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Who is Lena The plug? Bio, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Fun Facts & More

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Lena The plug aka Nersesian is an internet sensation. And she is a sexy model on Instagram. She is becoming a super attractive celebrity nowadays. And Lena has captured the full attention of her all followers because of her hot and sexy pictures. Lena is also posting her adult videos on her social platform. And Lena is also making sexy videos for many websites on the internet. Lena is more popular because of her YouTube Vlogs. And In this article, we are talking and discussing more information about this sizzling personality and celebrity too. We are also covering all her life aspects. And she is becoming very popular all over the world. So, let’s start this article here.

Who is Lena The plug?

Lena Nersesian is popularly known as Lena The Plug. And she is a famous American YouTube personality and a model. Moreover, she is also known as a vlogger. Lena uploads different kinds of videos of her on her channels. And all her videos are related to gluteal workouts, pranks, and viral challenges. She is also uploading her Vlogs, reaction, and Q & session videos. Moreover, she is a fitness freak, and fitness tutorials are becoming very popular on her YouTube channel.

At this time, she has over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers on her channel. And she has crossed over 2.4 million fan followers on her Instagram account.

Lena The Plug and her wiki:

Her real name is Lena Nersesian. She has Lena’s nickname. Lena The Plug hails from the United States of America and she is an Armenian-American personality. And Lena was born on 1 June 1991, and her age is 31 years old. And she is a supermodel and her current residence is in the USA. She is a YouTuber from her profession. Lena is famous for her fitness-related videos on her YouTube channels.

She is approximately 5 feet and 1″ inches in height and she weighs 55 kg. She has blonde hair and also she has dark brown eyes which makes her very attractive.

Lena is looking more glamorous in her all fitness videos. Lena is an avid lover of having pets and she has a dog named Bingo. 

Her favorite color is pink and she has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. She has white ethnicity. And she is a Christian. And her zodiac sign is Gemini.

And her vital statistics are 36 – 28 – 44 Inches. And she has a bra size 36D, and a dress size 4 (US). And her shoe size is 5 (US). Her income is sourced from her YouTube and Instagram accounts where she has gained huge fans and followers. 

And there Lena can donate her money to poor and needy people. At such a young age, Lena has been able to grab a lot of attention from her followers through her fitness videos. 

Lena can maintain her popularity and fame at a very young age. All her fans and followers also send her many gifts and make donations for her online content for needy people.

The early life of Lena The plug:

 Lena The plug

Lena spent her early years in her hometown in Glendale, California, U.S, and their current residence is in Los Angeles, California, USA. Where she was raised by her parents and also by her siblings too. However, we did not know about their names and professions too. And all about her personal information is not known to the public. 

But we did not confirm her sibling’s information or any other details. But Lena has a younger brother and a sister as well. When he comes to see her in the pictures, which Lena posted on her social media accounts as well.

She holds an American nationality, and Lena belongs to the ethnic group Armenian-Americans. And she is a Christian. Lena has not shared anything about her educational background.

Her education details:

She completed her Primary Education at her Hometown primary school which is located in Los Angeles. Furthermore, she has completed her Intermediate degree from a well-known college.

And Lena has attended a Private University to complete her Graduation degree. But Lena has never had such an interest in studies. Lena always wants to become a video game along with her parents and brother. And there, Lena completed her graduation from there. And later, she developed more and more interest in the field of acting and modeling. 

Her height, weight & body measurements:

Every fan of hers always wants to know more and more about her social life. And they are also wanting to know more about her professional life. Moreover, they are always curious and want to learn about her stunning body and figure. How tall is Lena? And how is Lena looking?

She stands at the height of 1.55 m which is meaning 5 feet and 1 inch tallHer weight in centimeters is 155 cm. She also has a perfect body weight of 121 lbs.

Which is meaning 55 kg. She has a slim body and figure. Her body measurements are following as 36-28-44 inches. And her bra size is 36. Her eye color is dark Hazel. She has dark black hair. And her shoe size is 5 (US) and her dress size is 4 (US). She has mixed ethnicity. Lena is Armenian American. And her zodiac sign is Gemini. She has only one nickname.

Her family information:

As she is a private celebrity and she never wants to share her family information with the media and related correspondents. Lena never reveals her parents’ names in the media. And her younger brother is also a young internet sensation. But we did not know her younger brother’s name. And also his main profession yet. As we come to know more about him then we may surely update this section here. We did not know her mother’s and father’s name. And we did not know their professions as well.

Lena The Plug affairs, boyfriends & marital status:

 Lena The plug

Many of her fans and followers want to know about her love and marital status. So, here we are telling you that Lena is not involved with any man or boy. And Lena is not married to anyone. Moreover, on her social media apps, Lena has single status.

But her fans always wanted to know more about her relationship status too. 

And, there is no secret information about her relationship status or boyfriend information here. 

Lena doesn’t have any time in messing up with any man and also having involved with any man.

But we did not know about her ex-affairs. And also not known her ex’s name here. Currently, she just wants to focus on her ongoing and upcoming gaming projects as well. She spends her quality time with family and friends. Moreover, her relationship status is unmarried. And her boyfriend’s name is Adam Grandmaison (Adam22). She has a cute daughter with him. And her name is Parker Ann Nersesian Grandmaison.

Lena The plug and her annual net worth:

Nersesian aka Lena has gained huge fan followers by uploading her amazing fitness content on her YouTube channel, Instagram and TikTok. She is a very health-conscious and fitness model.

However, she has various social media handles. Lena came into the limelight after some of her adult and bold content on media. She has millions of subscribers and followers on her social media handles.

Lena The plug mainly earns millions from her YouTube channel. And she is a very rich model. She is also gaining from her Instagram, and TikTok accounts. But her primary source of income is through modeling, acting in videos, and also by uploading some premium stuff to her OnlyFans account users.

But we do have not enough information available about her net income and also her net worth. But this can be estimated that her net worth is $4M+ (approx.)

Lena The Plug and her social life struggles:

She has been interested in fitness and modeling. And she being famous since a very young age. In the early days of her career, Lena worked as an Uber driver. And she has also worked as a grocery store attendant.

And Lena also as a personal assistant at that store. And she also plays a role of a nanny. When Lena was in college, she started her YouTube channel the name as “Lena The Plug” on 22 August 2016.

Her first video:

Apart from that, Lena started her online career by modeling and working. And she is also working as an actor in adult videos. On 3rd December 2016, she uploaded her first video on her YouTube channel with the title “Hi, I’m Lena The Plug :)”. 

After that video, Lena started uploading fitness, Q&A, beauty, and vlog videos on her channel. Apart from videos, Lena was also regularly uploading pictures and videos on her Instagram and other social media handles.

Moreover, Lena also creates some adult content for her channels. And she has posted that porn content on her OnlyFans accounts.

Lena The plug and her social media contacts:

 Lena The plug

She is also available on her Instagram account under her username @lena.the.plug. And she has 580k+ followers on her account. And Lena also has a main source of income and that is YouTube. And she has 1.7M+ subscribers and followers. She has a TikTok account under her username @lena.theplug. And she has 600k+ fans and followers.

Lena The Plug and her sex tape controversies:

In 2017, she posted a video on her YouTube channel called “Let My Best Friend Have Sex with My Boyfriend”. And this video got stormed over the internet. And it was a viral video on the internet. Moreover, this video got received over 16 million views as of January 2019. 

Meanwhile, Lena has revealed this fact on her YouTube channel. And she update that she would make a sex tape with her husband as well. And his name is Adam Grandmaison. And both couples had to meet 1 million subscribers on their YouTube channels.

Her sex tapes are not new things on the internet. Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and even her fellow YouTube star Abigale Mandler also have long playlists of porn videos on the internet.

Star of the year:

All her friends had their sex tapes leaked online. Still, the fact that she used hers for YouTube Subscribers and followers.

And most importantly, she received the Pornhub Star of this Year award for various players such as Kim Kardashian in September 2018.

Some interesting things and hobbies of Lena The Plug:

She is a well-known and popular actress on social media and also on the internet. And her favorite actor is Ashton Kutcher. And her Favorite Actress name is Jennifer Aniston. Her Favorite color is Pink. And her favorite food is Sea Food. Lena is love to do Shopping & Travelling. And her favorite hobbies are Gymming.

 Lena The plug

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Lena The plug (FAQs)

1: What is her real name?

Ans: Her real name is Nersesian but she is famous as Lena. And she is also famous due to her YouTube channel as Lena The plug.

2: How old is Lena The plug?

Ans: She was born on 1 June 1991. And she is only 31 years old.

 3: How tall is Lena The plug?

Ans: Lena has a perfect height of 1.55 m which is meaning that she is 5 feet and 1 inch tall. And her total body weight is 55 kg.

4: What is her net worth?

And: Her net worth is between $100,000 and $200,000 by 2022.

5: Who is Lena The plug dating?

Ans: Lena is not dating anyone. And she has a single status. But she has sometimes shown up with a famous young YouTuber named Adam Grandmaison.


The all detail about this famous personality and hot celebrity is taken from different websites. And we do not have any sure and personal information about her.

The Final Words:

Lena The plug is very famous and popular due to her sex tape with her best friend. And she is running almost two channels on YouTube.

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