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Learning the Forklift Safety Features with a Certification Course

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A forklift is great utility equipment, but it does not move as your car does. Reasons to Invest in Forklift Certification, Safety Features, and Equipment As per US job sites, around 110,000 forklift accidents every year. Due to the high risks involved in operating forklifts, employers need to follow a safety-first approach. By learning the safety features, you can prevent accidents. If you are an employee, the first question that comes to mind is “where to get forklift certification?”.

Experts mention forklift training institutes offer several forklift certification courses. You can visit the forklift school website to know about these certification courses and the safety features included in the certification course. Here are forklift safety features you need to learn. 


The warehouse has machines and people moving around. Many times pedestrians walk in front of forklifts. They do not realize the turning radius with a load, and the forklift operator cannot see the pedestrians at blinded corners. The safety lighting acts as a guide for the pedestrians. 

As a part of the safety procedure, pedestrians should not enter an area within the light. The forklift needs the area illuminated by the safety lighting to start, stop, and turn safely.

As per recent data, there are around 100 fatal accidents between forklifts and pedestrians. The forklift has strobe lights that can prevent many accidents and injuries. 


The forklift operator uses horns more often. It is one of the most important security features of a forklift. From sudden emergencies to hidden corners, the forklift horn provides an audio warning. The horn sound is helpful to inform people that the machine is nearby. 

Warning Lights

The forklift is fitted with Red LED Pedestrian Warning Light. The warning lights provide an indicator to pedestrians that a forklift is present nearby. Also, The certification course includes methods to use warning lights along with horn and audio indicators to prevent accidents. 

Cab Cover

Driver protection is crucial at construction sites and similar workplaces. Most standard forklifts have some cab cover. However, some order pickers and pallet jacks don’t have a cover mechanism. The certification course mentions the type of cab cover needed in different workplaces and situations. 

For example, you can opt for UV grade polycarbonate cover with a low-profile dome for operator viewing. The purpose of the roof cover over the forklift is to keep the operator dry and comfortable while providing safety and visibility. When considering cab covers, make sure the cab cover is OSHA compliant.


Forklift operators need to understand how to operate forklifts in potentially hazardous work areas, slow work zones, entrances, and exit areas. However, If you wonder where to get forklift certification and training, the answer is forklift school. The certification course teaches how to use different visual aids to notify on-foot workers about work areas where forklifts are present. 

Visual Aids

The forklift also has visual aids fitted on the lifting mechanism. These aids serve as guidance lasers that promote accurate unloading and loading. However, they can help prevent shelf and pallet damage. 

Blind Spots and Backup Cameras

The forklift has a blind spot and backup cameras installed. These cameras give the forklift operator extra eyes when watching for hazards. 

Reasons to Invest in Forklift Training, Safety Features, and Equipment

Experts mention OSHA-approved forklift training program offers workers insights into forklifts’ safety features and equipment. Also, The training program ensures that operators can use these safety features effectively to prevent hazards. 

The OSHA training recommendations give every forklift operator knowledge, skills, and safety awareness to drive a forklift around without causing an accident. 

However, The Forklift certification program ensures the operator understands in and out of all forklift safety features. It helps the operator lower the risk of accidents and get the most value of the forklift. 

When your employees understand the safety features, your business experiences long-lasting benefits; it also ensures that you operate and maintain forklifts as per OSHA standards. 

The classroom training delivered through these certification courses makes the operator more efficient and productive than ever before. Here are some things that are included in the safety course of the training program. 

  • It teaches sound driving techniques to the trainee.
  • It helps the operator learn about all OSHA safety recommendations in detail.
  • Helps avoid hazards.
  • The training helps the operator be more aware of the surroundings when operating the forklift. 
  • The teamwork mentality allows each one to stay on the same page in terms of security aspects. 
  • Teaches operator proper maintenance techniques.


Although the forklift is supplied with various safety features, a careless driver is more likely to have several accidents. The forklift certification programs help the operator strive for a balanced approach for safety when driving a forklift. 

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