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How Do I Export Pallets to Bulgaria?

Asking yourself how you might export palletised goods to Bulgaria might very well be something you think about if you are new to exporting in the post-Brexit landscape or if you have never sold to Bulgarian customers before. The good news is that there are freight forwarding companies in the UK that are geared up to assist SMEs with little prior experience in exporting.

Generally speaking, larger firms that handle international orders every week will have specialist teams that deal with the logistical side of getting palletised goods to European destinations. However, SMEs tend to not have the knowledge in-house to send a pallet to Bulgaria or other eastern European countries. 

What should you be doing to ensure your pallet to Bulgaria arrives promptly?

Avoid Air Freight

Because Bulgaria is about 1,500 miles from southern England, many people who ship commercial goods to the country think that air freight will be worth it. However, sending a pallet to Bulgaria this way can be costly, especially when you have some machinery or heavier items to deliver. Getting goods unloaded at a suitable airport and then arranging their onward transit also takes time and effort. Once your pallet to Bulgaria has arrived in the EU at a port like Calais or Dunkirk; on the other hand, it can get to a big city, like Sofia, within 24 hours by road.

Opt for a Two-Man Van Service

According to one freight forwarding specialist based in Essex, Barrington Freight, express courier services to Bulgaria mean getting palletised goods to all destinations in the country with a door-to-door service. If you have two drivers, not one, on your direct delivery job; then they can take turns at the wheel and arrive at the Bulgarian border much faster. This is because van and lorry drivers must take breaks so if you only have one; there will be some inevitable delays. Two drivers cost a bit more, obviously, but the extra expenditure can be worth it for urgent commercial consignments.

Keep Tabs on Your Pallet to Bulgaria

However you send a pallet to Bulgaria, you will want to ensure it is secure and making good progress. This way, you will be able to keep your Bulgarian client informed; something that will often lead to repeat orders as your reputation as a dependable supplier starts to build. Always enquire about modern tracking technology before choosing a particular courier service. Equally, it is a good idea to confirm that the service you choose will monitor traffic in central Europe; so that a new route can be chosen before tailbacks are encountered on the road.

Plan Border Checks Before the Consignment Leaves

All commercial shipments that bound for the EU must have the right declarations made or they will delayed. Firms without the technical know-how in this area should turn to an agent to help them. Remember that sending a pallet to Bulgaria by road may mean it passes through Serbia, a non-EU country; so your paperwork must reflect this. Even bigger firms that have their own delivery teams in-house can benefit from outsourcing this sort of technical work.

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