How to Attract Students

How to Attract Students to Your Booth at a Job Fair

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Job fairs at colleges are a great way for students to explore their options and start thinking about the next steps after graduation. There are so many career paths to choose from that sometimes it can be overwhelming but speaking to representatives from businesses can help students get a better idea of what is available and which role might be the best fit for them. It can also help both businesses and students to network with each other, which can be useful for internship opportunities or learning about job vacancies after graduation. If you are a small business owner who has been invited to have a booth at a job fair; or you are the allocated representative from your company; here are a few tips to help you attract students to your booth. 

Make it Eye Catching

The first thing to do is to make sure that the décor choices for your booth are eye-catching. While there will likely be restrictions on what you can do for health and safety purposes; you want to try and make your stall stand out from the other businesses that have been set up at the fair. Your company’s brand does need to be visible but tries to make your booth colorful and vibrant. You could even showcase some of your company’s products at your booth; if possible, to give students a better idea of what your business does. 

Bring Some Branded Merchandise with You

It’s always good to have something that the students can take away with them to remember your business; and branded merchandise is a great way to do this. Think of items that would be useful to students, such as stationery, coffee mugs, tote bags, and so on. If you want something out of the box and quirky, you could even look at getting custom Crocs made so that students have some comfortable footwear to walk around campus in. Everyone likes to get freebies and giving out some merchandise to your booth visitors will certainly help them to remember your business.

Take a Relaxed Approach When Talking with Students

While it is important to maintain your professionalism at a job fair; don’t be afraid to take a relaxed approach when you’re talking to the students who come to your booth. Remember, they are likely feeling overwhelmed with the choice and trying to decide what to do after college; so spouting off a lot of technical jargon and being too serious might be off-putting to some. Try to find out a little bit about the individual you’re talking to; find ways to relate their interests to what your company does if they seem to be a good fit. You want them to see that a career should be about more than just money and that it needs to be something that they are passionate about as well.

How to Attract Students If you have been asked to attend a job fair at a college and have an allocated booth; make sure that you’re attracting students to your business and piquing their interest in your brand by using these tips. 

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