Wpit18 Live Dashboard 2022: Is It Safe and Legal To Register?

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Wpit18 is an online platform for cock fighting. And most people in the Philippines and other related countries, watch and play cockfighting games eagerly. In the wpit18 platform, there are two teams along with their roosters or cocks and they fight with each other. And we can say that two roosters fight held and they fight with each other and many people bet on their favorite cocks as well. And winning cock users will be awarded heavily.

If any of us is an active gamer and we want to play and watch online roosters fight, then we must be aware of these all types of Online Sabong Wpit18 Platform and also online Sabong Websites.

This is known as a cockfighting game where many people from all over the world watch and participate in cockfighting or rooster fighting games. It is also a tough game. And this game is involving with birds. This game is mostly played in the Philippines and Samoa.

In this article, we are going to share all the related details of this amazing and annoying rooster fight game here. So lets’ get started.

What is Wpit18?

Wpit18 is a live gaming website. And it is also known as such type of website in which some people put a bet on innocent birds. this is an online game. And it is available on the Sabong Platform easily. Where all the live shows of rooster fights are held regularly.

Moreover, many players put bets on their favorite rooster just like in horse racing. This is an e-sabong live gaming website. And it is a medium through which we can enjoy and compete in cockfights that are happening in the Philippines. We can put a wager on any cockfight or rooster, and if the cock on which we have put our money wins, then we are rewarded accordingly. And it is amazing 

These types of tournaments are mainly organized offline in the Philippines. But some of the famous groups are also arranged these types of events online.

So, they telecast these fights for their live users on this website. Many People put their bets online by creating an account on this website and they can enjoy watching the roosters fight as well. 

The Sabong and Wpit18 game industry:

The Sabong game industry is one of the fastest and also rapidly growing sports industries. And it is wagering industries in the world as well. And many sites online are available to provide all of their users with services so that we can compete on our favorite rooster or cock fight. 

Money bet websites:

There are available websites such as WPC2025, MBC2030, and WPIT18 which are allowing all their users to put their money into cockfighting or rooster fights.

Wpit stands for?

Wpit stands for world pitmaster competition. And it is a tournament in which participants use roosters or any other birds for fighting.

What is WPC and how its work?


World Pitmasters Cup or WPC is a very popular online term in the Philippines region. This online Wpit18 game is a competition where users from different areas or countries join these online fighting or competitions. 

Any user, who are wanting to join this tournament, must be aware of some these type of terms such as; 

All the players must follow all the rules and guidelines of WPC. 

They must submit the standards of this website. 

They must be aware that the competition or fight is broadcasted live on the official website too. 

Any player who is wanting to participate in this online game, then they must be familiar with all the competitions which are viral in the Philippines too.

 And hence, this fight gets featured on the internet. 

The referee’s decision is the final or last note for all the users. Moreover, the referee tries their best to get the best results in this rooster fight.

What is the method of dashboard login and its registration process?

We may think the process should be the same as any other website. But where we have to put credentials and our account is created. But the answer is No, here the account creation process is very different and difficult too.

We have to contact these Wpit18 website officials by clicking on the contact us button on these websites. Then we will be are provided with some unique options to connect like Whatsapp, Viber, and any other social media platforms, etc. 

Then we must connect through these social apps and we will be provided with the credentials of our account. Now we just go to this website and log in there.

What is the registration process?

The users should follow all of the procedures to register on this website’s dashboard.

The user should first, use whatever search engine to discover this website live. But there are also some restrictions like if access is limited or the user is using any VPN. And then we must click on the first link that appears.

For those users who are new to this website, we must establish an account by choosing the “join” or “sign up” icon there.

Next, the user should add a unique identifier and this will be visible to the user and passcode for our profile as well. And then hit enter button.

In this following box, this Wpit18 website will request individual details such as our name, gender, nationality, residence, and any other contact information as well. And it becomes a linkage to any of our profiles on social networks for secure authentication or security.

What is the Wpit18 login method?

When we have completed everything above the requirement, then this platform will ask us to integrate our financial institution or charge card, or this website is also demanding to link any bank card, etc. Or something we’ll use to spend and withdraw money from wagering there.

Questionnaire form of Wpit18:

In due course, we will be required to fill out a 15-minute questionnaire form to certify that we are not a bot, and we will be expected to wait a couple of minutes after completing the questionnaire form on this website.

Afterward, we receive a message requesting us to confirm the information, we successfully registered our identity on this website’s dashboard.

What is the process to access Wpit18 dashboard?

First, if we have submitted that information and our registration form and it has been authenticated, then we are set to go over there. 

First, the portal or website of Wpit18 will take us on a walkthrough of this website event and teach us how or when to place a challenge or a fight.

This website also allowed or followed the practice session. And the service highlights some big bouts slated for that same day. And this invites us to play on them. 

Rooster characteristics:

This webpage is also displaying the rooster characteristics and success percentage to assist us in determining which cockerel to wager on. Moreover, the quantity and the total number of users and participants who have wagered on the fight. 

Match predictions and dashboard simulcasting:

There is some type of predictions that can be submitted at any moment on this webpage and also leading up to the game. But the payments will not be taken after the battle or fight begins. And, once the match starts, the website’s dashboard will simulcast the whole match or fight with community chatting enabled, permitting us to communicate with other participants from all over the globe as well. After the duel fight, we may withdraw all our winnings from our local bank finally.

What do you know about Wpit18 live gaming features?


This website’s live dashboard enables all its users to enjoy live roosters fighting with each other without going to the Philippines. Also, they can enjoy it from their local device as well.

And the concept is quite new for all the fighters. So, the attraction potential and level of this website are quite high.

We can also earn loads of money through this Wpit18 website’s dashboard. We can also earn money like any betting app like bet365.com or Dream 11 by putting our bets, the same thing goes here.


However, when we are giving a complete picture of Sabong and Wpit18 then we can also give the best advantages of this fight here:

It is illegal to make roosters or cocks fight in many countries. But, here in the Philippines this website or platform makes it possible. And this Wpit18 platform provides individuals to watch and participate in it, without facing any issues or problems.

This platform is a good source of earning income. If any of us is an expert in the rooster’s fight game then we can earn lots of money simply by putting a bet on our favorite cocks as well.

This Wpit18 website’s dashboard has easy to access and it is a very simple website to understand its game features and characteristics.

This website transfers all our winning amounts to our bank account in a fast time without making any delay. We can earn a handsome amount of money very in no time easily.

In the Philippines, many people love this game. And they are also using this Wpit18 website dashboard for earning a good source of income.


As we already told you, this website or platform is a rooster’s fight-based online game. And this game may involve animal or bird cruelty.

So, this game has been banned in many countries. And many people also do not like these kinds of games. And a good number of the population might be against these types of games and the ways are conducted.

Many organizations are working for the safety of animals or against animal cruelty. And these organizations can file a lawsuit against these websites and people. And they take strict actions against them as well.

In this online fight or game, there are much more chances of getting hurt and dead from the cocks or birds.

This Wpit18 website may involve gambling also. And it is believed that it may become terrible and it will be any form, and here many users put a high bet on roosters fighting. So, its impact is much higher in this game.

We can say that gambling habit is not good for all cock fighters. And sometimes many users put money on the wrong cocks again and again. And then they lose the fight that is making their life depressive or worried. 

Is this Wpit18 live legal or not?

This website is a live game. And it directly involves animal cruelty as well. It is unacceptable in many countries. Some NGOs and animal rights communities raise cases and their voice against this rooster fight game.

The Concept of this game is to earn money shortly. When anyone cocks will be injured or dead, that is against humanity also.

Also, every user who is related to this cock fight or game form. And it is risking themselves as if any action might be taken in the future as well. Then all will get some kind of punishment for these fights. 

How we can contact the support team of Wpit18?

If any user is facing any problem at the time of signing in, then he can contact the support team through the “Contact Us” link from the same sign-in page on this website. 

There is no email given on this website. So, we have to get them or contact them through the given Whatsapp (09451491761) and Viber numbers (09638900729) as well.

How are WPCs conducted in the Philippines?


There is a specific set of rules and regulations followed for the smooth conduction of this event or tournament.

All the participants, agents, users, players, etc., must follow all these rules at all times.

They must register their self with the management. And if they wish to be a part of this tournament or event.

This event or fight attracts a handsome amount for audience whenever it takes place too.

The matches or fights are broadcast live to the audience or users which may involve many prior preparations too.

All the viewers and users of this website and their registration closely watch the rooster fights in this tournament.

How can we register online for a rooster fight on Wpit18?  

There is an opening for an agent or user on this website for which we can apply online as well. 

All the users may believe that this position has something to do with rooster fighting or gambling fight.

This vacancy is spreading through all social media platforms.

The advertisement of these fights claims that all the users can make money around 5K-15K easily.

And they may also claim to hand out weekly payments and they are also available 24×7 for any service.

They are looking for gold agents at 1% commission and they are also looking for silvers agents and players.

According to this website registration, all the users can pay through either bank transfer or online payment also.

Why must WPCs be banned?

The WPCs tournament is all about roosters or cock fighting. And it is not a good kind. Roosters or cock fight against each other where they get cut, bleed, and even die due to heavy fighting in the game.

We can say that it is a cruel act, and also inhuman activity. And most countries have banned such tournaments. But the Philippines is one such kind of country where people are still looking forward to the event. And they may even participate enthusiastically.

Every user cannot watch this dangerous game or fight. As because, many birds are injured badly. And they may feel like crying for them. Many NGOs and organizations are fighting against such these types of tournaments.

Moreover, they are taking action to ban it worldwide. But as humans, we should also try hard and avoid promoting or watching such these types of cock fights.

Wpit18 online reviews:

We are presenting some online reviews of this online platform, this platform is specially designed for cockfight lovers. And they can take part in any live cock fight easily. So, they can easily earn money through this website also. While many users cannot watch these types of fights as they may have lesser heart.  

This website has gotten different and mixed reviews. And they may claim that this website has a huge of money. And this is providing plenty of opportunities for players and users as well.

This website or platform also mentions bird or cock fights events and tournaments. And they may promote animal cruelty too much. While this website is not technically illegal or banned in the Philippines.

It may violate the guidelines of many users and nations and they may show no mercy for animals or birds.

Many animals and birds in these contests are harmed and injured badly. And they take participants must complete an online registration form to be eligible to participate in online tournaments. 

Several NGOs and organizations may have also condemned this event, and they may cite the exploitation of animals and birds in the process.

Some people or users may enjoy spending time and money with animals and birds. And they are also participating in sporting events and tournaments etc.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Wpit18 (FAQs)

1: What is a Sabong live-streaming website?

Ans: Sabong live streaming website is an online platform where various people from all over the world gather and they may compete in cockfighting tournaments.

2: What is Wpit18?

Ans: Wpit18 is an e-sabong website. And this is an online platform for watching matches of cock and rooster fights. Moreover, this website telecasts live transmissions of cock fights. And this platform is a medium through which all the users can bet on cockfights. And these types of rooster fights are happening in the Philippines.

3: In which countries Wpit18 rooster fight game is the most popular?

Ans: This is the popular online Sabong game. And it is most played in countries like the Philippines and Samoa.

4: What are the different versions of the Sabong game that we can play online?

Ans: There are many types of versions of this online game. And they are available on the Sabong platform as well. We can play our favorite rooster, Games such as WPC2027, MBC2030, and WPIT18. And this platform allows us to put our money into cockfighting.

5: What is the next procedure that happens after registration on this platform online?

Ans: After completing registration, then this portal will take us on a walkthrough of this website or event and we may how or when to put bets.

The Final Words:

Wpit18 or WPC2029 is a LIVE transmission platform for roster fights in the Philippines. On this website, many users can register in the cock fights as well as they can add their information on this website. 

If any of us are a fan of rooster fights, then we may want to check out the details and also read out all the reviews about it.

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