Who is Mary Nabokova? Bio, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Facts & Onlyfans

Mary Nabokova comes from Russia. And she is a famous social media influencer and celebrity. She is an Instagram model. Moreover, she is very famous for sharing her beautiful pictures on her Instagram account. Mary has crossed over a million followers on her social media account. In this article, we are going to share all the related details of this famous Instagram personality and hot celebrity.

Who is Mary Nabokova?

Mary is an extraordinary and talented model. And she is an Instagram sensation. And Mary is also known as a social media influencer with roots in Russia. She is most renowned for her perfect beauty and charisma on her all social media accounts. And she is appealing to build every technique. Mary is a stunning Russian woman. And she is well known for her posting sultry and seductive photos on her social media accounts. She is very famous on Instagram and OnlyFans accounts. 

Mary Nabokova and her social media handles:

Mary Nabokova

Mary is also famous for her Instagram account. And her Instagram account under her username is as@MaryNabokova. she is only 26 years old. And she has begun her modeling career. Besides this information, she was born on 5th December 1996 in Russia. And her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Her ethnicity is Russian. She was inclined towards modeling from a very young age.

On top of that, Mary has modeled for several global brands and organizations till now. Her content and modeling are appreciated by her millions of fans and followers. And she is loved by her fans.

Mary Nabokova and her interesting Wiki/ Fandom:

Mary Nabokova was born in Russia. And her age is only 26 years old. Her Date of Birth was 5th December 1996. Her real name is also Mary Nabokova. And she has no nickname yet. But Mary has Russian descent.

 And her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. And she practices Christianity. Mary has a perfect height which is 60 cm (5 feet and 3 inches) tall. And she weighs about 58 kg (127.86 lbs). 

She is a 36-inch bra size and has a 25-inch waist and 35-inch hips. Moreover, her body measurements are 36-25-35 inches. And her eyes color is brown and her hairs are gorgeous and long. She is a female by her gender. She has Russian nationality. Also, Mary has a profession of a social media influencer and Instagram model.

Mary Nabokova and her body measurements:

Mary is very young and beautiful. And she has the perfect height. Her height can be measured in centimeters are 160.0 centimeters in meters. And she has a height of 1.600 meters. 

Overall, she is 5 feet and 3 inches. And Mary has ideal weight which is approximate in pounds are 127.86 lbs. and her weight in kilograms is 58 kg. We can easily see her Figure measurements which are approximate Bust Size – 36 inches waist Size – 25 inches hips Size -35 inches.

Mary Nabokova and her parent’s and sibling’s information:

She was born to Russian parents. So far, Mary didn’t share any photos with her family on her social media accounts. It seems that she wants to keep them very private from all social media contacts. Mary wants to keep her family hidden from the internet as well. 

When we are talking about her cute and dear siblings then we come to know that, she also hides them from social media life. And she never wants to talk and discuss on the internet. Mary hasn’t revealed anything about them as well. Thus, no further information could be found here about them. We did not know her father’s name or also not know her mother’s name. She is not sharing her brother and sister’s names over the internet.

Mary Nabokova Boyfriend, Affairs, & Marriage

Mary Nabokova

Her marital status is unmarried. And she is currently single. She did not share any details about her personal life. Mary did not want to share her love life over the internet.

Mary Nabokova seems like a private person. And she does not want to mix her professional life and family life with her private life. Thus, no additional details and information are available here. Mary did not share her past relationship and affair in the media. She has no husband and not having any children.

Mary Nabokova and her education background:

She did her high school at a Private educational institution in her hometown. And she has not shared and revealed any further information about her higher studies. Thus, we have no additional information about her education.

Mary Nabokova and her modeling career:

When we talk about her modeling career, then we come to know that she started her acting and modeling career as an influencer. And she shared her career by starting her Instagram account. She is sharing her all pretty and famous posts and photos for sharing her gorgeous pictures on her social account.

Mary has a great following on her Instagram and OnlyFans accounts. Mary also has a backup account in case her official account is. And she end up getting deleted due to unfamiliar reasons and problems.

Plus, Mary stays motivated most of the time, and then she is quite consistent with all her social sharing photos and videos on social media platforms. She also uses Onlyfans and Tumbler media accounts.

Where she shares her all premium content and material, so far, Mary has gained almost 5.5k likes and hearts on this platform.

Mary Nabokova and her Net Worth and annual income details:

Her estimated net worth is over $300,000. And Mary primarily earns from paid subscriptions and sponsorships as well. As she is a full-time influencer and model. And we also know that she makes handsome money from it.

Mary often does sponsorships post for several brands and endorsements. As she has a great following on her Instagram and OnlyFans accounts. Mary gets better sponsorship opportunities in her hometown as well.

Apart from that, Mary also uses Onlyfans and Instagram platforms, where Mary shares her exclusive content and photos with her premium subscribers and followers.

The number of her paid subscribers and content is not known to us. However, Mary does have a decent amount of viewers and followers. As a result, Mary makes decent money through the same profession.

Mary Nabokova and her social media presence:

Mary Nabokova

Mary is a pretty active user and celebrity. And she is also a famous influencer on Instagram. And there, she has crossed over 5.4m followers and subscribers on her social media accounts. However, she is looking at the other social media handles. Also, Mary does not seem to use them much.

Mary Nabokova and her followers counting:

Mary has only 5576 followers on her Twitter account. And on the other hand, Mary Nabokova doesn’t seem to use YouTube’s social media platform. She has a backup Instagram account. Besides, she almost has 545k followers and subscribers on that account. She has almost a 1.4millions Instagram Followers. And she has 5576 Twitter Followers. She has not a user of YouTube user. And thus, she has not any subscribers.     

Mary Nabokova and her OnlyFans account:

She is one of the most original and fantastic models. And she is the most followed personality on the OnlyFans and Instagram accounts. And as she is growing her account there. Mary has huge followers on this platform. Also, Mary is using this platform for showcasing her talent and dancing videos.

Mary has one of the best and perfect creators on OnlyFans and Instagram. She has a profile of 570k likes and followers. And Mary is using this account under the username @Marynabokova.

And her all followers are enjoying her all exclusive bold photos and videos on this platform. 

Unfortunately, she has the best OnlyFans and Instagrams bold and sexy content creators on the internet. And Mary goes for $12.99 per month. 

Still, if we are wanting to access all of her social media accounts and then Mary works across the internet, then we can easily sign up for their all-access plan and premium subscriptions. And she has at $16.99 per month. Moreover, Mary is allowing all her accounts to be public for viewing bold and sexy content and material.

Mary Nabokova and her collaborations with brands:

In addition to posting her latest videos on her OnlyFans channel, she also collaborated with many rising stars and brands. And then Mary is sharing these products on social media platforms. She is including many notable and big brands over the internet.

Moreover, she is working with many big singers and models too. 

In addition to working on her social media platforms, she has also launched out into other areas of the entertainment industry and other showbiz industries. Mary has appeared in several television commercials and short series as well.

Mary is including different spots for brands like Nike and Fashion perfect. She has appeared in various music videos for many big artists like Justin Bieber and Johnson brothers etc.

Some interesting facts about Mary Nabokova:

She is a wanderer. And she has been to several places such as the Maldives and Singapore. Mary is also handled by Mavrin Models. And she is a supermodel management company.

She is not active on any other social media websites. Mary hasn’t got her body inked or tattoos.

Mary has a second account with the username, @marynabokova1. And she has crossed over 80k followers.

Mary is a coffee and chocolate lover. And she has a pet dog. Mary is avid for animals. She has some pairs of rabbits and also a pair of squirrels.

Despite her huge success in modeling, she remains humble and down-to-earth in all manners. She is always making time to connect with all her fans and followers.

And Mary often comes online to communicate with them as well. She is always available on her social media platform and accounts.

Mary continues to work hard to create some engaging sexy and bold content. 

And it keeps all her followers coming back for more effort and hard work. Through her style and talent, she is a hard-working girl and model. And she has also a positive attitude toward her followers and subscribers. Also, Mary is maintaining her position as a top TikTok and OnlyFan star for many years

Mary Nabokova and her hobbies:

Mary loves her smartphone and she always carries herself a smartphone, lipstick, and a hand mirror.

And these are the best and unique features of her personality. She has some precious items she likes to keep with her at all times. She has 6.3 million followers on her Instagram. Mary loves acting and dancing. And her main profession is bold modeling.

She is dependent on coffee and tea. Moreover, Mary is a blueberry fanatic. And she is bicultural. She loves traveling around the globe. And her main interests are sports and travel as well. Her preferred and favorite color pallet hues are red and blue.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Mary Nabokova (FAQs)

1: What is her real name?

Ans: Her real name is Mary Nabokova.

2: What is her nickname?

Ans: Her nickname is Mary.

3: What is the Date of Birth of Mary Nabokova?

Ans: She was born on 5th December 1996 in Russia. And her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

 4: What is her age?

Ans: Her real age is 26 Years as of 2022.

5: Is she married?

Ans: No, she is not married yet.

6: Who is her boyfriend?

Ans: We did not know anything about her relationship life. And she has no lover at all. Or Mary has no boyfriend.

7: What do you know about her weight and height?

Ans: Her height is 5 feet 3 inches and her Weight is 58 Kg.


The all detail about this famous personality and hot celebrity is taken from different websites. And we do not have any certain personal information about her.

The Final words:

Mary Nabokova is well known Russian personality and beauty. She is a very charming lady and model. She loves to help others. Also, She loves bold acting and characters.

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