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Who is Estephania ha? Bio, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Facts & Onlyfans

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Estephania ha is a stunning, young model and social media influencer. And she belongs to Franconia, Germany. Estephania was born on 1st May 1995 in Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany (Franconia). Estephania is well renowned for her magnificent, lovely, and lifestyle photographs and videos on her various platforms. She is sharing all her photos and videos on her Instagram account as well. We can easily connect with her on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media.

In this article, we are going and discuss all the related details of her magnificent personality. And we are also trying to share this German model’s exclusive personal information here. So, let’s start this article here.

Who is Estephania ha?

She is an extraordinary and talented model. And she is an Instagram sensation. And she is also known as a social media influencer with roots in Bamberg, Franconia, Germany. Estephania is most renowned for her perfect beauty and charisma which is appealing to build.

She is a stunning German woman. And she is well known for her posting sultry and seductive photos on her social media accounts.

Estephania is also famous for her Instagram account. And her Instagram account under her username is as@estephania3ha. She is only 22 years old. And she has begun her modeling career.

Estephania ha and her ethnicity:

She is known as a German model and she is famous for her all social media platforms. And she is the best influencer overall. Estephania is also known as an adult model. And as we all know, she is now 22 years old. Estephania began her modeling career at a very young age.

She worked as a doctor’s assistant before making her way into the modeling industry. Also, She enjoys enormous popularity on the photo-sharing platform Instagram. She is popular for her flawlessly gorgeous modeling photos.

Her Instagram account:

On her Instagram account, she has more than 4.3 million followers as of January 2022. Additionally, she recently joined her new Instagram account. And Estephania may come as a surprise for all her followers. On August 24, 2020, she has published her first Instagram post as well. In less than two months, she has attracted more than two million followers’ attention.

Estephania ha and her diet & workout routine:

She is a slim and cute model and actress. But we did not know about her workout information. She is a doctor’s assistant. And in addition to being a popular model and influencer, she has crossed over a million Instagram followers there.

Meanwhile, an Apzo Blog page is devoted to revealing her all information which is related to age, height, wiki, biography, boyfriend, net worth, and other details. She is a popular figure on social media.

She takes excellent care of her physical fitness. And at the end, Estephania practices daily exercises, yoga, and regular workouts.

However, as we all know, she is a diet planner. And she is crucial for a healthy and fit body. 

When she can make it to the gym then Estephania works out at her home. She regularly visits the gym. One of the things that most fans and followers are must care about this amazing personality. And she is in the most perfect physical condition.

Estephania ha and her interesting Wiki/ Fandom:

 Estephania ha

Estephania was born in Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany on May 1, 1995. (Franconia). She is her real name. And she has no nickname. But she is of German descent. And her zodiac sign is Taurus. And she practices Christianity. 

She has a perfect height which is 157 cm (5 feet 2 inches) tall. And she weighs about 55 kg (121 lbs). She is a 36-inch bra size and has a 24-inch waist and 36-inch hips. Moreover, her body measurements are 36-24-36 inches. And her eyes’ color is blue and her hairs are very beautiful and long.

Estephania ha and her childhood life:

She is a very beautiful girl in her childhood. And her family welcomed her into the world in May 1995. But we did not know her actual date of birth. She belongs to Bamberg. And she is also famous for her attractive bikini. 

Estephania ha is claimed to have grown up in Franconia as well. She finished her education at a local high school in Bamberg, Bavaria. After that, Estephania decided to finish her graduate degree at a private university. She has completed her graduation in Social and health management. And she was her area of study.

Her Height, Weight, and measurements:

She has flawless skin and also has lustrous hair. She has a trim waist and an exquisite body. And she has a stunning appearance for all her followers. She is also an expert in her health and exercise advice. She is one of the most stunning and health-conscious. And she is well-known as a social media star.

Estephania ha weighs about 55 kg (121 lbs). She is a 36-inch bra size and has a 24-inch waist and 36-inch hips. Moreover, her body measurements are 36-24-36 inches.

She has a lovely physique and Blue eyes. And she has Light Brown hair. Estephania is a fitness enthusiast who is maintaining her fitness with daily exercise. Moreover, she has a balanced diet. 

Her family/parent information:

 Estephania ha

Meanwhile, we won’t be astonished if we say that we did not have any access to her family history and other related information. She appears to be hesitant to provide any information about her parents and relatives over the internet. She is also known as a social media celebrity. 

But we must discover after doing a good deal of study that she is the only child of her loveable parents. She has the only child of her parents. And her parents are very loveable. But she did not share their name and also professions. She even did not share their photos on her social media accounts. She has only members of her family are her parents. However, we are telling you that she is an avid of animals. And she has a pet cat. 

Estephania ha and her net worth and income details:

Her net worth is expected to be more than $800,000. Estephania makes money via modeling and also selling paid ads. And she is also a big model on OnlyFans subscriptions. And she is also working as a medical assistant.

Estephania has boyfriend and husband information:

Now we are talking about her relationship and boyfriend. She is very pretty and many boys are wanting to have her. But she is not involved with anyone. And she is a single girl. Moreover, she keeps her love life and personal life private. 

We did a lot of research about her love and relationship, but we did not find any specific and original information. We did not know much about her boyfriend and husband’s detail but as soon as we get any information, we will update here. She is a single girl. And she has no child. Moreover, she has no husband or is married. She has single status.

Estephania ha and her German culture:

In 2015, she studied in Germany and became thoroughly conversant with German culture. This is the best knowledge about her. And she put it to use in some good times. 

When she subsequently made her Instagram and TikTok account about her German décor, then this is proving and helped her a great deal for her. Estephania is also fluent in both Spanish and German. She has an IQ of 162.

Estephania ha and her OnlyFans account:

Estephania is one of the most original and fantastic models. And she is the most followed personality on the OnlyFans account. And as Estephania is growing her account there. She has huge followers on this platform. Also, She is using this platform for showcasing her talent and dancing videos.

She has one of the best and perfect creators on OnlyFans. Estephania has a profile of 670k likes and followers. And she is using this account under the username @ Estephaniaha.

And her all fans are enjoying her all exclusive bold photos and videos on this platform. 

Unfortunately, Estephan has the best OnlyFans bold and sexy content creator on this page. And she goes for $22.99 a month. 

Still, if we are wanting to access all of her social media accounts and then she works across the internet, then we can easily sign up for their all-access plan and accounts. And Estephan has at $66.99 per month. Moreover, she is allowing all her accounts to be public for viewing bold and sexy content.

Estephania ha and her collaborations with brands:

In addition to posting her various videos on her YouTube channel, Estephania also collaborated with many rising stars and brands. And then she is sharing these products on social media platforms. Estephania is including many notable and big brands over the internet.

Moreover, Estephania is working with many big singers and models too. In addition to working on her social media platforms, Estephan has also launched out into other areas of entertainment and other industry. She has appeared in several television commercials and short series.

She is including different spots for brands like Nike and Fashion Nova. Estephan has appeared in various music videos for many big artists like Justin Bieber etc.

Estephania ha and her interesting facts and figures:

She is a coffee and chocolate lover. And she has a pet dog. She is avid for animals. Estephan ha has some rabbits and also a pair of squirrels.

Despite her huge success in modeling, Estephania remains humble and down-to-earth in all manners. Estephania is always making time to connect with all her fans and followers. And she often comes online to communicate with them. Estephania is always available on her social media platform.

She continues to work hard to create some engaging sexy content. And it keeps all her followers coming back for more effort. Through her style and talent, Estephania is a hard-working girl. And Estephan has also a positive attitude toward her followers. She is maintaining her position as a top TikTok and OnlyFan star for many years

She loves her smartphone and she always carries herself a smartphone, lipstick, and a hand mirror. And these are her best and unique features. Estephan has some precious items that she likes to keep with her at all times. Estephan has 4.3 million followers on Instagram. She loves acting and dancing. And her main profession is modeling.

Estephan is dependent on coffee and tea. Moreover, she is a blueberry fanatic. And she is bicultural. She loves traveling. And her main interests are sports and travel. Her preferred and favorite color pallet hues are red and pink.

Frequently Asked Questions about Estephania ha (FAQs)

 Estephania ha

1: What is Estephania ha real name?

Ans: Her real name is Estephania ha.

2: What is Estephania’s name?

Ans: Her nick name is Estephan.

3: What is the Date of Birth of Estephania ha?

Ans: Estephania was born in Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany on May 1, 1995. (Franconia)

4: What is Estephania ha age?

Ans: Her real age is 22 Years as of 2022.

5: Is Estephania ha married?

Ans: No, Estephania is not married yet.

6: Who is Estephania ha boyfriend?

Ans: We did not know anything about her relationship life. And she has no lover. Or she has no boyfriend.

7: What do you know about her weight and height?

Ans: Her height is 5 feet 2 inches and her Weight is 55 Kg.


The all detail about this famous personality and hot celebrity is taken from different websites. And we do not have any certain personal information about her.

The Final words:

Estephania ha is a very famous and popular model and influencer. She is best known for her sultry and adult photography and videography. She is also famous for all her hot and adult modeling and shots.

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