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What circumstances make sense for hiring an injury attorney?

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Life is full of unexpected events. We can plan out every step of our personal or professional aspirations, but there is no way to control what happens as we navigate society and interact with others. In some cases, unfortunate things like car crashes, work accidents, or other life events can lead to bodily harm which negatively affects our health and even our livelihoods. In these circumstances, we are often left wondering why. Why did this happen to us? And most of the time, there may be no answers to those questions. Sometimes difficult things happen and we need injury attorney.

However, when accidents happen and people get hurt, there are times when they can experience justice or fair compensation after the fact. While we cannot change what happens to us, we can control how it affects us moving forward. When it comes to any injury, such as one sustained in a workplace accident, everyone wonders, “Do I need a work injury lawyer?

Did negligence lead to your injury?

This type of circumstance often is related to work. Were you at your place of employment and someone wasn’t paying attention or missed something that led to you getting hurt? This could be a good reason to hire an injury attorney. Or, perhaps you were riding in a cab and got into an accident because of a bad driver. Depending on the circumstances, this could also be a reason to call a lawyer and pursue damages. The amount of fault that is found with each party will determine the level of compensation that you can receive; but hiring a lawyer who can help you through the process will increase your chances of success.

Is there a dispute about who is at fault?

This is a very common reason for injury attorneys becoming involved. When two or more parties are in disagreement about who caused an accident to occur; this would be a difficult situation to navigate on your own. For example, let’s say you were riding a motorcycle on the highway; and a car cut across your lane and hit you, causing a major injury. But the driver of the car says that you came out of nowhere and must have been speeding or been acting irresponsibly. Then you would want to contact motorcycle accident lawyers like Rosenfield Injury Lawyers at They would be able to guide you through the process and deal with the other driver or insurance companies who want to settle the matter quickly.

Does the injury affect your ability to make a living?

If the result of the accident means that you can no longer work or can only do work at a reduced capacity; then getting an injury lawyer involved would be completely appropriate. The firm can help you make up for lost compensation that results from the injury; and protect you from losing your job as well. Attorneys will fight on your behalf to make sure that you get compensation for present and future damages that occur because of the injury.

Was the injury a result of medical malpractice or a faulty product?

Medical malpractice is a significant scenario were contacting an injury lawyer is critical. They can help compile evidence, conduct the investigation, battle with insurance companies, and advocate on your behalf. A potentially lesser-known reason to hire an injury attorney is an experience with a faulty product. One great example of this would be the Samsung phones that were exploding in people’s pockets a few years ago. If a defective product leads to injury, you could have a good case for compensation.

Why hire an injury lawyer at all?

The short answer is that they will do all of the necessary work for you. They will help build your case so that it is strong and has the best chance of resulting in a win for you. They will compile all of the evidence both for you and against the opposing side, negotiate on your behalf; send demand letters, and represent you in the event of a trial.

There has to be a loss associated with the injury in order to win potential compensation for damages. Whether that means medical bills for treatment, loss of income due to missing work; or a number of other damaging results; consulting with an injury attorney will let you know if you have a case in the first place. You should never assume that getting injured in one of the circumstances described above automatically means that you will be able to win compensation for your injury. It will depend upon the ability to prove that there is fault with another party and significant loss as a result. Before you put the cart before the horse, call an attorney to see if you have a case.

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