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Slayeas aka Lea Martinez is a popular female star on Instagram. And she is also a well-known celebrity. She is available on various social media platforms, especially on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. And Lea is a Young Famous American Instagram Star and TikTok Star.

 And she is also famous on Twitch Star. And she is a gamer, YouTuber, and Lifestyle Blogger. Lea is also popular as a fashion enthusiast, digital content creator, and social media influencer by her profession. Lea was born on January 10, 2003 (Friday), in The United States (USA). And Lea is currently residing with her family in her Birthplace in The United States (USA). And her childhood name is Lea. 

She is commonly known as the famous face of the United States of America. Well, in this article we are going to share all the related details of this beautiful lady. We will discuss all the aspects of her life like her boyfriend, marital status, and siblings. Their parents and her net worth. So, let’s get started here:

Who is Slayeas?

Slayeas aka Lea is a very famous TikTok star and Model. And she belongs to the United States of America. She has inspired millions with her creative and imaginative ideas and quality content on her various social media platforms.

Lea is one of the few TikTok stars who has gained around 2.8 M+ followers in very little time. As we all know, social media has opened various doors for many people to assist them in creating an audience and influencers as well.

And then these type of social media platforms has forgotten to make the most of the people better.

Slayeas is an attention seeker:

And then they have gotten the attention of famous social media stars. Many such influencers are making it big on social media platforms.

And no doubt, one of the big names is Léa Martinez. And she is deemed one of the popular influencers as well. Lea is known for her looks, cute smile, style, and amazing personality as well. Lea is also popular for her eye-catching Instagram pictures and videos. 

Lea has a huge fan following on her every social media platform. We are telling you that, TikTok has one of the world’s super fantastic algorithms when it comes to discovering all talented individuals on a big platform.

And she is one such talented person. Her strategic personality. But she is also famous as a cautious strategy individual.

So, we would get her videos millions of viewers and followers. And then she gets a funny influencer touch on her every video. She is growing with a large number of fans and followers. 

Martinez is to be consistent with her profession. And she is very famous due to her film with multiple videos in a day.

Star Wars-focused videos:

And then she uploaded quality content which is in demand. Lea is among the most trending personalities on TikTok and Twitch platforms. 

We will soon see her in modeling and acting shoots. Lea is primarily famous for her sexy dance moves, list, comedy, and Star Wars-focused videos on her TikTok. And Lea also usually shares her fashionable outfits and modeling photos on her Instagram account.

Slayeas about Wiki:


Her birth name is Lea Martinez. And her nickname is Lea. And her social media name is Slayeas. Her birth date is January 10, 2003. She is only 18 years old cute model. Moreover, her main profession is an Internet model and brand model, and a celebrity in the entire America. Lea is also broadcasting her podcast on the internet with various topics.

However, Lea is famous for her brand modeling pictures and videos. Moreover, her birthplace is the United States of America. And her Current Residence is also in America.

Lea has the best nationality in America. And her ethnicity is also white American. And she has straight sexuality. And her religion is Christian. She has the gender of female. And her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

The early life and childhood memories of Slayeas:

Lea spent her early years in his hometown in the United States of America. So, Lea is an American-based model and fashion blogger as well. Where Lea was raised by her parents and also by her siblings too. 

However, we did not know about their names and professions too. And all about her personal information is not known to the public as well.

Lea is not sharing any information about her private and childhood life with the media and other networks.

But we did not confirm her sibling’s information here. And also any other details. But Lea has two younger brothers or two younger sisters. 

When Lea comes to see leaked pictures and videos, she may post them on her all social media platforms.

Lea holds an American nationality as well, Lea belongs to the White mixed ethnic group and she is a Christian. She has not shared anything about her educational and qualification background and details here. If we get any information about her childhood then we will be sure to upload it here.

Slayeas Height & Weight and body measurements:

Lea is standing at a height of 5 feet 3 inches tall. She weighs around 55 kg and he has 127 lbs. She has dark green eyes and Lea has blonde hair. Her body measurement is not confirmed. Lea has a slim and smart body shape. Lea is a fitness freak in all manners. Lea has often flaunted her flat stomach to all her followers. And then Lea has fixed her heavy-lidded gaze on the camera eye.

Lea is a young, beautiful, and hot model. And Lea has a slender figure. Lea is hugely popular among youth and old age. Lea looks like a doll. She has a slim build body and figure. Lea has beautiful big eyes which look very appealing and long silky hair. Lea has a very attractive personality.

Her Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and TikTok accounts:

Lea recently turned 18 this year. But it is not a valid report. Because it is just an estimation of some media groups and magazine reports here. And that is why it is legal to talk about her complete details here and also discuss her bold modeling photos and videos. Lea is frequently observed posting her semi-fashioned pictures and videos on her various social media accounts.

Lea is also posting her videos and pictures on her Instagram and OnlyFans accounts. She is also using some famous social media platforms like Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Lea also has an Only Fans account where she has gained more than 50+ posts and videos. 

Lea is giving a sneak peek into her complete lifestyle and also her biography on her Twitter account. And Lea is posting all her lifestyle pictures and videos there. Lea has a separate page for her premium users and followers there.

And Lea has also set up a Reddit and YouTube account for all her fans and followers where she is regularly posting her brand fashion shoots and videos with her fans and followers.

Her family information:

Lea is pure a family girl. Lea loves her parents and siblings. But this model is not wanting to share all her family information with the media and other networks. Lea did not share her Parents’ names and also did not share her occupation details here.

Moreover, we did not know her father’s name and also did not know her mother’s name. As we get their names in the future then we will be sure to edit them here. She is also not sharing her sister and brother’s names and also their profession. She loves her younger brother and sister very much. But her one of sister’s name is Adriana. And she is also a fashion model and influencer.

Her education details:

Although Lea has completed her primary Education at her Hometown primary school in the United States of America. Furthermore, Lea has completed her Intermediate degree from a well-known college in the United States of America also.

She attended a Private Institution to complete her Graduation program from a renowned institute.

But Lea did not complete her degree there. Then Lea has done her graduation degree from there. And later, Lea developed her early and teenage life interest in the field of brand modeling, acting, and modeling. And then Lea has become a famous internet sensation under her user name as@officialslayeas.

Slayeas and her Online Contacts:


Lea has so many online social media contacts and accounts. She is using so many Social Media Links like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. She is also available on the Twitch platform. She is also available on the TikTok platform. And she is also using her Instagram account under her user name @slayeas. And she has parted so many famous TV Shows and programs. One of her best and most famous TV web short shows is “slayeas diaries”.

Slayeas and her boyfriend & Relationship Status:

As she is very famous and popular on many social media platforms. And she is also a member of many acting and modeling agencies there. Many of her fans and followers on her various social media accounts, they are wanting to know more about her marital status and also love affairs. And they are always wanting to know about her current and ex-relationships. 

But, there is no secret data about her relationship status or boyfriend information revealed here. As Lea is a very private personality.

Lea is a supermodel and an upcoming professional influencer. And Lea can now only wants to focus on her work and modeling projects. 

Lea doesn’t have any interest in messing up and having involved with any man.

But we also not known any past affairs of her life. Moreover, we also not known her ex’s name or lover’s name. And she has no children.

Her net worth and annual income details:

In addition, Lea is a viral personality over the internet, and Lea is also known as the best digital and adult content creator. And Lea is also an influencer and a celebrity. 

And Lea is also famous as a hot model on various adult websites and TV shows. Lea is also taking part as a model in many brand modeling and funny videos and films. So, we can say that modeling is not his only main profession a living. Lea is earning huge money in various ways. Despite all things, Lea is also doing shoots for big companies and endorsements. And thus, Lea is earning a high amount of money from all of the resources. And her net worth has reached about around $25 thousand every month.

Slayeas and her adult modeling career:

As we all know, Lea is a social media personality who amuses her various fans and followers on different platforms including YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. Lea first started gaining attention on YouTube and TikTok. And then Lea would post her daily life vlogs and reaction videos there.

She then started posting her dance videos on TikTok, which is where she started to grow up. As of now, she has over 50.5k followers on her TikTok and Lea is continuing to grow her fan base there. 

Lea also has a Twitch account where she posts exclusive content for her premium fans and followers.

She also posts so many of her dance covers on her social media pages and accounts. Her most popular cover video is her dance to a famous song, which has crossed over 160k views.

Along with all her social media accounts, Lea has created various high-quality dance videos and amazing lip-sync videos on her social media platforms.

And Lea has gained huge popularity among TikTok fans and followers. Lea is an inspiration to many young Influencers and models. Moreover, Lea has a great influence on social media because of her stylish and talented brand modeling and funny videos on various media platforms.

Slayeas and brand modeling video plus unique videos:

Slayeas is one of the very famous personalities on Onlyfan and Twitter. And she is mostly posted her various videos. She is also famous on Instagram and Facebook. But one of her videos is getting leaked and thus she becomes a leaked and viral popular face of America and a celebrity also. And then that video is getting viral these days on every social media platform as well.

Thousands of followers have commented and reacted to her funny lip-sync videos. Until now Lea has not responded to the viral photos and video. Because Lea is a brand model and actress as well.

Lea has still maintained her figure and body. Internet fans and followers are now curious to know his reaction to that video as well.

Some interesting facts and figures about Slayeas:


There are some interesting facts and figure are following here:

Lea is the best and most famous Twitter streamer and influencer. Lea was born in the United States of America. She is only 18 years old as of 2022.

She holds American nationality and also she follows Christianity. Moreover, she belongs to a mixed ethnicity.

Lea is a very beautiful model and Lea is a famous personality in the United States of America. Everyone knows her and loves her. And Lea has various social media handles. 

Lea has posted flawless pictures and posts on her social media platforms.

Lea loves to eat cake and yummy brownies so much. And Lea is obsessed with uploading her all modeling shoots and funny images under her user name @slayeas and she is also using Onlyfans and a Twitter account.

Her Instagram has crossed over 248K+ followers. Moreover, she has about 2.5M+ fans on her Tiktok Account. And her Tiktok id is @slayeas. And her real name is Léa Martinez. And her Twitch Account has 90K+ followers.

She is a pet lover. And she has a cute and fluffy dog. She loves traveling to different beautiful places and countries. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Slayeas (FAQs)

1: Who is Slayeas?

Ans: Slayeas aka Léa Martinez is a famous and popular model. And she is an internet sensation. Lea belongs to America. So, Lea is also known as an American celebrity. Lea has a smart body and Lea loves to wear sexy outfits by famous brands.

2: What is her date of birth and birth city?

Ans: Her date of birth is January 10, 2003. But her place of birth is the United States of America. And her birth sign is Capricorn.

3: What is the age of Slayeas?

Ans: she is 18 years old.

4: What is the main profession of Slayeas?

Ans: Her main professions are modeling and influencing. But Lea is doing various jobs like acting, dancing, and lip-syncing for her social media platforms.

5: What is her nationality?

Ans: Lea has a white American nationality holder.


The all detail about this famous personality and hot celebrity is taken from different websites. And we do not have any sure personal information about her.

The Final Words:

Slayeas is a very popular face in America. And she is a very sweet and gorgeous model. And she loves to do all time fun with her friends. 

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