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Email Marketing for Shopify – Things you are doing wrong

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As a promotional approach, email varies in both efficiency and popularity. However, in the present scenario, email marketing is more efficient than before. Best Email Marketing for Shopify. Most of the emails are text-based, hence you must avoid typos, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes.

Unlike the last few years, the upturn doesn’t seem to go anywhere. It means just as pictures and videos; email marketing will last.

If your old Shopify email marketing strategies are less effective and your new email marketing doesn’t seem to have a big impact, then you are going wrong somewhere.

Do not worry. They are simple to handle and, once done, can convert your Shopify marketing strategy to offer higher conversion rates and reliable marketing campaigns.

The emg agency has compiled a guide on creating an effective email marketing campaign for your Shopify store.

Mass emailing

Sending one mass email to all your subscribers is an ineffective strategy. It will lead to many unsubscriptions because your followers will not receive any relevant information from you.

The more generalized you get, the less impactful your email becomes. Hence, though it will take time, it is worth the shot as it will win brand loyalty and conversions.

Try to customize your emails. Break your audience into different sections and alter your email content to meet their needs.

Check your available analytics such as age, shopping preferences, shopping styles, gender, and then shape your email content.

Give up seasonal marketing

Every day there is a day of something. From cat day to pizza day to health day, you will find something on your calendar. 

Going with relevant seasonal email helps your buyers connect with your store services and humanizes your company. It makes your brand appear like a real person.

Avoiding mobile

There is no e-commerce without mobile. The stats shout loud to you. With 1/3 of online sales coming from phones, overlooking this factor into your email marketing can bring big losses to you. Consider how your email appears on a phone.

You should ensure that the links mentioned in the email are simple to find and responsive on mobile. Easy-to-navigate emails are more effective.

Just making use of text

Text is a major part of an email. But it doesn’t mean you cannot incorporate images and videos. Video is the new choice for modern Shopify developers; hence, using it in your emails is effective.

You can include video marketing in your email marketing. However, make sure it doesn’t make your file too large and clunky by embedding a video in your mail. Rather, you can go for a screenshot or thumbnail to allure the customers and bring them to your website, YouTube channel, etc.

Poor writing

As most of the emails are text-based, hence you must avoid typos, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes. These mistakes can create alerts of the possibility of phishing scams. Thus, make sure you draft your email in the best manner.

Email marketing is an art. At EMG Agency, we know how to market your Shopify store using the best email marketing methods. We use the best marketing trends for your business. So, discuss your business needs now and get the right help.

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