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Who is Terry Lee Flenory? What Happened to the Black Mafia Family?

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Terry Lee Flenory is one of the two leaders of the Black Mafia Family, who was led to 17 indictments for federal crimes including racketeering, murder, and drug trafficking.


Terence Lee Terry Flenory, known as Terry Flenory, born on January 10, 1970, is an American businessman and Chairman of the Detroit branch of the notorious Black Mafia Family (BMF) drug cartel.

Clarence Terry Lee Flenory, Jr., also known as Supreme, is one of the two leaders of the Black Mafia Family, who was part of a federal investigation that led to 17 indictments for federal crimes including racketeering, murder, and drug trafficking.

From Terry Lee Flenory’s net worth of $5 million to his prison sentence, this Terry Lee Flenory wiki will cover everything you need to know about the man known as Supreme.

Terry Lee Flenory Biography

Terry Lee Flenory is a convicted American drug lord, who operated from New York. He is a member of the Gangster Disciples gang. In 2009 he was arrested with others including his son in Atlanta for the crack cocaine conspiracy.

He pleaded guilty for running a drug-smuggling ring that spanned at least 10 states with sales topping $1 billion in just two years.

His story inspired rapper Rick Ross’s song 3 Kings and he is currently serving a life sentence without parole in federal prison.

Terry worked alongside fellow gangsters Demetrius Big Meech Flenory (his brother) and James Mack J-Rock Smith. The three built a large drug empire along their Georgia lines and were considered kingpins within their organization, which they called The Company.

According to reports, many of their workers used kilos as paperweights or doorstops because it wasn’t good enough quality to sell on its own.

The Company also used pre-paid cell phones as much as possible because they often could not keep regular ones charged long enough to use.

Terry Lee Flenory Information in Brief

Terry is an American of African heritage who founded the Black Mafia Family (BMF). BMF was a drug-trafficking organization that had more than US$10 billion in sales between 1995 and 2008.

It’s believed that Terry lives in a large mansion located outside Atlanta, Georgia called The Mansion.

The property has a private lake complete with an island for sunbathing with beautiful women. On his left hand, he wears The Star of Africa diamond which cost about $4 million.

Terry Lee Flenory Wiki:

Terry Lee Flenory is a man that has been arrested on racketeering charges by Federal Authorities. His primary source of income appears to have been drug trafficking for which he has been convicted for a prior charge although he continued his activities during that time as well.

It’s unknown what involvement he had with anyone related to drug trafficking at any point during his life or how much money he made from it or how many people he killed throughout his life.

Terry Lee Flenory Early Life:

Terry Lee Flenory is an American Entrepreneur, Drug Supplier, and Businessman. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. 

Furthermore, He established cocaine dealing businesses and organizations under the umbrella of the Black Mafia Family (BMF). By the early 90s, BMF became one of the world’s largest cocaine suppliers grossing more than $1 million each day.

Then he made more businesses by making ties with Latin drug cartels resulting in BMF’s expansion across the U.S., Canada, and Caribbean Islands through his brother Demetrius Big Meech Flenory.

However, later after a decade DEA seized BMF assets including real estate holdings in Georgia and South Florida estimated to be worth hundreds of millions.

Moreover, a few days before commencing their sentence Terry skipped prison along with 17 others by paying guards at a federal facility $800000 cash bribe.

Later immediately he moved to Cuba. He allegedly still living there but doesn’t make any movement out of his house because the police will arrest him for sure if he comes out of the house.

When comparing 42 years old Terry Lee Flenory net worth in 2018 with late rapper Tupac Shakur; we see Tupac had 5 times greater net worth than Terry when comparing their average income earning per year.

Terry Lee Flenory Family and Siblings:

Terry Lee Flenory

Check out Terry Lee’s family tree and siblings. If you are thinking of having kids one day or are just curious about who Terry Lee’s siblings are, then check out our detailed bio on Terry Lee Flenory’s siblings. Find out if there are any other celebrity brothers or sisters from famous parents.

We have a large list of celebrities so check back often for new additions to our celebrity brother-sister database. Terry Lee is a married man. It seems that he has an affair with Cathy Hughes who was a famous radio host.

Although they never spoke on record regarding their relationship, they seemed pretty close to each other in public places like events and parties. His girlfriend Cathy holds an American nationality with Caucasian ethnicity.

She belongs to a white ethnicity. There is no information about their past affairs and current marital status now but we will keep you updated as soon as possible regarding her news.

Big Meech Brother of Terry Flenory

Big Meech Flenory is one of two brothers of Terry Southwest T Flenory. He grew up in a strict household with three younger sisters.

Eventually graduating from Druid High School in 1998 as class valedictorian, Big Meech began selling marijuana in high school and continued to expand his reach after graduation. By 2001 he was making more than $10 million per year and had around 100 people working for him.

Terry Lee Flenory Education:

He attended Winfield High School. Upon graduating he joined Hampton University on a basketball scholarship. While attending Hampton he earned his bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management in 1988.

After graduating from Hampton, he went on to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration at Strayer University.

He has three sisters Teresa Jones (Dru), Victoria Robinson (Vicki), and Tashara Tasha McQuirter who play football for the New York Jets of the National Football League.

Terry Lee Flenory Physical Appearance:

Terry Lee is a famous internet entrepreneur with a height of 1.9 meters (6’3). Black Mafia Family was an Atlanta-based drug trafficking organization headed by Demetrius Big Meech Flenory. He is now 41 years old.

Furthermore, His Body Measurements are 40-30-37 Inches, Eye Color Black & Hair Color Brown. In 2006 he would serve time in federal prison after pleading guilty to running a multi-million-dollar drug enterprise. During his three-year term, he amassed a $20 million fortune.

On October 16th, 2015 he plead guilty to leading a major heroin operation stretching throughout 6 southern states including Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana & Florida. His North Carolina operation generated more than 5 million dollars per month.

Terry Lee Flenory Career:

Terry Lee Terrible Terry Flenory is an American criminal who was a drug kingpin in Detroit. The Ear, referencing his practice of cutting off body parts during disputes with associate The Executioner

Due to alleged involvement in at least 12 unsolved homicides; and The First 48, for appearing on season 2 episode 6 of A&E’s The First 48.

Terry Lee Flenory started his criminal career at an early age

Terry Lee Flenory

Terry Lee Flenory (aka Big T, Big Meech) is a street-level drug trafficker best known for being one-half of The Black Mafia Family (BMF). He also goes by Tafari Makonnen Salter. Busted in 2009 alongside his partner Demetrius Big Meech Flannery as part of Operation Blackstone.

At 19, he started dealing drugs in Indiana, and after his arrest. He moved to Illinois where he continued working for drug trafficking organizations. At least three times between 2009 and 2010 for marijuana trafficking; twice more in 2011. 

He pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis with intent to distribute it. He served his sentence in Alabama. Later he started to sell cocaine. He pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge related to drug trafficking on July 29, 2003.

As part of their investigation into his criminal activities, law enforcement recorded more than 4,000 phone calls with both Flenory and his underlings. He had also smuggled cell phones as well as heroin.

After serving 8 years in prison, Terrance lee Flenory got released on March 27, 2007.

Since being released from prison in 2009, Terry lee Flenory has been operating a criminal syndicate that specializes in drug trafficking across America. They have been selling cocaine and marijuana. He uses several ways including interstate transportation to move these drugs across the U.S.

Black Mafia Family TV Series

The network has ordered a 10-episode season of The Last Cartel, which will detail Teflon Don Terry Southwest T Flenory’s drug empire in Detroit. Investigators said that he earned up to $1 billion for decades.

Executive producers include Alex Gibney as well as Charlie Ebersol, Billy Corben, and Geno Silvestri. Shawn Williamson created the project and produces it.

it along with David Kanter, Matt Sharp, and Cem Yeter from Anonymous Content, who also exec produce HBO’s upcoming drama series about feuding record executives set in 1970s New York City.

Chad Oakes from Nomadic Pictures will serve as producer/director alongside Ben Cotner. Barry Levinson produces via his Levinson/Fontana banner with Tom Fontana co-exec producing.

Arturo Interion serves as executive producer for History Channel, with Alex Sepiol also serving as an executive producer.

Terry Lee Felonry’s Prison Sentence & Release Date

Terry Lee Flenory

He has decided that he is going to plead guilty. In exchange for pleading guilty and avoiding a trial, Flenory will face 10 years in prison.

Also, that may not seem like much compared with his life sentence if convicted at trial, but it’s quite a hefty sentence.

On July 7, 2010, Terry was sentenced to 20 years in prison for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

He was released from Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Elkton on May 22, 2017, after completing 10 years of his sentence.

The attorney representing Terry said: He’s going to be doing something of importance; people need inspiration and support and he wants to be a change agent.

His net worth before incarceration is estimated at $15 million which does not include several houses, cars, clothing, and jewelry. His house located in Sandy Springs Georgia cost $1.2 million alone.

When was he arrested and why?

He was arrested On May 7, 2016, in several cities across three states: Alabama, Georgia, and New York. A trial began in 2010. The jury took only 30 minutes to find him guilty of conspiracy and money laundering charges.

However, He is currently serving his sentence at Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Berlin in Berlin, N.H., with a release date of June 9th, 2035.

In 2006 He became one of 23 people indicted on Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) charges. As a part of an ongoing investigation into corruption among Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents working along the Gulf Coast between 1996 and 2005.

In August 2010, he sentenced to 27 years in prison without parole. Two months later, he filed an appeal which made him eligible for bail pending his appeal. He paid a $10 million bail and is being under house arrest in Alabama.

He is serving his sentence at Talladega Federal Correctional Institution in Alabama and his projected release date is August 17th, 2028.

Terry Lee Flenory Net Worth:

He currently has a net worth of $40-50 million USD (approx.).

Facts You Should Know About Terry Lee Flenory

  • While it’s not always easy being an entrepreneur, there are few things worse than being a wanted man.
  • Furthermore, Terry Lee Flenory found out when federal agents apprehended him in 2009 for alleged involvement in a highly organized criminal enterprise.
  • Investigators say he founded one of America’s largest illegal narcotics trafficking organizations known as the Black Mafia Family (BMF).
  • At one point, BMF was moving over 2.5 tons of cocaine every month. With all that cash flowing through his business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Terry Lee Flenory?

Terry Lee Duke Flenory was born on January 10, 1970. He is an American drug dealer and former leader of one of America’s most notorious criminal groups; the Black Mafia Family (BMF).

What year did Terry start selling drugs?

Also, in 1996 he met Demetrius Big Meech Floyd and started working for BMF as a drug trafficker. By 1997 he had become a trusted member of Big Meech’s inner circle and became his right-hand man.

Where does Terry live now?

However, there are also reports stating he has relocated back to Atlanta Georgia.


He was born on born on January 10, 1970, is an American businessman and Chairman of the Detroit branch of the notorious Black Mafia Family (BMF) drug cartel.

Apart from his work as a musician, he also runs several successful businesses such as nightclubs and record labels in Nashville.

Also, he collaborated with popular rappers like Three 6 Mafia and T-Nutty. Their collaboration resulted in Pat’s solo album titled Makin’ Paper in 2000.

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