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The HODGETWINS Wife and Kids. Who are the Hodgetwins? Hodgetwins Wife, Family, Net Worth, Professional Career, and ALL Information.

Who are the Hodge twins?

The Hodge twins are two twins brothers and they were born on the 17th of September 1975. They are from Virginia in the United States of America. They are also known as conservative twins. Also, They are known as an American-stand-up and have conservative political commentary. They are also known as you tubers. They are run their 5 channels on YouTube and all the channels have the same popularity and famous among Americans and all over the world. However, They both are very famous due to their specific political thoughts and also for their standup comedy.

Personal information of Hodgetwins:

Hodge twins are two brothers and they are very resembled by their faces. They are both having wives. They both are married. The names of both brothers are Keith and Kevin. They both are widely known as the Hodge twins. The Hodge twins’ brothers are also known as certified International Sports Sciences Associations and trainers.

They have the nationality of Americans. And Hodgetwins wives are Mexican. They have the profession of You Tubers and have many YouTube channels. Keith’s wife’s name is Elizabeth and Kevin’s wife’s name is not to know to anyone. They are married successfully. They are Afro-American by their ethnicity. Also, They both have children. The information about their parents is not disclosed by them. The parent’s information is not known broadly. Who are they? What are they doing? This is not to know anyone. They both have siblings. They both are not disclosed information about their family and parents to the media and other networks.

However, They are very active in using the different social media platforms. The excess used Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. They are also used Twitter’s social media platform. They communicate with their fans via social media applications. The height of Keith is 1.92 m and the height of Kevin is 1.94 m. they are also known as funny content. They have 7 million subscribers on their social media accounts.  

Hodgetwins wife information:


Hodge’s twin’s wives are from the Mexicans. Keith married his wife Elizabeth on the 31st of May in 2000. The married life of Keith and Elizabeth is about 20 years of marriage. They are happily married for about 20 years. Also, They enjoyed their life so much. They traveled together and they have also enjoyed the broadcasting of their shows. They have two children. 

Kevin married also a Mexican girl and they lead a very beautiful life. But he did not show so much about his personal life with media and the internet. They led also 18 years of married life. They shared a very romantic life. Kevin does not disclose more information about his wife and the children. 

Keith and Kevin both shared their love life stories on social media. They both loved with their family. They both enjoyed their life with their beloved and children. In 2017, Keith wrote in his social media account that his wife got American nationality and they are very happy about that. Kevin also write the same line for his wife. 

Hodgetwins Wife and family information:

Hodge twin’s family is not to known so much. They have not disclosed all the family information to the media and shared it with their fans. They do not like to share their parent’s information and their sibling’s information with the media. But they shared their name with the media and the internet. The name of their brother is Rosalyn Hodge and another brother’s name is not known to anyone. The Hodge twin’s brother lost his mother in the year 2013 in the month of 16th of September. According to the sources, their mother was also a twin. But the media does not know so much about their father and his profession. 

Hodgetwins net worth:

The net worth of the Hodge twins brothers and Hodgetwins Wife can be estimated but no one can say exactly the net worth. The main source of income is their YouTube channel and their videos. They have more than 2.28 million subscribers. The name of their channel is Twin Muscle. They started their channel on the 21st of September in 2010. However, They made videos regarding fitness and bodybuilding. They also tell their fans and viewers the best supplements regarding health fitness and bodybuilding. 

Keith was an army officer in the United States of America. He has experienced in US marine and also experienced in the Finance department. On other hand, Kevin has entered the comedian field in the year 2014. He is also done the comedy movie “the last of the great Romantics”. The net salary or income of Keith is $ 45,000. 

Hodgetwins professional career:

Hodgetwins professional career

Both twins brothers have started their careers on the YouTube channel. They started their channel as a comedian and fitness instructor. He also gives those ideas of using good and energy full supplements. They introduced the good diet with their fans and viewers. Hodgetwins family also make 5 channels on YouTube.

Also, They have a significant number of subscribers and their fans. Before the YouTube career, they worked part-time or full-time different jobs. But when they created the channel and the income has been started they left their previous jobs and have started fully interested in their channel. They gave full time and effort on their channels. They uniquely created the content and they also started to step into the film industry and drama as well. 

The last words on Hodgetwins Wife: 

The last word of my article is about the twin brothers, their effort, their struggles, their life story, Hodgetwins family, and personal matter. We have discussed a brief description of their life and Hodgetwins Wife. The Hodge twin brothers have created the content uniquely. They both are stand-up comedians and they are also known as fitness trainers. Also, They both running the 5 YouTube channels and they have millions of subscribers. They earned so much money from their channel. however, they both are married and lived happily married life. They both have children. The interesting about their life is their mother was also a twin. 

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