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4 Reasons Why Law Firms Need Legal Management Software

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Legal DMS allows you to create documents quickly, locate and assess information quickly, organize all your content, keep your documents safe.


Legal matters can get pretty complicated and for lawyers handling even the simplest of cases, the paperwork and documentation can get very overwhelming due to the sensitive nature of the field. Within a law firm, the paperwork that is acquired or generated during a case is truly sensitive information and should be maintained keeping in mind the privacy concerns associated with it.

Hence, it is imperative that law firms purchase and use Legal DMS or document management software for their daily work. With document management software law firms would not be able to function on a day-to-day basis and would struggle with creating, storing, maintaining, cataloging, and accessing documents.  Listed below are some of the reasons why law firms should use Legal DMS:

Legal DMS allows users to create legal documents quickly. The creation of a legal document on a regular word processing software involves a lot of work as legal documents essentially involve a lot of repetition; formatting, and long explanations of details that are to be repeated. A DMS however allows users to create documents that are based on readily available templates and preset formats with shortcuts for any repetitive details. This essentially helps your team save up on a lot of time and effort.

Legal DMS allows users to search for legal documents and any particular information within your directory of documents very easily. Researchers at law firms like Cooley Iuliano Robey, PLLC often spend a lot of time sifting through each case looking for a particular detail or information. It makes this task easy as it features an in-built search mechanism; and advanced searching options for its users. By using these options users can search for documents and text on the basis of the document name, client name, author name, last modified date, date of creation, document type, and any notes or comments.

Legal DMS allows users to organize all their documents and paperwork centrally. Instead of maintaining all paperwork in cabinets, files, and folders; users can use legal DMS to maintain all their documents digitally. Using DMS to store documents allows users to store all their data in the cloud; without it taking up any space in the office. Users can maintain all related case files together, categorize them on multiple forums; and essentially adopt a management system that is up to their liking.

Legal DMS software allows users to keep their documents safe in cloud-based servers without the fear of losing or misplacing their documents physically.  Users can ensure a centralized storage system for all their documents that is safe; secure and does not allow the theft or misplacement of any paperwork. It allows users to set up permissions and allow or not allow access to employees for all documents.


For instance, for top secret and confidential files, the administrator can ensure that only relevant team members have access. Legal Management Software also maintains a log of which employees access which piece of information; and who views edits or creates documents.

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