Where to Buy Bitcoin in Istanbul Easily

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Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in Turkey that overlaps Europe and Asia. It has a rich culture influenced by many empires. The evolution in the city has led to the acceptance of crypto investment, attracting both physical and online cryptocurrency exchanges. Today, there are many crypto investors participating in the buying and selling of Bitcoin in Istanbul as well as many other cryptocurrencies. 

Whether you are just getting started with crypto or have been trading for some time, you might want to know where to buy Bitcoin easily in Istanbul. This article is for you. 

Use Physical Exchanges

The evolution of Turkey’s crypto market has brought physical crypto exchanges into popularity. As you walk around Istanbul, you will come across many physical exchanges with signs offering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

  • Physical crypto offices – One of the best crypto options is a crypto office such as Nakitcoins. It is open to crypto enthusiasts who want to buy or sell Bitcoin in Istanbul. It provides exchange services through the help of trained staff who will immediately take you through the transaction. 
  • Bitcoin ATMs – A BTC ATM is an automated machine located in an open place for any crypto investor to use. There are many BTC ATMs in Istanbul, and you can easily locate them through the help of an online map. So, check well to identify one that is near you. 

Use Online Exchanges

You can easily buy Bitcoin in Istanbul through online platforms. These are accessible via phone or computer depending on what you prefer. Some common examples include the following:

  • Binance – Although Binance is an international online crypto exchange, it has a strong presence in Turkey. So, you can easily buy Bitcoin in Istanbul using the Binance web platform or app from the convenience of your home or wherever you are. It comes with a plethora of tools to help you make informed decisions and trade easily. 
  • OKX – This crypto platform is very friendly and allows users to trade many crypto coins apart from buying and selling Bitcoin in Istanbul. It is also accessible via a web platform or mobile phone app. 
  • Kraken – Another leading platform to buy and sell Bitcoin in Istanbul is Kraken. It has millions of active users with a good number coming from Istanbul. It charges fairly and has a secure environment to trade without risks. 

Use Peer-to-Peer Platforms

P2P crypto platforms are viable options for both beginners and experienced traders. They have no central entity, like all other exchanges, making them very affordable. All transactions are done and approved using the blockchain concept. As such, you get to choose who to trade Bitcoin in Istanbul with, whether it’s by meeting physically or doing an exchange online. The city has many P2P crypto exchanges, which you can find online or through recommendations. 


Buying and selling Bitcoin in Istanbul is very easy now that you know the best options. However, there are many other options that you can utilize if you research well or consult. With this, you are ready to take advantage of crypto growth in Turkey and reap amazing benefits, just like many other investors.

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