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Who is Juana Ahumada? Biography, Career, Husband, Facts 2022

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Juana Ahumada (Pedro Rivera wife) bio, height, weight, mansions and cars, net worth, Family, parents, siblings, Instagram, and OnlyFans.

Introduction of Juana Ahumada:

Who is Juana Ahumada? What is her relationship with Pedro Rivera? Is Juana be the reason why Pedro Rivera divorced his first wife? What are her latest bio and net worth annual? Have you ever wanted to look at her pictures? Here, in this article, you get to know to inform, and you can get to know everything you need to know about her is? In this article, you can easily find all the answers about her and how she gathered all this fame and prominence in a very short time.

 She is a gorgeous American and Mexican celebrity, and she is also known as the duo nationality holder celebrity. She is also known as the wife of the famous musician and composer Pedro Rivera. He is also a very famous musician and director of the country.

We will tell the fact about their age, which is not only this but also that they have a great age difference between them and their ages. She worked under his supervision, and she got in love with him. The most interesting fact is that she worked for him in his music studio as an assistant for eight years.

Who is Juana Ahumada? 

Her real name is Juana De Ahumada. And she is a 40 years old celebrity. And she is a glamorous American fame celebrity also. She is also considered famous and trending as Pedro Rivera’s wife.

She was born in Mexico in the United States of America, and she belongs to mixed ethnicity because she has both American and Mexican Nationality. When we talk about her, we should talk about all the details and biodata available about her birthdate and her life details. But Alas! We have not discovered, and much have all the information about her but owe something that we can expose to the public. 

She is a perfect fit and glamorous celebrity in the USA. However, she is married to a very famous man due to his music and videos. And he is also catching the public’s attention due to her husband, and she has still kept herself and everything about her and all the details related to her and her private life. Pedro Rivera said, “she is new to gaining popularity and not a public person”. Well, that is all clear to us.

Juana Ahumada’s Net worth and income details:

Her net worth can be estimated in between $400-$500k easily.

Biography of Juana Ahumada:

Juana Ahumada
Juana AhumadaWiki/Bio
Birth NameJuana Ahumada
Nick NameJuana
Net worth$400K – $500K (Approx.)
Date Of Birth7 August 1980
Age42 Years
ProfessionAssistant of Pedro Rivera
HusbandPedro Rivera (m. 2019)
Famous AsWife of Pedro Rivera
Eyes ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlonde
Body Measurements34-28-40 inches
Weight 55 kg
Height5 feet 5 inches
BirthplaceUnited States
Shoe Size8 US
Bra size34C
Zodiac SignCapricorn

How is Juana Ahumada attached to Pedro Rivera?

As we stated above in the article, she is the current wife of Pedro Riveras. And Pedra River is also known as a famous actor, entertainer, producer, and musician in the United States of America. He has written and composed many music and albums for various films such as Walking Vengeance, The Sheltering Sky.

His age and wedding ceremony:

 And similar to him and many others that have been at the top of the music’s list and category. Her husband is 77 years old. And there’s a visible difference of age among both of them. She is a young and energetic woman, and her husband is an old age man. They both got married in the year 2019 in a private ceremony. And they both did not invite any guests to their ceremony, and they celebrated their wedding without the public in a church. And after that, they announced this news on the media, and then this news became and got huge popularity, and later it was a huge surprise for all their fans. 

He divorced his first wife due to Juana Ahumada and some rumors:

There have been many rumors about her and Pedro why did Pedro Rivera divorce his first wife? And what is the reason behind his divorce? Some sources tell us that she was his ex-assistant for eight years before their marriage due to his love affair with Juana. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation about any of these rumors.

Who is Juana Ahumada’s ex-husband or lover?

Many people who love her personality wonder about her past married life and love affair? But we could not find any data about her and her past life as she was not married.

But many of her fans and followers want to know about Juana also married before she married Pedro Rivera or not? So, here is the answer: there is no data or information available on Juana’s bio or about her personal life. We have not found any information about before marrying Pedro Rivera. According to some authentic sources, this is her only and first marriage with Pedro Rivera.

Who is Juana Ahumada’s daughter or son? Children bio

The more important question is about her children, which people mostly search for about Juana’s children. Daughter or son? She does not have any children. She is not having any daughter or any son. According to other media sources, she does not have any children yet.

Juana Ahumada’s Social Media Profiles and accounts:

She is using Youtube, and her channel name is @Juana Ahumada. And she has a Facebook account too, and her Facebook account name is @JuanaAhumada.

The Instagram account name is @JuanaAhumada.

She is also using the platform of OnlyFans, and her account name is @JuanaAhumada.

The Snapchat account name is @JuanaAhumada.

She is also available on Twitter, and her Twitter account is @JuanaAhumada.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Juana Ahumada

Q 1: Who is Juana Ahumada’s first husband?

Ans: we have no information about her dating history, and her dating history is unknown to anyone. Although, she currently married to an American educator and a famous musician named is Pedro Rivera.

Q 2: How old is she?

Ans: Her exact date of birth is unknown, and we have not any information about her date of birth. But it is estimated from the different sources that she is around 40 years old beautiful influencer.

Q 3: What is her height?

Ans: she has a reasonable and ideal height as she is 5 feet and 5 inches tall and a beautiful lady.

Q 4: What is Juana’s net worth?

Ans: She has been working in a music studio. She has been working as her current husband’s assistant for approximately eight years; according to the sources, her estimated net worth is around $500 thousand.

Q 5: Why she is so famous in public?

Ans: she has been famous or popular for being the wife of a famous music composer and director named Pedro Rivera.

Juana Ahumada Age:

When it comes to talking about celebrities and their personal affairs and life, there is no doubt that the fans and followers are always curious to know about all the small things about them. In this matter, many people are want to know how old Juana is? Then we tell them that she celebrated her birthday on 7 August and was born in 1980, in Mexico in the USA. As per wiki and other sources that she is now 41 years old.

Juana Ahumada’s professional career and other details:

In this section, when we talk about her professional career, we tell one thing: she has not as famous as her husband Pedro’s profession. And who has achieved such successful and international popularity among Mexican music fans and followers?

 She only becomes famous and popular due to her work as a personal assistant to Pedro. And there she has been working for almost eight years.

And apart from all this information, there is nothing special information available regarding her past employment detail. Currently, she is only known and famous as the wife of Pedro Rivera.

Who is Pedro Rivera?

Pedro Rivera

On the other way, her husband’s name is Pedro, and he is also known as a Mexican composer, singer, actor, performer, and record producer. 

In 1985 Juana’s husband acting career:

In the year of 1985, he had started his acting career and his film career when he was cast in the film “La Tumba del mojado”. Following this film, he was also cast in the film of 1986, 

And he had appeared in the film “Verdugo de traidores”, and even in the next year, he was also cast in the film “Camino al Infierno”.

Although, he also appeared in many films and television programs and also television series, such as “La jaula de Oro”, “El fiscal de Hierro”, “El corridor de Los Perez” and many others like it. 

Several projects and names:

Though he is prominently known and famous for his most of works in many projects like “Escape sangriento” (1985), “El Inocente” (2018), “Clave privada” (1996), and “El financial de Hierro 4” (1995).

In addition, Pedro is also known and famous for his great writing music and albums for many films such as “Walking Vengeance”, “The Sheltering Sky”, and many others.

7 Facts On Juana Ahumada That Might Surprised You!

Juana Ahumda’s past life and family life:

She was born in Mexico in the United States of America. And her nickname is Juana. And she holds a Mexican and American duo nationality, and she belongs to mixed ethnicity. She has a zodiac sign is Capricorn. And she followed and had the religion of the Christian.

Juana Ahumda’s parent’s information:

 And she is not discussing her parents as she is a very private person, and being a secretive persona, she has not told any detail about her family and history. And she has not shared anything regarding her parents’ names and professions yet.

According to reports, she was born as a single child to her American-Mexican parents, and she had experienced a loving and caring childhood. Her parents were so supportive of her, and they gave full attention to her. And she belongs to a middle-class family, and they try to fulfill all the basics and essentials she wants to have in her life.

In other words, she had experienced a beautiful and memorable childhood that has played a handsome role in achieving her life’s success.

Juana Ahumada’s educational qualification:

There is no information about her qualification and others reflecting on her educational detail. We have no information available on our website, which helps our readers understand all the details and information that how much she educated and all the details of her educational background. According to different sources, she graduated from a local college in Mexico, and she did not like to reveal her college name yet.

Her wedding ceremony:

The couple finally tied their knot in 2019, and they shared their wedding vows in a very secret wedding ceremony at Huntington Park, California. And it is assumed that the only individual at their wedding ceremony besides the only bride and groom was the officiator of their wedding.

These days, they are enjoying their married life happily with each other. And they led their life without any rumors of any extramarital affairs between them. But they do not have any children yet.

Some interesting facts and her hobbies:

There are some interesting facts, and realities of Juana’s life are mentioned here:

1: her birth flowers are Narcissus & Holly.

2: she has not had any children, but she has a mother and grandmother. She has the proud step-grandmother of 14 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

3: she is the former minister of the Pennsylvania Secretary of Education.

4: And she was nominated by the Pennsylvania Governor as Tom Wolf’s name, and this was confirmed in June 2015.

5: She also has experience as a superintendent of the School District of Lancaster.

6: Her stepdaughter, Jenni Rivera, died on 9 December 2012 in an accidental plane crash.

7: she is also younger than her stepson, Lupillo Rivera.


This is all the available, and only available data resents on the internet about Juana. All the data about her life will be updated in the article and when once details about her life will be discovered soon. Keeping in mind that her limited data, s not accurate as they are all followed by different media sources.

The final words:

Juana Ahumada is the big name of a Mexican and American celebrity spouse. And she is better recognized as the second wife of Pedro Rivera, a famous Mexican composer, singer, actor, performer, and record producer in the United States of America.

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