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How to Choose Between Two Strong Sales Candidates 

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The sales team you build plays a critical role in your business’s growth and success, so hiring the right salespeople is essential. This involves a lengthy process of sifting through applications, interviewing the selected candidates, and screening them to determine the best fit. You may find numerous applicants with the skills and qualifications to add value to your company; but the task gets more challenging when you’re faced with two strong candidates.

Choosing the right candidate between two applications with a strong background can be tricky for many companies. Being strategic when offering a candidate the position is important, as a salesperson can significantly influence your company’s operations. Consider taking the following steps to make an informed decision; and confidently hire the candidate that best suits your company’s needs. 

Look for the Most Relevant Experience

If you’re having difficulty choosing between two strong sales candidates, the chances are both individuals are qualified for the role. This means they likely have the required experience; and skills to successfully fit into the position and add value to your company. But if you’re only hiring one person; looking for the most relevant experience can be helpful to make the decision easier.

When deciding which applicant’s experience is more relevant; consider your company’s background and the industries the candidates have worked in before. Has one of the applicants worked in the same industry before? Does one of them possess more transferable skills than the other? How many years of experience do they have working in a similar industry or role? Asking yourself these key questions can help you determine which candidate might have experience better suited to be a more valuable team member. 

Think About the Future

When hiring, many companies often think about the short-term and focus on finding a candidate to fill a gap and form a specific function based on current needs. But when choosing between two strong candidates, thinking about the future can help you determine which candidate is a better fit. 

There are a few questions you can ask yourself to understand which candidate may be a better fit for your company in the long term. Can you see either candidate taking the initiative to grow your company? Do either of them have leadership potential? Does one of the candidates show more signs of responsibility and the will to grow professionally? 

Determine Who’s More Motivated

Any candidate applying to a job posting is motivated to find a job; but everyone’s motivation for landing a position differs. Some candidates might be applying to a role as a resume gap-filler or to gain experience to prepare for their next role. On the other hand, some applications may have a genuine desire to work with your company. It’s important to compare each candidate’s interest and motivation in landing the role to determine who is more interested in embracing your company in the long term and helping it grow. 

If you’re unsure how to determine which candidate is more motivated; work with a recruitment agency to streamline the decision-making process. The specialized recruitment team at Sales Talent Agency possesses the skills and resources to compare candidates and determine their motives. They can use their extensive knowledge in the industry to better understand each application’s motivation; and match you with a candidate that is more motivated to work with your company for the right reasons. 

Choosing between two strong sales candidates can be challenging; especially if you plan to rely on the person you hire to make significant changes to your company’s overall structure. The good news is you can make an informed decision by closely examining both candidates based on their relevant experience, future goals, and motivation.

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