Puerto Rico Car Shipping

Puerto Rico Car Shipping Tips

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Shipping your car to Puerto Rico can be complicated due to hefty import and destination taxes that quickly mount up, potentially costing thousands in fees and fines.

Save money when shipping your vehicle to Puerto Rico by taking advantage of a ride-on/ride-off (RORO) service – it is the most economical means of sending vehicles overseas.


Puerto Rico car shipping rates depend on the type and destination of vehicle being transported. 

When sending your car to Puerto Rico, it is important to remember that prices will depend heavily on where it starts in the continental US and ends in Puerto Rico. Auto transport companies calculate rates based on distance.

Cost of sending your car to Puerto Rico will also depend on its make, model and year as well as destination fees and import and duty tax which can quickly add up. You can click the link: https://www.trade.gov/import-tariffs-fees-overview-and-resources to learn more about import tariffs in Puerto Rico.

Before making a final decision, make sure that several companies provide price quotes with full information regarding fees and an expected timeframe for arrival. Furthermore, inquire as to any prepayment or deposit fees necessary before signing any contract for shipment of your car.

When selecting an auto transport company in Puerto Rico, opt for one offering door-to-door service. This will ensure that your car will be collected directly from your house or office and delivered quickly and without hassles to its final destination. While this type of transport might cost more than terminal-to-terminal transport options, its convenience more than makes up for its additional expense.

RORO transport offers the lowest costs; simply drive your car onto a ship! However, this method should be avoided for high-end or financed or leased cars as this method cannot provide full protection during transportation.

Container shipping may be more costly than RORO transport, but it offers greater protection. Your vehicle will be loaded onto a container along with others for transit – making this ideal for cars in good condition that can stand being dinged up during transport.

Puerto Rico Car Shipping


When transporting a vehicle to Puerto Rico, several requirements must fulfilled in order to ship successfully. 

First, make sure the car is working and in clean condition both inside and out; remove personal belongings; deplete gas tank to less than 1/4 full; possess valid title documents; and have notarized letters from the lien holder(s). You can click the link to learn more about how to replace any missing title documents you may need.

Reputable car shipping companies employ trained professionals who know how to protect and secure your vehicle during transport to avoid damage, using high-quality materials and shipping equipment that reduce theft risk or any other form of harm. You should compare quotes from several shipping companies before selecting one – ensure each quote includes shipping, storage; insurance and taxes before asking each car shipping service for references.

Once your vehicle reaches Puerto Rico, it will need to be registered and any applicable fees paid. One way to save money during this process is by purchasing a temporary insurance policy before leaving home; additionally, disabling alarm systems and leaving spare keys with auto transport companies will prevent unintended driving which would incur extra damages costs.

An experienced auto shipping company should handle every detail for you, offering terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door service with various options available.

If you’re in Puerto Rico looking to purchase a vehicle, beware of high sales taxes. Each import tax varies based on value; be sure to do your research as to what exactly your true costs will be. Many people purchase their vehicles through classifieds sites as this can help them find quality used cars at an affordable price.


Puerto Rico is a United States territory. When you ship car to Puerto Rico, it’s essential that it possesses adequate insurance coverage. This territory requires drivers to obtain “Seguro de Responsabilidad Obligatorio,” compulsory liability coverage that covers damages caused by their vehicle. There are multiple ways of getting this coverage; including purchasing it through your shipping company or on arrival on the island itself.

Shipping cars to Puerto Rico is more complex than sending them elsewhere in the U.S.; but can still be an excellent option for people moving to the island with vehicles they need. 


Shipping your vehicle to Puerto Rico often means space is at a premium. Therefore, many shippers offer storage as an additional service; this may prove particularly helpful during summer or holiday seasons or with high-end cars that feature expensive paint jobs.

First step of car shipping involves selecting a reliable transport company. After finding one that meets your needs, scheduling pick-up and drop-off dates becomes simple; – preferably during off-peak season as shipping rates tend to be more reasonable at that time.

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