W-4 Tax Form: Simple Filling Out of the Revised Template

Fill out the W-4 tax form correctly so that your boss withholds the right federal income tax from your salary. This W-4 form guide will help you with it.

W4 Blank Form Filling: Stepwise Guide for Employees

The W-4 Form is an important part of the relationship between workers and employers. Both parties are interested in filling it out promptly and correctly since it is used to determine tax withholdings. Read more about this document’s importance and the nuances you should pay attention to when filling it out.

What Is W4 Form?

Workers use the W 4 form to inform their employers of changes in personal and financial circumstances that affect the amount of tax withheld from their paychecks. Also, this paper is part of the onboarding document package that is usually provided by workers when applying for a new job. The second name of this form is Employee’s Withholding Certificate.

Who Should Sign Form W-4?

The Form W-4 should be completed and signed by the person providing information about their financial situation to the employer. Neither the boss nor third parties are involved in filling out the document. It briefly describes the employee’s current personal and financial condition, which determines the amount that is withheld as income tax. Workers should provide the form every year or after changes affecting their tax statuses (for example, a wedding or divorce). Based on this form, the employer completes the W-2s.

How to Fill Out W-4 Form Step-by-Step

The fillable W4 form is pretty easy to fill out. However, you should be careful, as the amount of taxes levied depends on it. If, according to the calculations, the sum turns out to be bigger than it actually is, it’s totally fine; you will be refunded. If you pay less, you’ll face a penalty. Here is our guide to avoiding mistakes.

Step 1: In the first part, you need to enter your full name, address, marital status, and SSN. Further filling out the paper is based on the number of positions you have. If you are employed only in one place (i.e., your tax situation is simple), after completing the first item, proceed to Step 5.

Step 2: If you have several jobs or married and filing jointly, choose one of the options in the second part:

  • fill in the worksheet on the third page if you have more than two jobs;
  • use the IRS tax estimator for more precise calculations;
  • check the box opposite the third option if you have only two jobs.

The Multiple Jobs Worksheet, which you can find on page 3, required for the withholdings estimations. This part does not need to handed over to your boss; just enter the final sum in the appropriate line in Step 4 in the main part of the document.

Step 3: Complete the above calculations if you have dependents in your care. If there are none (kids under 17 years or persons who are financially dependent on you), skip this step.

Step 4: Enter in the fourth paragraph the data of your calculations from the third page. Fill in “Other adjustments” if you have income from other sources, such as dividends and interest on investments. Take it seriously, as debt to the tax office can result in fines.

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Step 5: Put your signature and date on the document. Leave the bottom line empty; your employer should sign it.

If you employed in several jobs, coordinate the completion of the W4 form 2022 for each of them. Enter non-job income and dependents only on the highest income document to avoid double credits.

How to Get a W-4 Form for Your Job?

Since the W-4 tax form a commonly used document, it is not difficult to get one. The most convenient option is to take the W4 blank form from the PDFLiner library. Right on the site, you can launch the editor, quickly fill in the required fields, and sign the paper. If you have any questions, you can read the simple instructions. Also, in the PDFLiner collection, there are other tax and reporting blanks that you may need in other situations.

The IRS issues this form, so you can also find the required document on the official website of this service. You cannot fill it out right on the spot, but you can get a PDF copy. Besides, it is good to know that your employer should provide you with a blank template at the time of employment to save you from having to search for it on your own.

The Bottom Line

Recently, the IRS updated the W-4 format, removing some important items and slightly changing the rest. For some taxpayers, it caused questions when filling out. We hope this guide answers such questions as “What is a W-4 form?” and “How to fill it in correctly?” in sufficient detail. This document has no completion limits, so during the year, you can send it to your employer as many times as necessary to adjust the tax deduction sum when your family situation changes.

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