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14 Social Media Video Content Makers for Freelancers 

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Every social media platform you know contains video from different users. Some of them are raw videos, while others are edited and well-orchestrated. What happens and what people use is still a significant question for the latter. 

Some apps and web platforms have assisted many in creating videos for various social media platforms. We will shed light on 14 of them that suit freelancers globally. In most of them, you will not need to download anything apart from the video you create. 

So, before uploading that video on Facebook or Instagram, here are some tools to help you create something better. 

Doratoon – The 2022 Social Media Videos Solution 

Doratoon is a web-based platform that has come to help people create videos quickly and easily. The platform has done that by being web-based and having a lot of features that enable you to create a video faster. 

So, you can make videos for social media anywhere with a device connected to the internet. After a quick sign-up, Doratoon shows you what you need to do via the numerous templates available. 

There are categories for the different videos you can make and tutorials on going about everything. If you have created videos before using other software, you’ll realize that this platform is straightforward. 

You only need to drag and drop the text, characters, and animations you need. You can also upload files you need to customize the videos. If you don’t want to begin from scratch, the templates are there to offer you the baseline. 

You can also add background music, define animations and objects’ paths, and export directly to social media groups. Click here to learn more about the kind of social media videos you can create and the platforms to target. 

Adobe Spark 

Adobe Spark is also a qualified social media video creator for those who like web-based tools. You have to subscribe to get all the features to complete the assignment. 

You can create, edit, and import the content. More to that includes accessing the fonts, images, and themes libraries. You can also start by customizing a template if you are short of creative ideas. 

You will need to learn how to use it, but it’s worth the while once you start editing the videos. 


Ripl will allow you to make videos for social media and publish them directly. Once your account is set up, you can access the templates and images library. It generally attracts freelancers and creators since you can share on different social media platforms without downloading. 

It’s possible to customize the video to your liking since there are fonts and colors for you to select. You can also add your media, such as music and recorded audio. Once the video is ready, you can deploy it directly or schedule when to post it. 

You can also analyze how the video is performing after publishing. 


Filmora9 is available for Windows users if you want to download a social media video creator app. It’s simple to use, starting with presenting a user-friendly interface. 

You can import video materials for use, apply the green-screen effects, and perfect the sound before posting it on social media. There are also limitless effects to utilize once you subscribe to one of the plans. 

You only need to pay a one-time fee for the individual plan. After that, you will receive the updates for free. has a free plan to let you try out its features. You can use the drag-and-drop defined interface to get a video done in the shortest time possible. The free version will, however, limit you to creating ten videos. 

To get rid of the restriction, you need the creator or the business plan subscription, which will cost you $20 monthly. It’s a matter of clicks when exporting the video, and you can resize it to suit the targeted social media platform. 


Animoto is also a web-based platform that will help you make social media videos. The interface allows you to click or drag and drop while creating the video. To get started, all you need is to create an account. 

There are templates for you as a guide, and you can customize them to the video you want. The library is also clogged with images, fonts, and other styling options. So, it’s the platform you need to create Facebook ads, Instagram videos, and other clips that suit different social channels. 


Canva is the one-stop platform for everything you need to create before posting it on social media. You can create videos via the templates, images, fonts, and whatever you want to import. 

You can re-design templates and resize the videos before exporting them. More to that includes designing cards, flyers, and other forms of presentations. The rich library that Canva owns is what attracts most people to use it. 


Inshot is a free app to use, but it has in-app purchases. It’s also upgradeable, which is necessary if you want to remove the watermarks on your video before uploading. Once you have the app, you can customize your videos to meet the requirements of different social media channels. 

There are Android and iOS versions of the application. You can use it to create social media videos that don’t require much but still capture the attention you need on your accounts. 


If you have used Canva before, you will realize it’s the same as VistaCreate. The functionality is quite similar and offers users a user-friendly interface. There is a library of templates, images, and animations to help you get started. 

There is also nothing wrong with importing your material. There are more than 2000 animated objects to help you customize the video, and you can also re-size it. Apart from social media, you can also use it to create videos for other web platforms and blogs. 

Adobe Premiere Rush 

Adobe has various tools that can help you make social media videos. The rich features of this version allow you to create videos that fit any social platform, from Facebook to YouTube. It’s pretty comprehensive, but that is expected from Adobe tools. 

You also need some deep pockets if you need the Pro versions with more features and tools. On the other hand, Adobe Rush will compensate you with specifications such as audio mixing and motion graphics. 

You can also add color, background pictures, music, and fonts. You can also size the video to suit your social media channels. 


MotionDen offers you a social media video creator that welcomes you with a free plan. You can customize and edit your videos on the platform, and there are different templates to guide you. 

If you are targeting the social media platforms, you can use them to create explainer videos, video ads, presentations, and other video types. The free plan is limited, so you need a subscription to unlock more. 

You can decide to pay $9 per video, which is quite costly, or $29 per month.


Animaker is one of the best platforms to consider if you want to make animated social media videos. Animaker has animated characters for that and templates that you can edit. You can also add background music or do away with sound. 

More features include animated whiteboard videos and designing GIFs. The drag-and-drop specification makes it easy to deal with the videos and ideas that need execution. It also allows you to export in your favored format. 


Moovly is a social media video creator that allows creating clips online. It has templates that will help you make explainer videos, ads, tutorials, and more. The templates will work for you regardless of the niche you are targeting. 

The customization and editing mainly involve clicks and drag-and-drop. You can also convert text to speech, add custom fonts and colors, and import files. There are also white labeling options and the ability to choose the required format. 


VidLab is our last recommendation on our review, and many use it to create Facebook ads. That may be articulated by Facebook reviewing it as the best option to make ads for the big social platform. 

The app allows video multi-tracking, adding overlays, and multi-clipping. You can also add sound effects, shapes, objects, and music that resonates with the video. Do you like filters on videos? You can do that too using VidLab. 

After making the video, you can use the platform to post directly on Instagram and FB. 


Those are the 14 social media video creator options that freelancers can consider. You can start with Doratoon to see how easy it is to complete your social media clip. Signing up is free, and the subscription plans will not hurt you more than the bad economic times. 

The rest also serve as better alternatives. You now have no reason to post a lousy video on social media. 

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