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What Dinosaur has 500 Teeth meme – 2021 Complete Details

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Introduction to “what dinosaur has 500 teeth”

Have you ever heard of the internet meme called what dinosaur has 500 teeth? This meme was spreading like wildfire in social media and still circulates. The meme is actually a racist meme that is used to degrade people in a certain way. If you come across this meme, please do not share it with others and spread it.

Don’t Fall for the Racist Meme!

Internet memes are sometimes funny and sometimes make us think about certain issues. However, there is a kind of internet meme that can be cruel and hurt the feelings of others. The internet meme what dinosaur has 500 teeth is something that falls in this category. This meme has gone viral among the people who use social media platforms. The meme is racist and affects the feelings of people. It started out as a joke in the Reddit media and soon turned to be a meme. To know in detail about this meme, please read this post completely.

Don’t ask Google!

Memes make us laugh with their humorous content and it can be a picture or text. Social media platforms form the basis for spreading such memes. But sometimes, the memes can be hurtful instead of being humorous. What dinosaur has 500 teeth also started as a joke, but people started sharing it as a racist meme. People shared this meme saying don’t ask Google that particular question. Soon everyone started searching for the same question in Google.

Nigersaurus and the meme about “what dinosaur has 500 teeth”!

Whenever a person searches for what dinosaur has 500 teeth, automatically they will get the answer as Nigersaurus. It is a herbivore that wandered the earth millions of years ago. The dinosaur which is a thirty fool long one had more than 500 replaceable teeth. It lived exactly 110 million years ago and is a contemporary of Lurdusaurus, Ouranosaurus and Suchomimus. Nigersaurus used to be broad and had a very long neck. So what is the connection between this weird dinosaur and the internet meme that has been going viral?

Purpose of the racist meme(what dinosaur has 500 teeth)!

When a person sees this meme that says not to ask Google the question, they will be intrigued to know the answer. The result will show them the name of the dinosaur which is Nigersaurus. The pronunciation of Nigersaurus is not known to many correctly and they can mistakenly say the N-word. Thus it is a cruel joke which is racist and should be avoided at all costs. But instead of avoiding it, people spread this meme on social media platforms and it started to trend. Many did it thinking that it is a joke but it really isn’t.

Know the original pronunciation!

The name of the dinosaur has a different pronunciation than what was intended by the meme. Many didn’t know this and started sharing the meme jokingly. The original pronunciation of the name of the dinosaur with more than 500 teeth is “nye-juhr” Saurus. This fact was mentioned again and again by many who tried to suppress the spread of the meme. They tried to teach other people how to pronounce the name of the dinosaur without any mistakes as it should be pronounced. But the racist meme was made viral and all the social media platforms were filled with it.

The awful meme that hurts people!

Social media is a really helpful platform that can help people share about the issues they are facing in society. Businesses can promote their brand and reach a wider audience with the help of social media and the internet. But sometimes, the worst things are created here and they can turn out to be awful and hurtful. The racist meme what dinosaur has 500 teeth is also one such awful meme that hurts people. People are triggered to say the N-word when they search for this in Google. People have to be responsible and stop sharing such negative memes on social media platforms.

Don’t Mispronounce the name of the Dinosaur!

People who started this meme wanted others to say the N-word and are awful human beings. Mispronouncing the name of the dinosaur is very easy and all they needed was to make the meme spread. As they thought, the meme spread like wildfire and people started saying that hurtful word with and without intention. This shows that still now, even in these progressed times, there are those people who remain racists. All we can do is stop spreading the meme and create awareness about treating everyone equally with respect.

Impact of the Meme!

The meme had a great impact and even affected the Google search. Whenever people typed in “what dinosaur”, immediately the automatic fill in for that was “has 500 teeth”. This is evident in the obsession that people have with this racist meme. As soon as the meme started spreading, people flocked over Google to check what the answer was. It only shows the curious nature of human beings and there is nothing to worry about there. But as soon as the people found out that the joke was racist, they didn’t stop it. Instead, they chose to spread it and make it viral. Few mentioned the name of the dinosaur and its pronunciation clearly to stop the non-sense but in vain.

Beginning of thewhat dinosaur has 500 teeth” meme!

The starting point of this racist meme that had gone viral is a post on Reddit. Reddit is one of the social media platforms that act as a medium for similar minded people. They can discuss and vote on the topics that they are interested in. The users can post texts, images and links about the topics that interest them. Others can discuss the content of the post and vote on it. The racist meme originated in a post that appeared in a Reddit thread in the year 2019. Several other threads followed which turned what was a joke into a viral racist meme.

Act in a Responsible way!

In one of the threads in Reddit, many people tried to explain the proper pronunciation of the word Nigersaurus. But this didn’t prevent others from commenting on it and spreading it. People should stop humiliating others and making fun of others. Whenever you share something on social media, please be careful. The media can reach a lot of people and so we should act in a responsible way. Just make sure what you are sharing will never hurt other’s feelings in any way.

Other names for the Dinosaur!             

What dinosaur has 500 teeth have turned into a meme and people started giving a lot of names for it. Many started calling the dinosaur the “most politically incorrect dinosaur ever” and sometimes they say “African American asaurus is a mouthful”. The joke has transformed itself into a meme and now people seem to be obsessed about it. Innocent people who are not aware of the real intention of this meme also get caught up in this. There have been many memes of such sort in the past years but none have been this hurtful and racist.

The basis for other Memes!

When the meme started as a joke on Reddit, it started out as a warning. A Reddit user warned people in his post in 2019 not to search for the name of the dinosaurs with 500 teeth. The meme was posted on the sixth of September. The account was then removed by the user from the platform. But within the time of posting and removal, it went viral. Hundreds of memes were created based on this and many gave captions. For example, one of the memes was captioned as “do not Google 500 teeth dinosaur. Worst mistake of my life”. People immediately started searching for the same in Google. The search engine ranking showed the sentence as the top-ranking search option. One can understand the effect of the meme from this search engine ranking of Google.

Know about Nigersaurus!

The dinosaur is a prehistoric species and it was originally found in a place called “Niger”. Niger’s Lizard is the meaning of the name of the dinosaur “Nigersaurus”. The species was alive during the Aptian or Albian age and is a plant-eating species. Its teeth were all replaceable and designed to eat plants. It was first found by the palaeontologist who belonged to France called PhillippeTaquet. Hence the dinosaur was named after him and the region in which the fossil was found. The scientific name of the dinosaur which has now become an internet sensation is “Nigersaurustaqueti”. The teeth of this weird and bizarre dinosaur were replaced every 14 days and the head was short. It had better eyesight than other plant-eating dinosaurs. It is considered to have fed on the ground vegetation.

Where does the Dinosaur get its Name from?

The skull of the dinosaur was very delicate and the jaw was wider than the skull. It lived in the lush swamps of the West African country. Sahara desert is the region where this Sauropod lived. The species which lived millions of years ago gained popularity through this single racist meme. Internet users have been talking about it ever since. The name of the dinosaur reflects the region in which its fossils were found which is the “Republic of Niger”. The meme has since gained traction in social media and spreads around in several forms. People do not think to get to know the real meaning behind the name but start spreading racist remarks. Think carefully and avoid hurtful memes and posts.

The viral meme on Youtube and TikTok!

The internet meme which started in Reddit went to Youtube too in the year 2020. YouTubers usually talk about sensitive topics to get more views and additional traffic. The same thing happened with this meme too. One of the YouTubers posted a youtube video related to this meme and gained more than 66,000 views rapidly. Another Youtuber named Izzy Tuber posted the video which has the same basis and got over 2000 views. Even TikTokers have produced many viral TikTok videos based on this racist meme. The meme what dinosaur has 500 teeth is considered to be the highest autocompleted suggestion for “what dinosaur”. Even this fact was pointed out by a user under the comments section of few posts. The comment also included a sentence in which the user congratulated Reddit for doing it.

The meme”what dinosaur has 500 teeth is on Twitter too!

Even Twitter has these posts about what dinosaur has 500 teeth meme. A lot of them are circulating on all of the social media platforms. The main purpose for people spreading the meme is to make others say the N-word unintentionally. Those who really don’t know these curious intentions try to search for it in Google; and are caught off guard. There is nothing good going to come out of humiliating other people. Internet users should understand this and stop making such awful memes. There are many memes that make people happy without hurting others in any way. Meme creators should follow this rule of not hurting others to make people happy.

Don’t spread awful memes on social media!

There are many such racist memes that are spreading on social media platforms. These memes affect and hurt a specific group of people and paves way for many hateful acts. We have to leave behind all these racist thoughts and focus on the progress of our society. There are many benefits that people can get out of social media and it should be used for hurting others. If you are someone who unknowingly shares posts without knowing their real meaning, please don’t.

Last Words on “what dinosaur has 500 teeth”

Many times these racist memes come under the disguise of jokes. Try to know the true meaning behind such posts and the share only if it is worth it and doesn’t hurt anyone. Acting responsible can prevent such memes from getting shared. Hope now you know the true meaning behind what dinosaur has 500 teeth!

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