon credits. For this you hand in IMPT tokens. The carbon credits ultimately offer you a number of options.

These credits have a fluctuating value, so you can, for example, choose to hold the credits and sell them when they have become more valuable. Another option is to destroy the carbon credits.

With the latter option, you ensure a better climate because the emissions that could be justified with these carbon credits can no longer take place. 

At the moment IMPT is for sale in a presale. That presale is built in three different phases, where you buy the token for $0.018 in the first phase, for $0.023 in the second phase and for $0.028 in the last phase.

This means that as an early investor you immediately have a major advantage. If the coin ends up at an exchange, the price will already have risen by $0.01.

2. Ethereum – A Great Choice for Green Investing After an Important Merge

Ethereum (ETH) used the same kind of protocol as Bitcoin, but recently switched to a Proof-of-Stake protocol. As a result, Ethereum now saves 99% energy and you can call the second largest crypto currency a green cryptocurrency.

There was already a lot of interest before the merger due to the size of Ethereum. The network is currently worth more than 150 billion euros and that such a large network completely changed protocol was of course big news.

There are pros and cons to this change. The main arguments of proponents are lowering energy consumption; but lower transaction costs, higher transaction speeds and better scalability also play a role here.

3. Cardano – Green Cryptocurrency With Smart Contract Functionalities

Just like Ethereum, Cardano (ADA) works with a Proof-of-Stake protocol, and the smart contract functionalities are also comparable to Ethereum. Cardano has long been seen as a potential ‘Ethereum killer’ because it offers comparable functionalities and already has lower energy consumption.

With Ethereum moving in this direction as well, it’s clear that Cardano’s idea is a good one. In the coming period, the project will have to show why it is different from the much more popular Ethereum.

The Cardano project aims to bring blockchain technology to less developed countries and areas. For example, it has projects underway in Africa where the Cardano blockchain helps with government tasks, the health sector and the financial sector.

4. NEO – Supports green projects with its own blockchain

NEO was founded in 2014 and is now a smart contract platform with a large community. It is an open-source blockchain platform founded in China under the name Antshares.

Since 2017, the project has been known as NEO after adding new smart contract functionalities to the platform. In total there are 100 million coins available, of which about 70 million are currently in circulation.

With a price of €8.30 per coin, there is still a lot of growth potential for this interesting green crypto coin. The special thing about the coin is that it cannot be divided, so transactions are always in whole numbers.

5. CHIA – Innovative Proof-of-Space Protocol Makes This Coin Sustainable

You have come across the terms Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake by now, but Proof-of-Space is a lot less known. The green cryptocurrency CHIA coin makes use of this.

Instead of a graphics card running at full throttle to solve algorithms, CHIA uses unused space on your hard drive. You must make the space on this disk available for the CHIA network to participate in the protocol.

In addition to Proof-of-Space, Proof-of-Time is also used so that the security of the network remains intact and it is less vulnerable to 51% attacks.

CHIA clearly focuses on the green investor by indicating, among other things, that it fully supports the Paris climate goals and wants to play a role in them itself. For example, it has developed a new way of NFT technology and is bringing the carbon credit market to the blockchain.

The coin has been available since May 2021 and briefly rose in price to over €1,300, while the price has been around €30 for a while now. In total there are 26 million coins of which only 5 million are currently in circulation.

Conclusion: Green Cryptocurrencies Are The Future

In the future, it is likely that more and more investors will switch to green investing based on their beliefs or because these investments will simply yield more returns than other investments in the coming years.

In that regard, it is the time to take a step in the market by mainly looking for coins that do not damage the climate. To go the extra mile, you can also look for new cryptocurrencies that have even incorporated green initiatives.

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