Time to celebrate! Kindred Group celebrates 25 years of Unibet!

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25 years is a significant milestone in any form of life, however it could be argued to be an even greater achievement for a business that operates in a highly competitive industry and is showing that it can continue to thrive despite the competition and challenges that are continually being faced.

Indeed, the Kindred Group is celebrating this milestone in regard to its Unibet brand; with the betting operator having been able to reach a quarter of a century old this year. As a result, the organization has already outlined that this year will be a big celebration; too, as there are a number of different things that need to be reflected positively over.

For instance, the Group has acknowledged that it would not be possible without their staff or the players that continue to use their service, as they continue to strive to provide the best player experiences that they can.

In doing so, this has seen Unibet look to develop a number of different features and functions that can be utilized; with many of them being highlighted as facets that have helped the brand to be able to achieve 25 years within the betting industry. 

And, it does not appear as though the company is about to slow down any time soon; either, as the Kindred Group clearly has big plans for its flagship betting brand.

Kindred’s growing presence in the USA

With the landscape in the USA toward sports betting and iGaming continuing to change and turning more favorable to companies that operate within this industry, a number of new opportunities have since arisen for the Kindred Group.

This is something that they have since recognized and have immediately acted on; and could be a reason why they can continue to remain extremely successful well beyond the 25 years that they have already existed.

Indeed, they have started to proliferate the American market in various states where they have been able to obtain licenses. An example of this is Unibet’s online casino & sportsbook in Pennsylvania service; where the company has been able to provide punters in PA with a variety of different classic casino games as well as complementing it with an extensive sportsbook that players can also use in one place.

The Kindred Group’s presence in the US is unlikely to end there, though, as they continue to enter other states. And, with more and more states deciding to implement positive regulations regarding the activity; it would not be a surprise if the brand looked to establish itself elsewhere in the future, too.

However, how has the Unibet brand managed to get to where it is now and reach its 25th birthday? Let’s take a look at some of these below…

Unibet pioneered the Cash out feature

Back in 2003, Unibet was the first company to launch the Cash out feature; a feature that has since taken betting to new levels ever since it was launched; as it gave players more control regarding their bets. This is because they can decide whether to cash out early or let it simply run until the end.

Unibet exploit the Mobile Betting market in 2004

With the advent of new mobile devices including smartphones, the brand acted quickly and found an opportunity to continue to shake up the industry as they introduced mobile betting to their players. Players were able to use these gadgets in order to enjoy the pastime in an effective way; as they were able to start playing games and placing bets wherever they could connect to the internet.

Unibet’s Action Betting releases in 2014

Ensuring they continue to offer the best customer experiences, Unibet came up with Action betting in 2014. This allows players to be able to get quick resolutions from the bets placed on a variety of different prop markets. Suffice it to say, this has changed the way many bet forever.

Bet Stream launched in 2020

Adding to the overall customer experience in 2020, Unibet launched the Bet stream feature which allowed players to place in-play bets while still being able to benefit from an overlay of the live stream being watched. This meant bettors no longer had to leave the action to place the bet; thus changing the way in-play betting is done.

Unibet remains committed to safe betting

In 2021, the company launched its Bet Proud campaign, which is a long-term strategy designed to promote safe and responsible gambling, while also ensuring it remains entertaining. This means players can stay safe when placing bets, therefore providing a better way of enjoying this pastime.

Could the future be just as bright?

As highlighted already, there are plenty of reasons why Unibet could go well beyond its 25th birthday; with the Kindred Group already having a number of plans that they could look to follow and implement.

Nonetheless, for now, happy 25th birthday Unibet!

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