Things to Know Before Moving to Ireland

Everything around Ireland is about love. If you happen to be moving there, ‘comhghairdeas!’ or Congratulations. From the immense natural beauty all around to its friendly culture delighting every opportunity, Ireland boasts of having something for everyone out there. Amidst all the excitement of moving to a new city or country, there is no denying the fact that you might have several questions on the go. With some practical advice on transportation and cultural heads-up, you can settle down in Ireland in no time.

Here are some essential aspects of the country you should know about before you move to Ireland:

#Be Prepared for the Weather

Dublin is known to average around 130 days of rainy weather throughout the year. Most rainy and windy days take place during the winter season. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have access to ample warm layers, strong coats, and sturdy footwear. You can also consider investing in some umbrellas that can easily fit your bag throughout the year. 

#Go for the Local SIM

Most public spaces, libraries, and coffee shops tend to have Wi-Fi access. However, if you would like to make use of your phone or get connected to 4G without incurring international roaming charges, it is recommended to opt for a local SIM card. You can come across different service providers offering access to lucrative packages to help you remain connected to friends and family back home.

#Get Your Paperwork Resolved

Ireland is a member of the European Union (EU) and EEA. When you travel as a citizen of the EU or EEA, you are allowed to visit for around 3 months on a visa-free basis. However, you are expected to apply for a student or work visa in case you have plans of staying longer. When you are traveling as a student, the school or university will most likely send over a welcome pack featuring in-depth information. You should go through the same.

#Healthcare in Ireland is Excellent

The healthcare system in the country ranks 11th best in the entire world. Ireland features an improved life expectancy in comparison to a majority of countries out there. Moreover, there is also the presence of more beds per individual and a reduced child mortality rate. 

Private healthcare is a major reason for the high-rated healthcare system in the entire country. 

#Everyone Loves Tea

Tea is crucial in Ireland. The social gatherings that you attend in the country will definitely revolve around either tea or alcohol. In Ireland, you will mostly come across two leading brands of tea –Lyons and Barry’s. 

It is estimated that Irish people consume the second-largest volume of tea in the entire world –next to Turkey. 

#Ease of Moving Belongings from Some Other Country

Shipping in Ireland is by far the easiest, the most convenient, and the most pocket-friendly way to ensure that your belongings are traveling with you to the all-new nation. 

Airfreight tends to be expensive in comparison to sea freight. Its estimated that ships have been capable of transporting over £9.3 trillion worth of all types of cargo around the world. Moreover, 99.99 percent of the cargo was successful in reaching the destination safely. 

If you wish to assured of the best outcomes for your moving from the USA to Ireland, its recommended to opt for reliable international moving insurance. You can rest assured that your belongings remain in safe hands. 

#Ireland Might be Small, But Mighty

Ireland features the 32nd biggest GDP in the entire world. In terms of the overall country size, it still lies at the 118th position. Some of the global mega-corporations that you can come across in the country are IBM, Facebook, and Google. These companies have selected Ireland for serving as the base of operations across Europe. To top it all, Irish people are also renowned for having won as many as 6 Nobel Prizes.


Whenever you move from one country to another, it is imperative for you to keep a track of vital information about the all-new place. In case you are moving from the USA to Ireland, you should be aware of the moving guidelines and instructions for international moving. 

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