Lightning Lure 5e Spell

Lightning Lure 5e Spell Pros, Cons, Uses, and Complete Guide

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How do you use Lightning Lure 5e dnd? The lightning lure is such a spell that makes the list of best Wizard, warlock, and sorcerer cantrips.

The lightning lure is such a spell that makes the list of best Wizard, warlock, and sorcerer cantrips. Cantrip is very general in the game of dungeon and dragons. Also, The lightning lure is the hybrid kind of utility of damaging spells for the three primary arcane spells. So let’s start to discuss the all details. 


Lightning lure 5e is a strength-saving throw in the game boundaries. It is the damaging spell for spell arcane. If the player is using it then the unlucky creature within 15 feet can be pulled 10 feet towards the caster. In addition, If the player ends up the game within 5 feet of the caster the player gets a 1d8 shock. The games set the scale at the 5th, 11th, and 17th levels for up to 1d8 of the piece. The range can be maximum up to 4d8. 

The action is very simple if the player increases his level in the game then the lightning lure 5e can also add the utility and goes increasing low amount of increasing single target damage. The attribute can be defined in these words are:

The complete guide of dnd lightning lure 5e:

The school name is evocation. 

The casting time of lightning lure 5e is one action.

 And the range of lightning lures 5e is 15 feet. 

The lightning lure has the components of verbal. 

The duration of lightning lures 5e can be attributed instantaneously. 

The name of the classes is sorcerer, warlock, and wizard.

The pros of lightning lure 5e:

The lightning lure has many pros mentioned in this article here:

If the player uses the can trip then the lightning lure 5e does not need any to prepare.

The lightning lure 5e does not need to pay concentrations and it does not require to spend any resources for casting. It cannot need any somatic components. Also, The use has not able to spell to pull the player and delivers the spell with a sudden jolt.

The lightning spell targets strengthen which the player feels fantastic.

When the players are using it which enables the strengthen score. The player is also able to deliver the sudden jolt. It can give the target strength which gives the result is fantastic. Most of the enemies would not have the strength of attacking due to the lightning lure.

From the lightning lure 5e, the player has decent chances of attacking or damaging the enemies. Lightning or electricity both are fair sources of damage in the bestiary. The main and other pros of the lightning lure spell have in conjunction with other AoE effects in the battle. The player is not allowed to lure when if the enemy is electrocuting them easily. But the player can damage them with the lightning lure.

Lightning Lure 5e Spell

The cons of lightning lure 5e:

In this article, we are discussing all the detail and information about the cons lightning lure:

The lightning lure 5e moves the player, a caster into melee with the same thing. But most wizards and sorcerers can make the struggle to finding the health back up in battle. It has the warlock have strong melee builds. When the player wants to build and spending one of the precious spell slots in the lightning lure.

However, it can leave the space for using the better damaging cantrips. The player has access to damage cantrips to supplement the damaging deal. The player cannot activate the attacks and damages itself. Also, The lightning lure spell has a range of 15 feet from level 1 to 20. It allows the creature to take up the massive to 100 potshots at the place of the party. The dnd lightning lure 5e can only attack the creature. 

The uses of lightning lure 5e:

The lightning lure 5e has more often situational but it can be useful are very surprised. It can be used in any area for spelling the player has. It is used in any compliment melee-range allies of pulling enemies into the positions. The player has more easily damage potential of allies. An example of use is a cloud of daggers and tripwire.

It can increase the damage potential of the allies. When if the player sees any flying enemy out of the reach of barbarian then the player can easily pull them down. It has the offer of 15 feet of force movement. The player can use to pull a party member from harm’s way as they open up a trap. If the player has an option of picking the flee enemy then he can reap the benefits and get much farther 15 feet away.

Lightning lure 5e interactions:

The player has the green flame blade and booming blade spells then the lightning lure was changed into the wizard of the coast’s errata documents in the leading up to the releasing of Tasha’s cauldron of everything. The lightning lure is not changed much so the player has things to keeping in mind that how the spell interacting with other features. Lightning lure 5e can damage one of the creatures that follow the feat’s restrictions.

The final words:

Lightning lure 5e is very unique in use and it can be used in the wizard, warlocks, and artificers. It dealing with lightning effect damage. It can pull the creature 10 feet towards the player. The lightning lure can damage something like that wall of fire and blade barrier. Also, The lightning lure can damage the top of the 10 feet away.

The lightning lure on the wizard spell list like warlock, sorcerer, and warlock. The spell has lasso or whips out of pure lightning. It is also changing the blade spell completely. It can be used and works with the war caster feat. Also, The player has the spell to normally have a casting time of 1 action and can target the creature and increasing the opportunity of damage and attack.

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