3 Cities in Alabama Great for Starting a Family

Looking to raise your family in the great state of Alabama, but don’t know where to start looking? It can be tough picking out the right place to call home, especially when it won’t just be your home. Luckily, Alabama has plenty of great places to settle down and raise your family. Whether you’re looking for a place out of the way or right in the hustle and bustle; a small inexpensive house or a big place to splurge on; a place with good schools, low crime, or spacious parks; Alabama has plenty of options for you. Here are the three most idyllic places to find yourself living in Alabama when looking to settle down.


Meadowbrook is a relatively small spot in Alabama, but it’s one that you don’t want to miss when looking for your future home. With a population of less than 10,000, neighbors in Meadowbrook are remarkably close. The economy is also growing, meaning you’re likely to find well-paying work in a variety of diversifying fields. The colder months are very pleasant in Meadowbrook, and you’re very likely to enjoy the summer months as well. There are a variety of activities suited for families in Meadowbrook as well. While the cost is on the higher end, with real estate prices about 10% higher than the state average, the homes are numerous and spacious. Meadowbrook is a wonderful little spot to call home.


On the more well-known end, Hoover, Alabama is a much larger city than Meadowbrook, with a population of around 90,000. If you’re looking for a busier and more economically booming city in Alabama, Hoover has what you’re looking for. Schools in Hoover are some of the best in the state, with residents partaking in frequent school board meetings and with the city itself offering a great selection of schools to choose from. Hoover also offers plenty of green spaces to its residents, from typical parks to nature reserves and forests. The amenities and services more than earn Hoover’s cost of living, so make sure to give it a look on your mission to find your family’s dream home.


Birmingham, Alabama is the most affordable city on this list, and it’s also the largest. Cost of living and housing prices are about half of Hoover’s despite the two cities having very similar population sizes. The city’s space is well-utilized, as well, with shopping centers, family restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in every corner of Birmingham. Kelly Ingram Park on 5th Avenue is a particular highlight, with an overwhelmingly positive reception among residents. There are plenty of enrichment opportunities for families across the city, so you’ll never be without engagement. There are plenty of options in Birmingham’s residential district, from old-generation homes to brand-new ones just built. Housing prices are remarkably affordable right now in Birmingham, so check out Birmingham homes for sale today and find the perfect place for your family.

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