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The Latest SEO Marketing Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2022

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Are you exhausted from putting a ton of time and effort into your SEO strategy when your website is still lost in Google search results? If you’re stuck in this situation, you may be putting your attention on the wrong marketing efforts.

SEO marketing trends are always changing, so it’s crucial that you stay on top of the latest techniques to please Google. We’re going to break down the best strategies for your 2022 SEO campaign in this guide so that you can finally get the results you want.

1. Your Digital Content Must Be Mobile-Friendly

Most website visits today come from mobile devices. As the digital world continues to get more mobile, that number will only go up. Since website visits are coming from mobile devices, it also means that people are using mobile search engines to find what they need. 

We can’t state this enough: your website pages and email campaigned must be mobile-friendly. If they aren’t easy to read on a mobile device, you will lose a ton of eyes on your content.

Plus, for the last few years, Google has been ranking websites that are mobile-friendly higher than those that are not, so it can even boost your desktop SEO campaign.

2. Focus On Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness

The Acronym E.A.T is popular in the SEO marketing world, and it will only become more important in 2022. It stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Essentially, your content needs to be credible.

Consumers are bombarded with articles and blogs that don’t give them the answers they’re looking for, which sends them back to the search bar. No matter what your niche is, you want to step in as the expert they need.

Don’t be afraid to write longer articles that are in-depth and offer a ton of value. Google will reward your efforts by ranking you higher than blogs that are all fluff.

For industry-specific SEO info, reach out to marketing experts for advice. 

3. Add More Optimized Video Content

YouTube is owned by Google, which is why web pages with embedded YouTube videos rank highly on Google searches. Your landing pages should always have a YouTube video on them, and the videos should also be optimized for search.

To optimize your videos, conduct keyword research just like you do for your web pages. For your landing page videos, they should use the same keywords as the web page itself. The keyword should spoken in the video it needs to be in the video’s title and description. 

Out of all the types of SEO content to focus on in 2022, YouTube video content may have the biggest impact if you do it correctly. 

Final Thoughts

SEO marketing trends are constantly changing, so it’s crucial that you keep up with where the marketing industry is going. The most important thing to focus on is the user experience.

When your visitors are happy, they will return to your site, which will improve your search rankings. Focus on providing high-quality, well-formatted content that answers user questions.

For more SEO resources, check out our other blogs. 

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