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Dab me up meme – viral meme 2021 – meaning explained

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What does the dab me up meme mean? This is such a kind of emoji that has a yellow color and also a golden tooth. Let’s find out in this article today.


The ‘Dab Me, Up’ meme is taking and talking over Twitter right now, and this meme is going viral these days on many social media platforms. But the question is that, where did this meme come from? And what does it mean? Let’s find out in this article today.

There are many and different memes surrounding our society and in our communities, which we can see on our social media all the time.

The famous and weird memes are Distracted Boyfriend, Doge, and Drake’s Hotline Bling is all pretty well known to everyone. Oh, and how can we forget to mention the Woman Yelling at Cat.

As we all know, Memes are a massive part of internet life, but sometimes new ones emerge, which can be challenging to understand in this society.

One thing is becoming so confusing meme blowing up on Twitter’s social media platform, which is later known as the ‘Dab Me Up.’

What does the dab me up meme mean?

The ‘Dab Me Up’ meme means, and this represents a photo of a yellow smiling emoji with a gold tooth. Alongside this yellow emoji with a gold tooth and the face is a yellow and hand which looks like it’s about to ‘dab.’

A ‘dab’ meaning is a hand gesture that became popular amongst youths and every generation in the year 2015 that also involves pointing one arm up towards the sky and while dropping your head into your other arm. Thus, this meme is becoming viral and trendy these days. And many of us mostly used yellow emoji in our many social media posts with our friends and family.

DAB ME UP’ meaning explained:

This is a famous and popular phrase, ‘dab me up,’ which is very trendy on the internet. And this phrase has come from the slang term which is known as ‘dap me up.

And this is a new and trendy way of greeting someone somewhere.

If anyone says ‘dap me up,’ then this is means that they are asking you to ‘dap’ them.

A ‘dap’ is a friendly way and manner of greeting someone. And usually, when we are meeting someone by handshaking, it means that pound hugging, fist-bumping, or chest-bumping with anyone.

However, the phrase or term has recently been changed into ‘dab me up’ to describing the position of ‘dabbing’ as a way of saying hello to someone.

The ‘DAB ME UP’ meme is going viral on the internet:

As we all know that this meme has the meaning of dabbing me up. And this is viral and trendy in the market or viral on the internet. Do we know that what a ‘dabbing’ meme is? And what we understand is what ‘dap me up’ means nowadays. But where did this meme has come from on the internet?

It is unknown who is creating this kind of meme, but this image is commonly used by many people who are always online and interacting with each other via the internet.

 However, it is first starting to go viral in January 2021. And when someone on the internet is using a social media app like YouTube, it is called DoubleJTheG. Also, this type of meme is posted on a video on YouTube and spamming an Instagram page and group. And this meme has been chatting with the meme until he got kicked out from the group or page.

However, it is taken over the internet, and it continues to go viral online and viral on social media platforms.

Dab Me Up emoji meme:

Dab Me Up is such a kind of meme and a sticker. This kind of meme looks like yellow emoji, and this emoji has a golden tooth, and this emoji is smiling at anyone. This emoji also has a hand on air. Which is means dab me up. And this looks like an emoji that we all have used on messenger social media platforms. But we can say that this type of emoji is different from other emojis, but it looks like a sticker. And this is actually in a bigger size of emoji. However, it is somehow different from other emojis and stickers on social media platforms. This is a photo of a yellow smiley, an emoji having a gold tooth and a hand right on-air, and above all other things, this is all about dab someone upon the internet.

Dab me up on the Goggle search engine:

Dab me up is also trending on the Google search engine, and this is also getting viral on the internet, and this emoji has become a sensational viral on the internet. Many people are searching on Google in just a few seconds. We can also be searching this kind of meme on google. You can easily find this kind of emoji and smiley with lots of memes based on the social media platform.  

As we all know, this yellow emoji has its meaning, and the exact meaning of this meme is Dab, right. It means that, If they gently touching and pat on our shoulder. 

As a matter of this fact, if someone says on any social media platform, they ask you to dab them gently. Although it is a way of saying hello to them and the rest of the world or well, this is a good deal done.

How to Get Dab Me up Emoji on Twitter, social media platform?

However, it is not that kind of matter that is challenging to get Dab Me up Emoji on the Twitter social media platform.

You can search this emoji and smiley on every social media platform.

Origin of Dap Me Up meme:

The ‘dab me up’ emoji has been started doing rounds on the internet and every social media platform in February this year in 2021. This was first used in Twitter social media platform, and this emoji has a lot of meaning and has some publicity. And this is all done by the famous social media platform, which has the name YouTube.

This meme has based on many kinds of videos. And in the video that is uploading on the social media platform. Then everyone can see bombing conversations on an Instagram platform that uses this dab me up emoji on every platform. After that video, it was taken by other people as well. Now it has spread all over the internet and also on every social media platform.

Spreading of meme:

The spreading of this meme is everywhere on social media platforms. This is related to all kinds of stuff on the internet. This meme is a thing to go viral these days. This must be relevant and unique in all its way. Meme has all manner and stuffing that. This is spreading all over the internet soon with this meme. When I write this article on this meme and this post, this meme has been a part of many viral trends on different social networking sites and social media platforms.

Dab Me Up emoji:

This emoji has a yellow color and a golden tooth, and also a hand on air.


This type of emoji and smiley has many parts of a series and many types of Emoji viral on the internet.

Emoji view related entries:


This emoji or smiley is on trending everywhere on social media.

Submission of this yellow emoji:

This submission of yellow emoji is currently being researched and also evaluated on the internet.

This can help everyone and confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation in every social media platform.

Origin of this emoji:

The origin of this emoji is Mafia City, and this is a famous (Game).

Year of releasing yellow emoji:

This yellow emoji has a golden tooth and a right hand on the air, and this emoji or smiley was released in 2019.

Type of this emoji and smiley:

This type of emoji means exploitable, reaction, catchphrase, and has many kinds of Emoticons.

What do you know about it?

Dab Me Up is an emoji, or it has the name of Dap Me Up. And this kind of emoji refers to an image that has a yellow color. This kind of emoji and smiley can be customized, which is drawn to other emojis and smileys with a golden tooth and having a smiling face. And this kind of emoji also having a right arm. And this emoji is also holding up one hand on air. As this fact, if he is about to dab someone up electrically, then it is accompanied by text reading, which is “dab me up.” 

Popular reaction on the internet:

This kind of image which it quickly became a popular reaction on the internet. And this is on the image on Twitter and social media platforms, and the resulted factor is based on several amazing videos and photoshops. And this emoji is also including multiple variants which are related to different kinds of emojis. This has become very notable everywhere on the internet. 

And this emoji is one about to dab up the original content, and another featuring this emoji is that two dabbing memes are each other up. 

The smiley or emoji originates from the famous mobile game that has the perfect name of Mafia City.

Origin of the meme:

Mafia City is a mobile game and famous on the internet, and this is a kind of “Stronger than you” emote on the internet.

This is such a kind of meme that has the name “Dab Me up Emoji.” And this emoji originates as emote from the mobile game Mafia City. And this emoji was drawing by their art team. And this is known as the “Stronger than you” emote or emoji. This kind of emoji is using to taunt other players or people via in-game chat. This is all done. A wiki page was created for emoting on the Mafia City wiki in January 2019.

Dab Me Up:

This emoji is starting to be shared and circulated the discord as a reaction on the internet. On January 25th, 2021, this meme has been sharing on Twitter. All the users but one of the most famous you tuber which has the name of @DoubleJTheG.

 This emoji has been posted a grainy image for promoting on the social media platform. And this kind of emote becomes with an added hand on the internet. And this is holding it up as this is all about to dap someone. This is all about to unknown who is first adding to the hand.

The popularity of this meme:

On the same day on the internet, the famous YouTuber which has the account name is DoubleJTheG. And he is also the owner of the Twitter account was post a video on the social media platform. This post is generally posting in everywhere and also covering over 91,000 views in just three months. 

Urban dictionary saying:

According to Urban Dictionary, “dab me up” means “a sweet handshake, grab up and then pull out with a sliding snap.”

Spreading of this viral meme:

This is a viral post, and this is spreading on January 29th, 2021, and this post is going viral on Twitter. This meme also has another meaning of a mirrored version, and this has the pure image with text reading, “I gotcha fam.” And this is all about dab the emoji back on the internet.

This post is gaining popularity with over 3,400 likes and 100 retweets in just three months.

The final words:

Dab me up is a funny meme, and this meme is going viral all over the internet. This is such a kind of emoji that has a yellow color and also a golden tooth. This emoji also has a right arm. This yellow emoji has many types of its version, and this is all around famous in every social media platform and apps.

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