Web Development Trends For 2022 

It almost seems like by 2022 we’ve seen it all in terms of web development trends and technologies. But believe it or not, the web development industry still comes up with something new & exciting almost every single year. So, the custom web development services stay busy exploring new innovations. 

Yes, the custom web app development services have a blast with all the new web tech solutions. Therefore, the main goals of digital marketers, companies, and start-ups are to keep a close eye on the new web development trends. 

In this blog post, we’ve analyzed and listed 5 coolest web development trends for 2022 for you to know what boosts engagement, help to achieve new heights, and win over users on the global market. 

#1. PWA – Progressive Web Applications – Move Web Development Forward in 2022. 

PWAs bring online surfing close to native mobile apps with offline access and push notifications. These features definitely make online browsing much more comfortable for online users. Why is it so hot in 2022? The reason is the rising popularity of mobile devices. Indeed, this popularity only keeps growing, expecting users to hit about 4 hours and a half (compared to 2 hrs 55 min) of active gadget usage per day by 2023. 

What are the advantages of PWAs? Here are the top ones: cost efficient, secure, flexible, really easy to maintain. Plus, it is very SEO friendly! No wonder why such monster online marketplaces like Alibaba and Twitter use the PWA approach – conversions boosted up to 76% and the bounce rate lowered to about 20%. Awesome! 

Looking into building a PWA? Make sure you’re good at the following technologies: React, Lit, Angular. Again, if your goal is to convert a website into a PWA, reach out to the reputable custom web development company and let them do the job fast and easy! 

#2. Voice Search Optimization Technology Rocks Web Development in 2022.

Voice search optimization is a hot tech trend in web development. Because of this technology, users with an active lifestyle have very handy digital assistants right at 

their fingertips and on the go. These pocket assistants are so good for keeping track and reminding about dates for scheduled events, appointments, and so on. In fact, this technology has been heavily incorporated into business strategies and SEO of most companies out there. According to Juniper Research, over 50% of households utilize equipment with voice assistants built into them. People have been definitely appreciating this web technology in 2022 for providing easy navigation and speech recognition that makes it fast and easy to get an answer right away.

#3. AI-Powered Chatbots Provide Effective Customer Service in 2022.

Today, clients can have very effective real-time online assistance pretty much 24/7, thanks to AI chatbots and the latest web technologies. What do AI chatbots do? Actually, nearly everything in terms of providing customer service: answer questions, take orders, resolve issues, etc. The obvious benefits AI chatbots provide just hard to deny. So, the chatbot global market is expected to hit over $110 billion by the end of the next year according to Juniper Research stats. If you’re looking forward to integrating an AI-powered chatbot into your website, there are many web frameworks to choose from like Wit.ai, Dialogflow, Microsoft Bot, etc. 

#4. Motion UI makes it easy to draw in new users in 2022. 

This web development trend makes any site look much more engaging and alluring to users with the impressive animation and CSS transitions. Motion UI is also famous for being incredibly adaptable to any JS framework and excellent for any scenario as well. By 2022, we’ve got a whole bunch of new capabilities when it comes down to motion design. And moving UI makes the machine-human interactions so much easier for users now. Users can navigate around apps, social media, AR/VR with no hassle and no headaches. 

#5. Serverless Architecture Helps Developers Create/Support Software in 2022.

One of the newest web development trends is serverless architecture. This technology makes it possible to create and support software without worrying about underlying infrastructure by utilizing composed apps’ codes as separate functions. Each of these functions do its specific job assigned to it performing a specific action until the function is being deployed to a Cloud provider account along with its triggers. 

After this function is obtained by the cloud provider, the provider either runs it on the current server or spins up a new one in order to make this function work properly. At the same time, devs work on building/deploying app’s code apart from this web technology. Good deal. If you want to try this technology out, make sure to have the right toolkit for that with some tools that will help to make a transition to serveless smoother. For example, try Amazon Serverless App Model (or SAM) or go for Datadog Serverless Monitoring.


So many new things are happening in web development right now! But as the expectations of users are evolving, it becomes challenging sometimes to engage and retain customers. That’s why it is important to keep an eye on the latest web development trends and stay on top of them. If you follow the latest web development trends and hire a full-services software development company, you can develop an app that is attractive, engaging, and captivates users.

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