Turkish123 App Alternatives & Features – Is it Safe and Free?

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If you are a true lover of all Turkish series and Turkish dramas then you should watch out for all your favorite dramas and movies on the Turkish123 app and you must admire them. This is such type of amazing application in which you can watch and download your favorite movies and series in your language or dubbed languages.

Introduction of Turkish123:

In this article, you are going to learn all the essential information and also know all details of this app. This is truly a fantastic application of all Turkish series and dramas and movies. All the famous and most popular dramas and serials are also popular in entire South Asia and South America and other Western countries. But we are telling you one important thing is that the natives of this region did not aware of the Turkish language. For watching these serials and movies, this application is providing the facility of subtitles and dubbed languages. But their principal language of communication is only Turkish.

Some comedy Turkish serials:

Those people who are interesting in Turkish comedy and funny shows like viewing Turkish television episodes and seasons then they have a good opportunity of watching all shows and they have all available with English subtitles. There are a lot of people in Turkey who can enjoy their favorite television programs and they are also continuously looking for a new website or app for watching out programs and they will watch their favorite shows with English subtitles.

Famous Turkish series and drama serials:

The most famous and popular drama series and serials are mentioned here:

Sen cal, Hercai, Zalim Istanbul, Meryem english subtitles, Siyah beyaz, Yeni Hayat, Cam Tavanler, d and Fatima Gul etc.

What is the Turkish123 drama series app?


This is the most popular and well-known app and this app has aimed solely at all these users who are keenly interested in watching their favorite and most wanted Turkish television series and movies.

However, we can say that this is a superb kind of app or software that is including the ability to view all desired language subtitles in English. If anyone of us wants to watch the most recent episodes of their Turkish television shows and movies then we must need to download this app which is commonly known as Turkish123.

The user did not have to pay anything or any fee to watch any movie or show for watching or downloading more than 150 different shows or series which are easily available in its huge collection. 

There are some popular Turkish television programs such as the most trending and most-watched series. We can now watch all of his favorite television shows or dramas from the convenience of his own home with only a click.

In addition to all of these dramas and series, this app supplies all users with all good subtitles and dubs.

So, every user can enjoy his viewing experience the most favorite shows and series, and movies. There are many types of shows which have subtitles written in Arabic, and English which can watch.

Features of Turkish123:

There are some prominent features and characteristics of this application here:

This app has offered a friendly user interface and it is super straight and also very easy to understand. It is such a kind of app that is very lightweight and very easy to use on many android devices.

This is an online streaming app and it has speed is significantly faster than the average of all good apps or software.

This is offering a video and it has offered in both high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) on average quality versions.

There is a wide variety of options and menus of different categories available. This app can be used with little effort.

Methods of downloading the Turkish123 app:

The whole procedure of downloading this application are following here:

The app has to get installed with the help of any third-party app store. At this time, the user needs to search for an authentic link to download this Drama App.

The first step of downloading the procedure is the injection button. And the user is pressing the injection button and it has the first step in administering the injection.

After the above step, the user will have finished the process of injecting the medicine.

And the user can simply be tapping on the icon of download and he will allow the application to be downloaded and run there.

Before the installation process can start, the user will need to make some remarkable changes to the settings on his devices.

For android users of Turkish123:

The user can take a look at the settings of this app and he can make his device available for it. The user can also navigate to the menu which is labeled as “Security.”

After that, the user can select the option to download the required programs from his destination sources and it cannot be determined.

Turkish app 123 and users of Apple products:

The users of Apple products and iPhone lovers can also enjoy their favorite dramas and movies on their Apple devices and they can easily navigate to the settings menu on their phone, and then they can look for the General tab on their devices. The user can easily Tap the icon which has labeled “Trust the app” to finish downloading the file on his device.

How a user can use this Turkish123 App?


When any user is wanting to download this awesome application and he is also wanting to use this application on his device then the user can have the options and it can easily be installed on his mobile device, either he can install it on a phone or a tablet, etc. The user can make sure that he has a profile set up for himself in the required app. After that, the user can begin watching and downloading his favorite drama series or movies through an application.

Is Turkish123 safe to use?

The user of this application or software and Fans of Turkish television series including me; all have been able to use this platform and it is both trustworthy and safe for them to watch all shows online for free; and they can discuss their all precious thoughts and ideas with each other. The users can have their source code; and there is not a single example of a virus or other malicious programs to affect its ability. 

There is no possibility of having such a dangerous virus and location that could have persisted for an amount of time. As a direct result of this app, all the users are in a good position to assure the direct position without any reservation of this trustworthy app or site.

Is this Turkish123 Illegal or illegal?

As we all know, these types of apps and websites which have all types of content for their users and viewers are not safe and are illegal. And they are not operated by legal ways and rules. And these have all pirated and copied content without their owner’s permission. The owners of shows and movies may have faced many financial difficulties due to these websites.

Although, using this type of app is technically risky or we can say illegal; and these are all against the law. This pirated website has no kind of threat or security issues but their pop-up ads and other commercials may have carried some kind of threats and viruses.

 This app does not contain any viruses or malicious programs and this is providing to get access to all pirated content that can be easily watched on any computer or mobile device without the need for any additional software or application.

The user or viewer can be putting himself in danger by exposing himself to copying the content; and it has been illegally uploaded or downloaded anyway.

The users or consumers may have alerted the original authors of their favorite drama episodes or movies. 

What do you know about Turkish123 alternatives?


The users are free to make use of any of the many other options and menus which are available rather than this Turkish app or website over the internet. And this has been brought to his attention that the website and this is illegally obtained by their real and original content as well.

Moreover, this is not recommended that a user or consumer can use it.

As an alternative to this app or website; the user may want to think and know about the characteristics of various websites. Here is a list of more places where a user will be able to watch his all favorite shows online with English subtitles for free and this is also used without having to register this application or website.

1: Serial4.net:

It is such a type of website that have functions similar to this good application. And it is also offering different movies and television episodes as for translated into English. The user can also watch his favorite episodes. And users can download or watch their favorite shows or series in just a few minutes; and there is no need to register or download anything to pay.

2: Turksub24.com:

The users can also get advantages of this app turksub24.com to watch their favorite television shows with English subtitles; and also in dubbed languages and they can be attached to them. This is simple to use, and also provides all the users and consumers with the most recent episodes of their preferring television series and movies.


This is also a fantastic alternative app to Turkish123 and through this application, The user may watch all of his favorite Turkish films and Dramas online for free at this Turk-flix.com.

And it is providing excellent services to this website. It is also providing a large quantity of various content of a very high standard and dimensions. And this is also providing the facility of a wide range of different genres to meet the amusement and also requirements.


The users may watch all of their favorite shows online at asklaftananlamazinhindi.com. And they can also enjoy online streaming there. This is also an illegal and pirated website for watching different Turkish dramas and movies also. This website is also known as user-friendly; and it can also be updated with the most recent episodes of every Turkish show and series. And it is currently airing 24/7 in a day.


The users and viewers may watch all of their favorite television shows and movies online at turkishdrama.com. This website is also offering and providing the facility for subtitles and dubbed programs and movie shows there. And this is also providing the facility of English. The users will never have trouble finding something fresh and entertaining to watch in their spare time. Because this site has offered a wide variety of programs of different genres and kinds.

Most Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: What is Turkish123?

Ans: It is a true and amazing application for watching or downloading all Turkish series and dramas and movies. All the famous and most popular Turkish dramas and serials are present there and viewers of entire South Asia; and South America and other Western countries can also amuse its telecast easily and for free.

2: What are their favorite Turkish serials and series?

Ans: Sen cal, Hercai, Zalim Istanbul, Meryem ,Siyah beyaz, Yeni Hayat, Cam Tavanler, d and Fatima Gul etc.

3: what are the 3 best qualities of Turkish123?

Ans: Free of cost

Easily downloaded movies and shows

Friendly user interface.

4: Is this easily downloaded on apple products?

Ans: The users and viewers of apple products can easily watch live streaming and also downloaded on their Apple devices.

5: Is this app legal or illegal?

Ans: This is pirated and illegal app.

6: Is it safe to use or download our favorite movies or series?

Ans: This application is easy to save or easily downloaded all the movies and series there.

The Final Words:

Turkish123 is the best kind of pirated and illegal application for watching various kinds of Turkish movies and drama serials. And this is also a user-friendly app and easy to navigate all its options and menus there. All kind of users can enjoy their favorite shows and series from its dubbed and subtitle options.

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