Why Influencers are Great for your Startup Business 

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A one-size-fits-all approach to influencer marketing, such as the one that is successful for household companies, is not going to be effective for your firm, not to mention your finances. Does that imply that you have to shelve these aspirations until you reach a higher level of competition? The short answer is no! In this post, we’ll discuss how a successful campaign for your small company can be effortlessly managed with the assistance of nano influencers.

How Do Micro Influencers Work?

Content producers with 1,000 to 10,000 social media followers are known as nano influencers (NIs, for short).

Peersway, an influencer agency in NYC, states that follower count is the sweet spot for engagement and that quality always takes precedence over quantity.

Although an NI might not have the greatest number of followers, they frequently have deeper relationships with the ones they have.

The Benefits of NIs for Your Campaign

This is the ideal influencer marketing approach for companies like yours. This is why:

Rates of Participation

Nano content providers have high engagement rates. This is because they are a lot more approachable and relatable. A comment or direct message on their post will not go missed, which encourages people to participate in the campaign.

When compared to content authors with large followings. Most people don’t understand the sense of attempting because responses are frequently buried or disregarded. They simply keep scrolling.


Unlike celebrity endorsements, which are blatantly motivated by money, an NI is an internet buddy who offers advice to their followers. Not only are NIs ecstatic to have the job, but they also don’t bombard their followers with advertisements. These campaigns look more authentic as a result.


Return on Investment is the name of the game. One macro influencer costs 15 times as much as one NI! This lower upfront cost is more appealing to your Startup’s limited resources. It also gives a significant ROI, especially when considering their greater engagement rates.

Finding the Best Nano Influencer

It’s a good idea to collaborate with more modest content producers. There is only one issue. How do you identify the greatest candidates for your campaign and locate good people who reflect the market your Startup serves?

An influencer marketing firm can be useful if you’re having trouble establishing connections with content producers.

By working with an influencer marketing company, you’ll tap into their current network of artists without lifting a finger. Thousands of NIs were reviewed by an organization before being included on its platform.

Moreover, campaign management is a benefit of these services. Your campaign manager handles everything from starting your campaign and finding NIs to monitoring your success and paying creators.

As a company, you might not have the time or money to hire content creators that have millions of followers. Don’t let it deter you, though, from utilizing influencer marketing. With the aid of nano content producers, you may start an outstanding campaign.

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