Activities to Do in Bahrain 

Top 4 Best Activities to Do in Bahrain 

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There is plenty of activities to entertain you in Bahrain – tons of sports and activities, dining, art and culture, and gambling are all available to enjoy!

Enjoy All that Bahrain Has to Offer

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a wealthy island nation located in the Persian Gulf. It’s a country governed by a Muslim ruler with a constitution that follows Shari’ah law as it is give in the Quran. Like many of its neighbors in the Middle East, massive profits in the oil and gas industries have created enormous wealth and the quality of life is very high. So how do Bahraini people spend their time and what sorts of activities are popular in this country?

Who Lives in Bahrain?

As of 2021, there are almost 1.5 million people living in Bahrain with a growing population of expats and non-nationals. It is the fourth most densely populated sovereign state in the world and almost half of the population live in urban cities and areas. The capital of Bahrain is Manama and it is the largest city in this nation, home to approximately 147,000 people.

Almost 75% of the population are Shiite Muslim, 10% are Christian, and the remaining 15% are made up of Jewish, Hindus, Buddhists, non-affiliated, and other. The people living in Bahrain are a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-denominational population and the country is progressive and modern. Bahrain is also a very wealthy country so naturally there are plenty of activites for entertainment.


As in much of the world, football is the most popular sport in this country. Association football is very popular and many people join teams to play in a structured organization. In addition to football, there are other sports to enjoy. The Bahrain International Circuit is a Formula One track in the city of Sakhir that hosted the first ever Formula One Grand Prix in the Middle East. Since then, many racing events continue to be hosted here. 

While there is plenty to do on land, this is an island nation, and there is no shortage of water sports. Sailing, fishing, scuba diving, kite surfing, and more are all available for people to enjoy. You can check out Beach Culture, a natural water sports park, that hosts a multitude of non-motorized water sports. 

Arts and Culture

The country of Bahrain also has a thriving scene for art and culture. During the 1950’s, the modern Bahraini art movement emerged and professional and amateur artists, musicians; and actors came together to create, support, and organize art exhibitions and events throughout the capital. Expressionism and surrealism became popular modalities for these artists, and more recently, abstract expressionism

With time, the interest in art continued to grow and thrive and the Bahrain Arts Society was established; creating opportunities for training and development for artists. Now, the Bahrain National Museum houses a contemporary art exhibition and the government actively promotes and supports Islamic art. There are so many art exhibits, galleries, events, workshops, and more to explore in Bahrain.  


Las Vegas and Macau are renowned for their casinos and people fly from around the world to experience world class gambling rooms. Other cities like Monte Carlo in Monaco are also long established as top notch gambling destinations. Although you won’t find anything remotely close to this in Bahrain, it does not mean Bahrainis don’t love to gamble. In fact, they do! 

While it is illegal to gamble in Bahrain; many people are turning to online casinos instead of jetting across the world. With the thousands of options available on the internet like presented on the page, the popularity of gaming, and more specifically online gambling, has continued to rise. There are even some casino operators out there who cater exclusively to Arabic players. Soon, there may even be an Online Casino Bahrain. 


In any nation, the food is one of the best ways to get to know the culture and its people. It tells the story without words and purely by the sensation of flavors, aromas, and textures. Dining is a complete experience beyond just the taste of the food. There is the ambience of the restaurant and service that create a whole package experience unlike anything else. 

Bahrain is a country chock full of world class dining options and the people love to dine out. The choices are not limited to just local Bahraini cooking, but there are many types of cuisines and flavors available. There are incredible Italian and Japanese restaurants, seafood and steakhouses, and a plethora of fine dining options to try.   

Soak Up the Sun in this Island Paradise

Doesn’t Bahrain sound exciting? This island nation is a tourist hotspot for good reason – the Bahraini people know how to live! With access to beautiful beaches, fine dining, arts and culture; and plenty of other options for entertainment, there is so much to do here. The strong infrastructure and organization of the cities, as well as the government’s focus on developing areas like art give the people of this nation a quality of life that is unprecedented. 

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