VXX Trading: An Overview

What is VXX Trading? According to tasty trade, “The VXX is an Exchange Traded Note (ETN) that tracks the VIX short-term futures. There’s an excellent strategy for forex traders that want to diversify their portfolios and don’t have enough time to do in-depth research on individual stocks. We will cover how it works, what factors […]

Vendor Management System – A Complete Guide

Vendor Management System enables minimizing potential vendor risks, assuring outstanding service delivery, and obtaining long-term value from suppliers. Sourcing and controlling the correct balance of workers can be difficult and hectic. When it refers to hiring a dynamic, globally distributed staff, there are financial, regulatory, safety, and price concerns to address. Organizations that self-manage their […]

Basics of Algorand Protocol: How Does It Work?

Algorand Protocol best features are Swift Transactions, Byzantine Fault Tolerance, No Fees, Evenly Distributed Coins, Smart Contract Capabilities and Programmability. Around 17% of Australia’s population own some form of crypto. Algorand is a new cryptocurrency project that utilizes the fundamental concepts of blockchain technology but innovates on different aspects.  You may hear a lot about […]