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Scope of the Gaming Industry in Germany 

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The gaming industry is one of the flourishing industries in the world. Even when the world is going through a crisis because of Covid-19, this industry has kept its growth momentum. Games are papular among both the young and old generations. The popularity of games has made many people indulge in the gaming industry. People that use different software to enhance their productivity go for professional software translation services. Just like software, people like to play games that are provided to them in the language that they understand.

Germany, a Great Choice for Game Developers 

Before plunging into the gaming industry, you must select a target country. Selecting the country provides the foundation for the game studio. If you select Germany then local universities, development communities, and public funding can help in the growth of the company. Germany provides great benefits to game developers that want to lay their foundation.  

There is an association working in Germany with the name of Games Germany. This association consists of six funding and seven network institutions that are spread across Germany,s regional states. They help game developers to pursue their careers in the game industry. 

Germany has a progressive culture with great schools and the best healthcare services that enhance their quality of life. Apart from working diligently in state-of-the-art studios, gamers also take care of the work-life balance. This makes Germany the best option for the budding game industry. Let’s find out the reason why you should move your gaming studio to Germany. 

A Robust Game Development Environment  

Germany has a community of high spirits. In this country, you will find thousands of studios and game developers that are working in 16 different federal states. These studios take an active part in game jams, conventions, and game shows. To your surprise, the biggest gaming show in the world GamesCom is hosted in Cologne every year. The best part is that game developers don’t have to go for professional german translation services because most of the games are developed in the German language. 

The other famous studios that are working are Crytex in  Frankfurt and Mimimi games in Munish. In short, German is home to studios of all specialists, shapes, and sizes. 

 Germany is also offering strong gaming development programs at universities from around the world. The important institutions that are developing fundamental gaming skills among students are Cologne Game Lab at TH Koln and the Games Master program at HAW Hamburg. If you are in the gaming development profession then you can hire people from any university with a game-developing skillset. 

Federal Funding 

To promote, game development in the country, the German government has allocated 50€ million in the federal budget to help Gaming Industry with their projects annually. The Mimimi games received that grant in 2020. This grant helped gamers to work at their best. Moreover, it also helped them to embrace self-publishing with the assistance of investors. The Federal Fund was established in 2019 and it continued to make Germany a vital player in the game industry. This fund covers 50% of the game’s budget when combined with other government support.

The German government also encourages the support of different gaming studios. If you want to tap into the German gaming market then you can get leverage from all these benefits. Moreover, you must have to go for video game translation services because German people will like to play game if it is provided to them in the language that they understand. 

Work-life Balance in Germany 

Germany is considered one of the best places to work because it provides the best work-life balance in the world. According to the Organization For Economic Co-operation and Development, only 4% of Germans work longer than 40 hours a week. Do you know that it is far below the average in other countries? This gives more time for German people to relax. 

Hamburg has a thriving gaming industry which is why it is considered the hub of digital games. This city is ranked as one of the safest and most livable cities in the world.  The healthcare system of Germany is also very sound. Visiting the doctor is simple because of their multi-payer systems. Moreover, employees receive six weeks of sick pay which is 100% of their basic salary. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about expenses, if you fall ill. According to German people, healthcare facilities provide them with great safety because it is easily accessible. 

The owners of Game developers don’t have to worry if they move to Germany because the quality of life is high. The developers that want to join the existing studio in Germany can use all these benefits if they take the assistance of a professional translation agency

What is the Future of the Game Industry in Germany? 

Games have become a pivotal part of Germany’s tech-savvy culture. The government and the wider society is well-aware of the economic repercussions that games can bring to their country. Moreover, the German people don’t want to lag in the gaming industry.  Germany is becoming a key player in the field of game development. The German government has evolved with time. The federal and regional government has provided a better framework for youngsters that have graduated from university game development programs. 

The future digital strategy for gaming states to make Germany a technological powerhouse for games. For this, they will create a gigabyte optical fiber network by 2025. This will surely bring more investment to Germany. 

Wrapping Up 

Going to a game studio in a foreign country like Germany is a great step. In this article, you will find how the German government and economy can support you and how you can inculcate work-life balance with the flourishing gaming studio in this country. 

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