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No Smoke Without Fire: Why Cigarette Smoke Odours Are A Sign Of Bigger Problems

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The dangers of smoking tobacco are well known, as are the hazards of secondhand smoke. But a lingering smoke odour in your property can be just as harmful to be exposed to. It must be removed by professionals, or you could be putting yours and others’ health at risk.

A specialist like those at ICE Cleaning offers thorough and effective cigarette smoke odour removal services. Its technicians can use non-toxic, non-abrasive chemicals to eliminate the smell of tobacco and make your home safe. They are available nationwide, 365 days a year. 

Keep reading to find out the dangers of a cigarette smoke odour in your home. 

What is thirdhand smoke?

Thirdhand smoke is made up of all the pollutants released when a cigarette is smoked. Also, It includes noxious gases which can suspended in the air for several hours, small particles which settle onto surfaces, and toxins which form more dangerous compounds. 

It also releases chemical fumes back into the air which are harmful to inhale. Thirdhand smoke can last for months and even years as the particles penetrate deep into porous surfaces; like furniture, and stick to hard surfaces.

This is what makes smokers’ properties smell like cigarettes, even if they have not smoked there for a while. 

Although scientists are still studying the effects of thirdhand smoking exposure, touching contaminated surfaces; inhaling the gases it can release, and ingesting the pollutants is believed to lead to serious health problems. This includes respiratory conditions, lung cancer, and damage to your DNA.

Children are especially vulnerable to thirdhand smoke. They are more likely to ingest particles because they might touch contaminated surfaces and put their hands in their mouths; and as they breathe in more than adults, they will inhale more noxious gases. 

How to get rid of the smoke smell in your house

To eliminate the cigarette smoke odour, you need to remove all the thirdhand smoke gases and particles in your home. Home remedies using products like vinegar and baking soda; or plugging in air fresheners, will just mask the odour for a short time. 

Ventilating the property and wiping down or washing surfaces will not help, either. As thirdhand smok sticks to hard surfaces and settles deep into porous surfaces; it can be very difficult to remove without specialist equipment.

Professional cleaners will have the products and tools to quickly remove all the particles; including from porous surfaces and difficult-to-reach areas. 

ICE Cleaning’s technicians are cigarette smell removal specialists that can also eliminate other unpleasant smells; like fire smoke odour and damp odour. They can use their state-of-the-art equipment to restore your home to a safe, clean environment. 

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