Linus Basket Stardew Valley

Linus Basket Stardew Valley – How to find Linus Blackberry Basket

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Linus Basket Stardew Valley. How can a player find Linus blackberry basket Stardew valley? The location of Linus Basket is on your farm.

Introduction of star dew valley:

As we all know that stardew valley is a very famous game throughout the world. Stardew Valley is throwing many types of the quest for completing the target. The player can enjoy the life of respite between the banalities of day-to-day life on the farm. When we are going to from Linus Basket Stardew Valley, then it means that that person who has no home; and is homeless in the pelican Town will lose his blackberry basket.

But bad luck, the player does not where the basket is kept and he is nothing to remember where is the basket is placed exactly? In this article we are going to tell and describe every pitch of the blackberry basket then you can able to get your basket from him within time and will all discuss all detail of Linus blackberry basket stardew valley game.

How can a player find Linus Basket Stardew Valley?

Linus Basket Stardew Valley

When you are on the farm which is located in the head east then this way will lead you to the path of the bus stop area and then the player is wanting to walk on that path or ground or road then the player should follow the west path.

This is not the actual path where the actual road has been begun and that point, when you are heading down to the road then the player is come to know the off-screen from the left side then it will lead the player to the end road. Then you can see a basket that is laying off the roadside. So the player should grab the basket immediately.

When the player picks the blackberry basket from there, then he can move back to the Linus. Then the player can easily find the tent to the west from the mines and then the player can go forward and back to his way. Then the player can easily receive the message of congratulation that appears on the screen.

The famous Linus Basket Stardew Valley

blackberry basket

Stardew Valley is that kind of game in which have so many quests to doing and stuff to find easily there. Quest can vary in difficulty and they have so many kinds of stumps. One of the quests which we are today is discussing the hunting for Linus; and also discuss the missing blackberry basket. This quest of hunting the Linus is not so hard but one thing is important to note that the stardew game is not indicating any signal of hunting or finding the Linus basket in it and there is no source is available there in the game.

Who is Linus Basket Stardew Valley?

 Stardew Valley

Linus is one of those people who is very strange among the people in the star dew valley game. He is not so weird but he is different from other players in the game. Also, He is just like the person who very much loves the company of nature better than the group of people; he is not wanting to live in the pelican town but he prefers to live out of the town. Because he did not judge the people that are living there in the town.

Linus has some kind of unique tools which he is using the tools which he is kept in the basket. He has very fond of collecting the blackberries into his basket. But unfortunately, he loses his basket in the 8th of fall of them every year. And he is wanting help from you. He sent some kind of mails to the mailbox of the player and in the letter, he explained his problem.

The location of linus blackberry basket stardew valley:

Linus Basket Stardew Valley

The player can easily locate Linus’s basket with some twists. The location of the basket is very difficult to find. Because Linus lost his basket in such kind of place which this place does not look like that which it is looking like to the world. The directions of the basket are fairly good. The first place you should know and discover to find out the basket is on your farm.

And this path is leading to the bus station. If the player is starting to find the path into the tunnel then the player should turn on the left; he will find a better path that leads to the solid dead end. When that road is ended up then he will find a berry full basket there. This basket is also contained berry juice and this is the same basket that Linus has been lost.

Rules ans Regulations


Once any player picks the basket up into his hands then he should head over to the place where Linus lives to in his tent from above Robin’s house. If the player is walking to him then he will automatically take the basket of Linus from the inventory; and then saying thank you for returning to him. When any player is getting the heart of friendship with that Linus. Then you become very successful to get this reward and quest with that information which he is provided.

This is a little bit challenging for the players to finding the basket. This is the way of completing the quest without any help from the player. This player is getting help into every place of star dew valley. The quest is so important but because this is the main quest in the star dew valley game. If any player is solving the quest of Linus lost basket then Linus sending you some letter mails into your mailbox.

The final words:

Linus is the main character in the stardew valley game. But one thing is to remember that he is not like other characters of stardew valley. He almost wants to live outside of the town. He has always carried a basket which has full of blackberries and some blackberry juice. But somewhere he lost his basket and he wants the players or gamers to find out his Linus Basket Stardew Valley quests.

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