Gamik 2022 – How to Use, Features, Advantages & Disadvantages

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Gamik is a very modern and stylish application that allows all of its consumers and users to create a swipe-able post with good quality panoramic photos.

Overview of Gamik:

Gamik is the best application specially designed for Apple phones and their lovers. When we are interested in buying an Apple phone, we must have some typical issues and securities. We are thinking of downloading such a best type of photography app for our daily photo-taking needs.

This is the best and most revolutionary panoramic photography platform and application on the apple play store. In this article, we are trying to give all the best information about this best and most revolutionary application in a very concise form and manner. 

This app allows valuable users to create 3D and swipe-able HD images or pictures. We also capture all of its best features with cons and pros here. So let’s start this article here.

What is Gamik?

This is a very modern and stylish application that allows all of its consumers and users to create a swipe-able with good quality panoramic photos. And it has also allowed all of its customers and users to make all the photography very quickly and comfortable to use. 

The user or consumer can have easy access to this app, and they can formally post their photography through this application or platform. Also, The user can easily access this application in the Apple Store, and then they can share their photos with different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The user also can post his photography directly to all his social media platforms.

How to use Gamik?

When talking about photos and selfies, we must think about the best type of app or beauty filter that makes our photos and photography best at its peak. But when we are Apple users, we have no long list of beauty filters and applications. Then we are trying to use apple recommended apps for photography.

When any apple user uses this excellent and formally dressed-up app, we must think about this application. And this app is simple to use, and it has some simple smashing and swiping gestures to make this easier to create a stylish and very formal look for panorama view. 

We can easily share our photos with our friend’s circle and family with the help of different social media platforms.

This application also allows the user or consumer to exhibit stylish and elegant snapshots on the go. The user or consumer is also allowed to install and then use this best type of photography app to further their use in Apple phones.

The user or consumer also needs to do snapshots with it and use this app to capture their photo, upload, then share on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So, suppose you are an Apple user. In that case, you should visit once on an apple store and then immediately download this fantastic app and blow off this golden opportunity to vend all of your affairs or indulgence over.

What do you know about Gamik?


Well, Gamik is such a fantastic panoramic photography platform or app that allows all of its users and consumers or druggies to produce 3D, swipe-able pictures. The users can also convert their snaps and pictures into innovative and stylish galleries on their phones and mobiles.

This app also allows all of its users and consumers to use this app with ease and comfort. And then, they can use this app for more exploring and stunning views from every angle in photos. 

Panoramic view and photos:

This app also allows all of their druggies to publish their panoramic on high-quality HD quality pictures. The user can also convert their photos helping with a piece of paper or cardboard, and then they can also create a durable print. The druggies can also easily display the photos everywhere.

Many users and druggies can share their panoramas shots and snaps through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

And they can also share their photos through emails. If any of you have a business and are associated with more traveling and going to different places, and if you have more connections with travel affairs, real estate, interior design, or any other related photography field, then this app is suitable for every purpose.

So, we can say that this app is the best way and platform for every user and consumer to reach out, and it could be an ideal way and one-stop location to reach new clients. This app is best and ideal for use, and only it takes minutes to get started quickly.

Why should we use Gamik?

This is the most searchable and asked question from every app user. But when we are using such a fantastic platform for creating panoramic snaps with a digital swipe-able post for our next assignment. This app easily opens complete and new editions of online and mobile taking pictures, and the user or druggies can easily share their experience through social media networks.

Panorama effects and Gamut, Inc:

This stylish and unique panorama effect app is designed and manufactured by Gamut, Inc. This is one of the best incorporations in designing and then launching one of their innovative and tested with approved applications for both android and apple users.

This incorporation is also committing to innovation in different mobile technologies and software technologies and their best offerings in markets. This app has also offered their users easy access to sharing their memorable moments on their personal social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. This app has also offered its users the ability to share every kind of information with friends and family easily. 

This is a fantastic app that allows their users to create photo albums right on their phone or tablet etc. This is not only a secure and trusted app, but it has more fun to create photos with different effects.

But this app is also very convenient and stylish to use. The best part about this application is that there is no need for expensive digital cameras or stylish tripods because users or consumers can take pictures directly from their mobile phones.

How to create a panorama post?


If you are more interested in posting a panorama snap or picture, you can quickly like with a standard post, plus the user can easily add an image or some piece of text to make and swipe-able post. Moreover, the user can navigate his post within that content and use links or buttons on it. And the users are also swipe left and right to move from one element to another. Druggies can also finish decorating with photos and snaps by gently tapping on them.

What are the steps to create a swipe-able but panorama post on Gamik?

When we start to use this fantastic platform, we should also know its best steps and all its procedures to follow and get a perfect and fantastic shot ready.

The user can easily select or navigate to create a simply New Post from his Dashboard, and then he can quickly go to select panoramic view.

Then he should write a suitable title for his post, write some starting text in paragraphs like 2 and 3, and add an image to paragraph 4 and vice versa. And then, he should click on save & edit visual editor, and then he goes to Add Media and then lastly Upload the desired image.

Once any of the users or druggies can save his changes, he can take a look at all his new and swipe-able custom and panoramic post and pictures.

There are different types of posts available on the Gamik app, and everyone can easily avail this facility.

Adding Posts to different ads:

The Gamik app also allows to make and design such attractive and enchanting ads for multipurpose use. To use such a shortcut to make ads and posts for a different purpose, the user can save some time. However, this is also a great way to hold an audience’s attention by making eye-catching ads and posting via this app. The user should use and include only relevant and high-quality content in their ads and posts. If any users or druggies can add meaningful and relevant data without being searched, they must find his ads and post most effectively.

How to create a video post?


Suppose you are bored with making pictures collage and then publish onto your desired social media platforms. Then you should think to make something new and exciting, and then you should make a fantastic reel of your memorable pictures. So, there are available plenty of websites that are allowing to upload their photos to create a fashionable and custom template accordingly. 

But when any of us think, go make an image creation and then edit. Then probably, it is taking a long way of retouching. Some of us are using Adobe Photoshop or similar software to give amazing effects to our photos and videos. We will also give more control over on the look of this snap. This is a straightforward step to make a good quality video of our day and moments.

Template variations:

There are available of 3 variations of layout in each template:

1: Sidebar right

2: Sidebar Left

3: No sidebar.

With these fantastic combinations of templates, the druggies and user can get 27 individual; and stylish templates to play around with his pictures and videos. In addition to these template combinations, the user also gets 4 different header layouts like white, dark grey, and top section background colors like a dark grey with the bottom section and different background colors like the transparent top and bottom sections of these variations.

Post type creation:

The user can also have the option of different panorama posts with swipe-able images and pictures on interactive and attractive maps to customize and design their content. The user or druggies can also create his panorama post on his website; which he can upload to his favorite website and do with a live tutorial for easy process.

Best features of Gamik:

There are many best and most attractive features penning here:

This fantastic app allows their users or druggies to create swipe-able panorama posts innovatively and stylishly to get their desired content across to go all of their consumers.

This also allows all of his users to create panorama posts and customized templates creation. And then it is also allowed to his users to build and promote his business with a touch up of professional level.

Suppose any of the users and customers are looking for a most precious and elegant design to engage their buyers. In that case, it is also helping them grow a valuable customer base and feedback. And there is no look further to go any template designing app.

The user is also allowed to go through its easy-to-use interface and ready-made buttons and options for giving more designing and attracting the content. And the user can also learn how to use and redesign of the template within minutes.

The best part of this application is that a user can use it and its services are accessible 24/7. 

Gamik app and its five main features: 

Creation of content 

One-Touch Editing

Uploading an image

Browsing more designs and templates 

Sharing with different websites

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Gamik?

Gamik is such a fantastic platform that allows to make a panorama picture or snap with the latest and attractive effects. 

What are its best features?

The best attractive features of this platforms are here:

Creation of content 

One-Touch Editing

Uploading an image

Browsing more designs and templates 

Sharing with different websites

What are the 5 main advantages?

1: Creating a browser extension

2: New browsing techniques

3: Partner and associate with national geographic channel

4: Wide range of digital experience

5: Great experience with smartphones.

What are the 5 main disadvantages?

1: Only for Apple users

2: allowing only JPG extensions

3: one format editing

4: need ample space

5: Panorama looks impressive, only big screens.

Gamik for which purpose?

It is for editing and giving photos and images dramatic effects.

Gamik for which type of users?

Only for Apple users.

Is the Gamik app free?

Nope, it’s a paid application.

What is new in the Gamik app?

The developers are making and giving new changes to all their premium users daily.

The final words:

Gamik is an app that is only for Apple users and consumers. This app allows its users to give panoramic effects with one touch and swipe-able effects for a different type of content like photos and videos. The user can also share his content with the help of different social media sites. 

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