What is Apnetv? Watch & Download Bollywood Movies & Hindi Serials 2023

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Apnetv is the best and most famous Indian shows and serials application of 2023. We can watch online all Hindi Serials, TV shows, and all types of serials Watch Online. 

We can also watch and enjoy Hollywood and Bollywood movies and series as well. Also, We can check out all types of shows and serials’ names and direct links there. In this article we are going to share all types of movie information, rather it is Hindi or Hollywood. And we can also watch various types of movies there. So, let’s start this article here:

What is Apnetv?

Apne tv APK is a famous torrent and entertainment website. And this website is providing all Indian TV series, daily soap, and much more for free of cost. This application is also providing short documentaries as well as biographies of famous people. We can watch it online and download it from it. This app has contained a large variety of Hindi serials and movies. it is also known as one of the best-pirated websites for watching all types of popular series and movies.

It is also known as the home of Hindi serials. This website is known for offering different types of TV series and drama serials. It is providing all types of video in HD quality in various formats.

It is also providing some international serials and dramas. Also, It is all unlike movie torrent websites. And there is a huge fan base for such kinds of websites. It has been noticed for all shows-based torrent sites like these websites.

Apnetv and its Hindi serials 2023:

It is a new and bold spectrum of this year and this website has available to watch all types of TV Shows and TV serials online as well offline. This website is telecasting all the latest trends and fashion sense. Most people are looking for Indian Hindi TV serials and movies whether they are online or offline. Moreover, all shows are online on this website. 

There are many portals and applications available in the market. In India, there are many TV channels and TV shows available to watch online. Most Indians have lived in the USA, Canada, and Australia. They are all living in other many countries. We are looking for so many Indian TV Serials and movies as well as online and offline. 

Now it is the best and most favorite platform that has provided all types of shows and channels which we have looked at online on the internet. They are carrying a wide variety of spices and entertainment.

Some more information:

As we all know, it is the trendiest website on the internet. In India and other countries, it is spreading throughout the world.

This website is so popular because they have a wide range of entertainment and best-quality movie providers. So, this website carries an android app version. And they were suited for all smartphones. This app has got the best streaming broadcasting of all movies and videos.

Jio servers:

We can get a smooth experience from this amazing website. Moreover, after Jio servers arrived, then this website has become more famous and familiar. This website users will increase all their broadcasting because of Jio servers. And this website has provided the best Internet and service in various regions of the world.

There are so many android applications available on Market or Google. And this app is also available in the App world. There are thousands of applications that are available to provide that kind of entertainment and movies. 

If we have to look for reality TV shows, serials, and many other web series. Then we have come to the right place to download or watch all series online. This TV is also available on the Google Play store or apple store. This application can be suitable for all users in India or all over the world.

So, we can say that it is a free application but we have to need to go to Google Play Store or Apple Store. We just click on the application and we should download this application. After we have watched all the desire all content and material have available over there.

Famous categories & genres available online:


This website is also available in various categories and genres. All these websites are easily available over the internet. All these movies are available on various media like Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and other Kannada language movies. There are also available in many reality TV shows, daily TV serials or shows, dramas and 


Apnetv and its Hindi serials:

There are so many links available on this website and there are so many Latest Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu Movies Online. There are so many alternatives to this website available like Coolmoviez, A2movies, RDXHD Movies, Isaimini Movies, and Moviezwap.

Tamil & Telugu Dubbed Movies:


On other hand, this website will be provided all types of movies that are available in the markets. We have found all the Hollywood & Bollywood Movies. Others like Tamil Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada are also available in many categories. We also download Hindi & English Dubbed Movies and serials from there. This application & portal provided all types so of Tamil & Telugu Dubbed Movies too.

We get all the video quality like DVDrip, Bluray, HD quality, and many others. So most visitors will be privileged to this portal app and website.

How Apnetv website works online?

Now, we have just provided all information related to this amazing app and website. It is a free downloading platform where we can all watch and download movies. This application is operated by so many people who have to work with it. It is not disclosed by this Group. This application has free to download on the internet and we get a subscription monthly as well. Here we can get the full list of given links to this portal.

Links of Apnetv:

There are so many links given here:

apne tv.xp / apne tv.gh / apne tv.in / apne tv.me / apne tv.cc / apne tv.fu / apne tv.pro / apne tv.it / apne tv.vip / apne tv.fm

Latest shows or serials listed on Apnetv: 

Here is a long list of the most popular show in India. We have got access after downloading this application. And some of the lists are:

Bigg Boss

Kapil Sharma Show



Indian Idol

Tarek Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Bhabhiji Ghar Pat Hai

How to download Apnetv to watch Hindi Serials?

We have just tried to solve all problems related to this application or portal. Also, We have provided some important steps to download this application or visit this website online. We must read and follow all the steps we have mentioned below.

First, we should go to Google Store and then search Apnetv App. And then we should click on the available link and download it.

After downloading this website, then this app installs and opens on his screen. We should submit the required details on it and subscribe to it. Now we can get all content and material which are available in this app. We can search for this app on Google search & then click on the available link. After a few seconds, the link opens on our screen. Now we have to select the content and material which we have watched.

Apnetv Questions & Queries section:

Now we have to know all details & information of this application and we have provided. At this time searching for TV Serial, Reality TV Shows on Google or App is not a big task. We have just put the name on it and checked the content we find. Then we have any questions & Queries related to this TV which must be written in the comment section there.

Key features of Apnetv APK:


There are so many prominent features of apnetv APK and they are as follows:

There are various latest and exclusive Bollywood movies and also available latest TV shows with quick updates. And this application is allowing the latest and exclusive Bollywood videos as well. And there are so many latest Bollywood film trailers available for free. This website is also allowing more than 50 channels. Moreover, it is also allowing the latest and Exclusive Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Pakistani films.

This Hindi serial and website have various notable features like the following here:

It is offering a fast download of the video. It is allowing all users to watch videos online in different video quality and formats. There are so many Hindi serials. This website has a huge collection of all Indian TV series and other movies stuff. Although, this website is equipped with a lot of advertisements and pop-up notifications. We can get the video download in different video quality and video formats over there.

Apart from this, various other specialties delight all types of users. And like it has fixed the issue of bugs for smooth streaming. It is preventing all types of videos from lagging by providing superfast servers. Moreover, it has a straightforward interface for easy accessibility to all types of entertainment. It is small in size, but it does not need much space in any android device.

How to install Apnetv on any Android device?

We can download this App file from the download link anywhere on this page or simply click over there. And the second step is to tick mark the option of all unknown sources from the settings of our phone. We have some simply go to settings then we should go to security options and then tick mark the option of unknown sources from this app. This is the point that is needed to attain permission so that the app can easily run on all our devices.

Now, we should simply install the APK file from the folder where all downloaded files go. Then we should open the Apne APK once it is installed, and then log into the user account or create a new one and further enjoy the amazing and enhanced features of this APK app.

How to download videos and movies from Apnetv?

We can watch the shows online and download the shows from this application easily. And also, we can download movies from Apne TV. Com Download. Firstly make sure that we get on the official website for a video download. Once we download any show, we can watch it later even offline anytime.

We should go to the official website. And then we should Search for the video. We go through the list of all videos. And there we can select the video.

Now, we should choose the video quality and format. And we click on the download button. Moreover, we can wait till the download process completes.

Leaked and popular TV shows and movies on Apnetv:

There is a long list of the most wanted and popular list of all TV shows and movies on this application.

Radhe, Your Most Wannted Bhai, Next 2021 Writer,

Dola 202, Oxygen, Axeman at Cutters Creek

Hello Charlie, Reel 2021, Flight, Monster Hunter, The Big Bull, Koi Jaane Na, Shukla The Tiger, NRI Haadsa, 13 Mussoorie,

Aspirants, Chor Machaaye Shor, Pagglait

Saina, D Company, Mumbai Saga, Vitthal Teedi (Gujarati), Ramyug MX Player, and Last One Hour

Why did we choose Apnetv?

Well, there are so many choices and options available over the internet. And this is also an interesting question that is appealing in our minds. This is the best place to get all Indian and international TV shows, TV series, and many web series free of cost. And there is no subscription or registration process required.

This app has a huge collection of entertaining stuff and also allows us to watch online and download unlimited videos and movies as well. Apart from this, we can also get movies on this site and application. There are some pop-up advertisements on this site that may infect our android device if we click on them. Moreover, this website has two sections Apnetv Hindi TV serials download, and Hindi entertainment shows.

All of these are not available on the other torrent sites or applications. Most of the torrents and applications are only movie-oriented and so the collection of this website is unique. It has a high number of active users and subscribers. It is offering a help section where we can put down our query regarding any show or movie if we don’t get it enough.

Legal Alternatives of Apnetv:


As this app is illegal. This site may be many cons or issues associated with it. We are recommending to all the users that they should go for legal alternatives to enjoy smooth streaming without the interruption of any annoying ads or notifications. 

The Legal sites just need to be subscribed for all those users who have to pay some amount. But it is the safest and most legal way of streaming. There are no available legal alternatives that ask us for a fee but a few of them do. Here are some legal sites for our reference:


Amazon Prime

MX Player

Sony Liv


Is Apnetv safe or not?

No, it is not safe at any cost. As this application has pirated content and videos. Which is illegal to access and may also harm our devices with viruses and malware. Moreover, the illegal nature of this website is due to unauthorized content or material. This website is providing all the copyrighted content and material which is owned by any other person.

Why Apnetv is Illegal?

This app has some Proxy Sites. And it is offering pirated content that violates all the user’s copyright act and many other such laws and so, it is illegal in many countries and as well as in India too. Different countries have different punishments and rules for abiding by this offense.

What are the steps government takes to stop privacy?

The Indian government is taking very strict action against piracy and pirated content. The government is shutting down torrent sites like unblocking home Hindi serial. As well as, they are leaking the new video at the earliest. There are various torrents and websites which are banned in many countries. Different countries have different punishments for this offense or illegal act. We can go to jail for accessing torrent sites and other illegal sites, and also the government imposes a hefty amount for this illegal act.

Most Frequently Asked Questions of Apnetv (FAQs)

1: What is the Apnetv APK?

Ans: It is a mobile application and it comes with a lot of amazing features. It is giving free entertainment and content. And this website has mainly dealt with Indian TV series, dramas, serials, and various kinds of documentaries.

2: Is it safe to use the Apnetv APK?

Ans: Yes, this app is completely safe and secure to use. We can use this application on our mobile and android devices. This app has got more than 1 million-plus users worldwide.

Conclusion regarding Apne TV APK?

If you are someone who has got a lot of interest in Indian films, TV series, dramas, serials, and various kinds of documentaries then you must have to try out this amazing app popularly known as the APne TV app. The app also comes up with a lot of Pakistani, Telugu, and Tamil movies for all the non-Hindi-speaking audiences of India.


As internet surfers, we all have to follow the rule of our government. We should follow all the rules and privacy policies. As we all know, Piracy is completely illegal by any government. We should completely oppose piracy and we will never encourage any downloading pirated content which is online or Offline.

The Final Words:

Apnetv is the best but pirated torrent for all Hindi movies and Drama serials. This application has got 10 Million users across the world.

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