How to gamble like a professional at the casino

Casino gaming has undergone a transformation over the past decade or two. Casinos were once perceived as the domain of millionaires, playboys and, if the movies are to be believed, the occasional British secret agent. Today, with hundreds of online platforms in addition to land-based facilities, casino gaming is a fun and accessible pastime enjoyed by millions in the US and across the globe. 

There are a couple of golden rules about casino gaming that are so well known, even non-gamblers are aware of them. One is to only bet what you can afford to lose and the second is that the house always wins. But if these are axioms of the casino, how do professional gamblers make a living?

The truth is “with great difficulty.” Hollywood might portray a professional gambler as someone who leads a lavish lifestyle but in reality, casino games are stacked in the casino’s favor. Let’s not forget it is a business with overheads and profit targets. Pro gamblers know their art exceptionally well and it is still hard and uncertain work trying to beat the odds. Duly caveated, let’s look at some of the techniques they use to shift those odds and improve their chances of coming out on top. 

Choosing the right casino

There are hundreds of online casinos USA out there, so you can afford to be choosy. Pro gamblers will look at lists like these in two ways. First, any bonus or promotion that shifts the odds in the player’s favor can only be a good thing. However, pros do not blindly sign up for every casino bonus going. If the casino does not have a valid license or there are other doubts about its trustworthiness, it is better left completely alone.

Choosing advantage games

Unless he is burning through some free spins, you will not see a pro gambler playing slots or roulette. In these games, outcomes are entirely down to chance and the house edge is set in stone. Yes, you’ll win some and lose some, but in the long run, the casino will show a profit; that’s a provable mathematical fact. 

Instead, professionals select games and wagers where they can influence the result through skillful play. Blackjack is an obvious example, and poker another. With video poker, it is possible to play the casino on equal terms and negate the house edge entirely; but it means playing a game like deuces wild with a full pay table and maximum bets. It also means making the right call on which cards to hold every single time. One slip and that slender advantage is lost. 

Sports betting and fantasy sport are other forms of betting where it is possible to sustain an advantage; but it takes huge amounts of research, knowledge and experience to outsmart the bookies on a regular basis.

Play for fun

For pro gamblers, winning is nothing to celebrate, it is a necessity to getting paid. There’s no enjoyment in that, just hard work and stress. Regular casino players can certainly try adopting pro tactics to improve their chances. But to keep it fun, never forget those golden rules we mentioned at the outset. 

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