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How to Improve Your Office Bathroom: Tips and Tricks

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Provide your employees with a better office background by following these tips and tricks. Finally, employees are returning to the office. After a crazy few years, offices are back open for business. What does this mean? It means that millions of employees around the world are being instructed to return to the office, too. Specifically, 59% of full-time employees in the US now work in the office five days a week (Fortune).  In response to their returning employees, companies are having to act fast by renovating and upgrading their office spaces. This way, they can reach the expectations of the modern employee — especially after they’ve been working from home for a while.

Whether you now have 10 or 100 employees working in your office, one of the key areas you need to focus on is your office bathroom. Your office bathroom is incredibly important. By law, you have to provide employees with adequate bathroom facilities. Anything less, and you run the risk of unhappy employees and lots of complaints being filed. So, how can you improve your office bathroom and make it perfect for your team? Here are some tips and tricks to help you out. 

Upgrade Your Bathroom Partitions

Firstly, you need to upgrade your office bathroom partitions. 

The chances are that your existing office bathroom partitions are worn-down and not fit for purpose. Therefore, the best thing to do is upgrade to ASI accurate partitions. All you need to do is choose the material, color and finish that’s best for your office bathroom. 

Once you install new bathroom partitions, it’ll provide your employees with a safe and private place to use the bathroom. 

Change the Lighting 

No employee wants to use a bathroom with harsh fluorescent lighting that makes it feel like they’re in an interrogation room. This is why you should spend a little bit of money on changing the lighting in your office bathroom to something that’s more modern. Generally, the best idea is to buy ‘soft white’ LED lights but feel free to shop around and find what works best for your specific business office.

Provide Plenty of Bathroom Supplies

Whether you have one or multiple officed bathrooms, make sure they’re stocked with all the relevant bathroom supplies. This includes soaps, paper towels, sanitary bins, and more. Also, if your employees have any specific needs or requests when it comes to bathroom supplies, make sure you listen to them. 

Improve the Ventilation

Office bathroom ventilation is very important. 

The best way to improve ventilation is by installing a bathroom ventilation fan.

Additionally, you can do simple things like leaving the bathroom windows open, such as during the hot summer. 

Hire a Housekeeper

During a typical year, your office bathroom will require a lot of maintenance and cleaning. 

Naturally, this is something that you and your employees won’t have the time to do. Luckily, the solution is simple: hire a housekeeper

If your business bathroom is only small, you’ll only need a housekeeper to come in every couple of weeks. However, if you run a huge business building with hundreds of employees, hiring a housekeeper full-time is recommended. 

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