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Mpow H10 wireless Overview 2023: Specifications, Features, Prices, Pros & Cons

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In this article, we will review one of the best brands of headphones Mpow H10 wireless with solid audio quality, ANC, and affordable prices.


Music makes life easy and what is more amazing is that wherever we go and anytime we wish to, we will be able to listen to our favorite music and songs. It is made possible through the use of such amazing headphones.

In this article, we will review one of the best brands of headphones and surely the Mpow H10 wireless. We will also discuss they are designed as ANC over-ear headphones. They are very versatile and they come with a casual look as well. It is the perfect choice for casual use. They may also offer great value for our money. It is providing a great sound performance and they have an impressive battery life indeed. 

What is Mpow H10 wireless?

These Mpow H10 wireless headphones have solid audio quality. And they are affordable. They are providing an active noise cancellation (ANC). They have 30 hours of playtime. These headphones have soft padded earmuffs and they don’t hurt ears and they are comfy for long games. These headphones product is designed for traveling and they are foldable as well. They have punchy bass and clear highs.

Mpow H10 wireless is best for watching movies:

The Mpow H10 wireless headset has come with noise-canceling technology. It is the best choice for students and office-going workers. It is giving the users clear recording results even in a noisy place.

But, they are not best for athletes and gym trainers. Although, they give an excellent experience for watching movies and watching videos. They are in Large-sized headbands and they might not be good for small-headed teens.

Mpow H10 wireless and Dual Mic ANC Headphones:

They are designed perfectly for watching all types of movies. They come with noise-canceling features. They are also perfect to be used whenever we are commuting or we would like to concentrate on something at work. If we are planning to use them, however, while doing some sports or exercising, then it is the best choice or option as well.

The H10 is not advisable as they are bulky and they have a flimsy feel due to their plastic design. Though, there is one of the best things about these headphones is that they have less latency as compared to other average wireless headphones. Moreover, when we are trying these headphones, then we will surely agree with us that it does have a smooth fit. However, if we have a small head, this might be a little big for us. 

Design and Layout:

Mpow H10 wireless

Well, the Mpow H10 wireless comes with Bluetooth technology. It is designed as over-ear headphones for all music lovers. Moreover, so many users have mentioned that these headphones are very comfortable to wear. However, these headphones could be a little big for those who have smaller heads. 

These headphones come with a decent control scheme and it is very simple to use and wear. They are very portable and it is breathable for all music listeners as well.

As for Mpow battery life, it could last up to 30 hours. These headphones have come with an aux cable which we could use in charging them. 

Mpow H10 wireless comfortable to wear:

As we mentioned earlier, these headphones are comfortable to wear in all manners. It is so comfortable and relaxing, we could wear headphones for long periods. The padding of these headphones is very soft and the headband is padded at all. 

It is designed for mid to large-sized heads which means, if we have a small head, these headphones could be uncomfortable to use and wear. 

Audio Quality:

The bass quality of these headphones is excellent. And we could say they are superb. These headphones are flawless and for sure we would enjoy listening to them. However, if we consider their mid-range sounds, then we might notice that it is about recessed as well. 

It could mean that the vocals can lead pushed back to the back of the mix and S and T audios. It could be piercing. Although, these headphones will provide amazing sounds and audio quality. They are very versatile. 

These Mpow H10 also come with an exclusive feedforward + feedback double mic ANC feature. They make it ideal for any travel. 

Mpow H10 wireless and other considerations:

The only downside about these headphones is that the mic would work only when any users are running it on Bluetooth mode. Hence, if any user uses it wired, then he will not be able to make any phone calls. 

Another thing that we must know before purchasing these Mpow H10 wireless is that its ear cups cannot be replaced and they could be removed. Hence, we will have to take extra care of them. 

These headphones may offer a two-year warranty but we should keep in mind that this warranty does not cover any electrical parts and daily wear and tear. 

What is the difference between Mpow H10 wireless vs Mpow H12?

Mpow H10 wireless

Mpow H10:

Now it is proud of sound isolation. And these may feature and provides users with a great overall experience. They come with Bluetooth support technology. And it makes them very convenient and relaxing. 

As for its sound quality, the H10 is providing a good, crisp, and clear sound. Moreover, these headsets may include a very fine ANC and they may feature good-quality audio headphones. These are very durable and they are perfect for traveling and commuting. 

As for gaming headphones, these Mpow H10 may fall behind with H12. Moreover, we are using them for sports and fitness. And they are not recommended as it lacks stability and comfort for their users. 

Mpow H12:

These H12 headphones are the upgraded version of the Mpow H10. They also come with noise-canceling features. These headphones are designed perfectly to be used for gaming and sports and fitness users.  

These wireless headphones could also block noise on a flight. The H12 may feel similar to any high-end headphones and they would be the best value for our money and time. 

How can we compare with Mpow H10 to Other ANC headphones?

Here, we are giving a complete detail of these headphones as compared with other Srhythm NC35 Cystereo LAVA Vs Srhythm NC75 Pro Vs Sennheiser HD 350BT Vs Mpow H10 Vs

Rhythm NC35. 

They may have active noise-canceling wireless headphones. And these headphones have comes in many colors and they come with black, coral orange, and mint green. These headphones have Over-ear and they may have 8.9″ x 6.1″ x 2.2″. These headphones have 6.4 ounces in weight. 

They have Bluetooth with CSR 5.0. And these headphones have an Operation range of 33 feet. And it has a Battery timing 800 mAh.

Pros and Cons

Mpow H10 wireless

Pros :

They are very decent sound quality and these headphones are having a Good battery life. They are very comfortable and fit. These headphones may have noise-canceling technology.

They are Wireless and they have no tangle worries. They may have extended battery life with Fine sound quality. They are easy to fit. These headphones may have Portable and Accessible. These types of headphones are Pocket-friendly. Moreover, they are in a good performance at normal volume.


These headphones have so many cons in their packages. And they are Plastic inbuilt. They may have leaky at high volumes. They may have too large for smaller heads. They are looking a bit cheap due to the plastic build. However, they are very awful performances at a loud volume. These headphones may seem too large for small heads. They are cracking sounds when folding.

Why we should choose Mpow H10 wireless?

Now that, in this article, we have featured and reviewed all of the functions of these headphones, the next question that we will probably have is why we should choose H10. 

If we are looking for comfort and portability, then these H10 are perfect for any music lover. These headphones are over-ear headsets. This means, if we are looking for something as small as earphones, then this one might not be fit and best for us. 

Though that is the case, these are very compact and could be bent which makes them very portable when traveling. And they are also a perfect option. For those users, who may want crisp and clear sound. They may have impressive call clarity and battery life. 

What is more specification of Mpow H10 wireless?

Temperature difference:

They are the best headphone having a low price. They are having a dual connectivity option. They come with a 5.1C minimal temperature difference and many more features.


These headphones have medium bass which is near 2.02dB and having with a 10.75Hz low-frequency extension.

Clamping force:

This doesn’t hurt the user’s ears due to the lightweight and they are having a low clamping force of 1.1 lbs.

Noise reduction:

These headphones and we can say this device has smoothly record voice. And they may have even in a noisy background. Their noise reduction rate is -25 dB. However, they may have the best recording of deafening sounds. Ultimately, they will have bad effects.

Mpow H10 wireless is the best choice:

It is a wireless headset that keeps us and all users away from wire tangling issues. They are helping in multitasking. The users can easily check for all calls and listen to their favorite tracks during assignment completion.

These headphones may also offer a 3.5mm connecting wire that a user can use to get calls while charging.

This device is easily connected via Bluetooth and it is easy. The user only has to press the power button for 5 seconds until its LED blinks red and blue light. The pairing mode of this device easily goes on now. They are allowing from the device that we want to connect. Here we go for enjoying our favorite music.

If we change pairing or reset the connectivity then we should press the volume up and down buttons simultaneously. The LED of this device shines lavender and gives beeps. It has a headband and it also has a graduated scale. These headphones also have adjustable muffs which have graduated scales. But they may work well to maintain balance. They are opening up and earmuffs as of scale help get any user matching head size. It is expanding the headset which is optional as it appears and they are oversized for most teenagers.

How do Connect Mpow H10 wireless and Play Music from the user’s Phone or Tablet?

Mpow H10 wireless

If we’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that we can wirelessly connect to our phone or tablet. Then Mpow headphone is a great option. And the speaker has a built-in microphone and also has a bass boost to make it perfect. This headset is the best choice for making calls or listening to music.

Additionally, it is the best convenient and these headphones are having a carrying case which makes them easy to take with us wherever we go.

We can easily connect with our H10 Wireless. And we just open the app on our phone or tablet. They may have input the speaker’s Wi-Fi password. Once we connected, the user can play music from his phone or tablet via the speaker’s built-in speakers or we easily use the headphone jack to listen in privately. 

It also supports the AirPlay app so we can stream audio from apps like iTunes or Spotify directly through the speaker as well.

What Songs Can we Hear on the MPow H10 wireless?

It is a Bluetooth speaker that we can easily connect to our devices for streaming music and songs. This device comes with an AUX input, so we can also use it to play audio from other sources like DVDs or gaming systems.

It also has a built-in microphone and it supports voice control as well. So, we can control playback and volume without taking our hands off the wheel. 

The user can also pair the H10 with two additional Bluetooth devices. And this device comes with multi-room listening. It is a great choice if we want to listen to music in different parts of our home at the same time or in the same place.

Moreover, it has a great speaker for streaming music or playing audio from other sources. This device has a sleek design and supports voice control, so any user doesn’t have to take his hands off the wheel.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: Is Mpow H10 a good headset?

Ans: Definitely Yes! It is the perfect headphone with ANC and it has dual connectivity options.

2: What is the range of the Mpow H10 headset?

Ans: It gives a long 33 feet range so we can freely wander around while controlling the headphones.

3: How long does its battery last?

Ans: It has a rechargeable battery by default. And it lasts up to 8 hours after only a single charge.

4: How does a user know if this headphone is connected?

Ans: It has a Blue LED light and it has on the right earphone which means that this headphone is successfully connected.

5: Which mobile models are compatible with the Mpow H10 wireless?

Ans: This headphone is compatible with any mobile. It has Bluetooth 4.0 or above. This device includes iPhone models from the iPhone 5s and up and as well as it is the most perfect fit for all Android smartphones.

6: What is the range of the Mpow?

Ans: It has a range of up to 33 feet which is meaning that we can move around freely. And they still can control any music.

7: How does a user charge the Mpow H10?

Ans: The user can charge the Mpow H10 which are using the included USB charging cable. It has a simple connection with the cable to a USB port on our computer or any other USB power source.

8: Are the Mpow H10 wireless sweatproof?

Ans: Yes, it is designed to be sweatproof and it is perfect for use during any activity. Whether we’re working out at the gym or just going for a run while listening to music.

9: How does a user control the Mpow H10 wireless?

Ans: The Mpow has features with built-in controls. And they are allowing all the users to play, pause, and skip tracks, as well as adjust the volume. The users can also control all their favorite music using their phone’s touchscreen.

10: How does a user know if the Mpow H10 is connected?

Ans: When the Mpow H10 is connected to the user’s phone, then he will see a blue LED light on the right headphone.

The Final Words:

Mpow H10 wireless is the best and superb headphones. They are superb if any user wants active noise cancellation, folding options, and solid build quality. These headphones are the ideal combo for entertainment and business utilization. It is the best gadget that is not recommended to athletes due to its bulkiness as well.

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