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Lissa Aires – Famous Onlyfans Model Complete Biography 2022

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Lissa Aires (fashion model) age, height, wiki, bio, husband & family, net worth, famous for, adult star, Car Collection, and Mentions.

Introduction of Lissa Aires:

Lissa Aires is a very stunning and beautiful actress, and she has a dashing personality. She is a famous American model, and she is a famous social media personality nowadays. She is also known as an Instagram star and influencer. Though, she is a famous model too. As we all know that, she is very famous on her Instagram handle as she has an official Instagram handle by her name. And she has collected 2 million followers in her Instagram account. She is well known as a model, actress, adult star, influencer, and brand ambassador. 

Lissa Aires || born and nationality:

Lissa Aires holds an American nationality, and she belongs to white ethnicity. She is a Christian. However, She belongs to the United States of America. She was born in Miami, Florida. And Miami is her hometown.

 Her parents Wiki:

Her parents also belong to the United States of America. But we have no more information related to her love life and relationship status. Even we have not enough information about her father and mother. Although, she is a private type of model and actress. She is not telling her private life information to the media and the internet. Her parents’ names are also unknown to the media and the internet.

Lissa Aires || sibling’s information:

She is a well-known actress, but she never reveals any information about her siblings, and we do not have to know about her sibling’s details and names. But we have said one thing is that she has incredible siblings. But she is never sharing any images on her social media accounts.

Overview of Lissa Aires:

She lives a single life as she has no boyfriend, and she is only focusing on her career. Also, She has so many business and modeling projects. She is doing many shootings for modeling. Also, She is so sensitive about her personal and family life that she has never disclosed any information about her family, friends, and siblings. She never tells any information about her background, parents, and siblings.

Lissa Aires || appearance and body figure:

She holds a perfect body shape rather than she is not satisfied with her body figure as she has done and undergone many plastic surgeries. Also, She has an appealing height and has a perfect body weight as she maintains her figure by many diet routines and plans. She has a good sense of dressing. And she has a huge collection of dresses. She is also known as an eye-catching star and model who is catching the public’s attention through her photos and videos.

Lissa Aires || early life and education:

As we told her, she belonged to Miami, Florida, and thus, she spent her early life and childhood there. However, She has been very active from her childhood. She became a model at a very young age. She has spent an amazing childhood in her hometown. Also, She got admission to a local school in Miami. She got her basic and graduate degrees from there.

She is Famous for:

Lissa Aires

Lissa Aires is a well-known social media celebrity and influencer. And she is also popular as an adult actress. And she became more famous and got a popular model after her adult videos. She got huge fame for having the biggest bum on the OnlyFans account. She also gained huge popularity while working as an adult star and a film actress with Global Studios. Also, She is very popular and active on different social media platforms with a huge fan following. She is mostly active, especially on Instagram. She has over 2 million fans and followers there.

Some interesting facts and figures about Lissa Aires:

Do you people know Lissa Aires? All the interesting facts about stylish models and influencers are given here.

She was born in 1993, and she is an American nationality holder, and she has white ethnicity by her religion. Also, She will be 28 years old in the year 2021. She was born to her rich parents. She has half Spanish father, and she has half Italian mother. When she was at the age of 10 years, then her parents are decided to move or shift to the United Kingdom. We also have some information about her family background.

She began her modeling career at the age of 16 years. After she graduated from high school, she worked in the National Health Service for four years, and then she pursued her acting and modeling career in the adult industry or many other websites.

In the year 2021, she is living in London, and she has a brilliant career in modeling and acting, and she made a name for herself through her modeling career.

Famous Social Media Personality:

She is also known as a social media influencer and blogger, and she makes money by promoting various things. And she has such huge products contracts and projects through her Instagram name and account.

She got some deals with big and great companies to promote their products. This seems that she is making a handful and handsome money from her reach on different social media platforms.

In addition to her Instagram account, she has a huge social media reach and fans and followings on many platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, Snap chat, Youtube, and Telegram. 

She also has a YouTube channel and has a huge number of subscribers under her name and her YouTube channel.

However, She uploads many of her daily vlogs and blogs about her daily life routine and much more.

She grew up in Argentina, but she currently lives in London. However, some little information is available about the place or location where she used to live or stay. She also likes to travel to more countries, and she has the craze of travel worldwide. Sometimes, she travels a whole month and her favorite place in the USA. And her favorite destinations are Las Vegas, NYC, and Miami Beach.

Her educational background:

She went to high school in the local United States of America. But she did not graduate from a renowned university. Before embarking on her social and modeling career, she did several odd jobs to make some money, and she is now well established in her life.

As we all know, she is a stunning personality and model. She is a famous American social media personality and influencer. She is an Instagram star and a model. Also, She is very famous on her Instagram account as she has an official Instagram handle where she has collected 2 million followers and fans.

Some biography of Lissa Aires:

Lissa Aires
Full NameLissa Aires
  Net WorthUnder review
  ProfessionModel, Actor
Married or SingleSingle
Instagram account handle name@ lissaaires  
TwitterLissa Aires

What do you know about ten interesting Facts about Lissa Aires?

1: she is a stunning model and has a beautiful personality.

2: she is a famous American social media personality, Instagram star, and model.

3: she is very famous on her Instagram account, and she has an official Instagram account. 

4: where she has a collection of 2 million fans and followers.

5: She was born in Miami and raised in Miami, Florida, and the United States of America with her parents, friends, and siblings.

6: she has an American nationality holder, and she belongs to white ethnicity.

7: There is no information relating to her love life and relationship status.

8: Meanwhile, she lives a single life by focusing on her social and modeling career.

9: She is a supermodel, and she is about her personal life that she has never disclosed any information related to her family and background, parents, and siblings.

10: she is standing with an appealing height and has a perfect body weight.

She has a perfect body and figures with an attractive face, and she has a good sense of dressing as well. She catches the attention of the young and energetic public through her Instagram photos and videos. But, there is no related information about her net worth and salary income, but she is living a lavish life with the help of her salary and income.

Who has the biggest bum of OnlyFans social media account? 

She is a well-known social media celebrity, adult actress, and influencer. She is also a model and has been famed for her modeling career. And she has the biggest bum on OnlyFans social media account or platform. She has gained huge popularity while working as an adult film actress and a model with Global Studios’s help. 

Also, She is famous and active on social media platforms and channels with vast fans and followings.

She is especially famous on various social media accounts like Instagram, where she has over 2 million fans and followers. 

Lissa Aires personal information:

Lissa Aires

 Date of birth:

 19 February 1991


 30 years (according of 2021)

 Zodiac sign


 Place of birth

 Buenos Aires and Argentina

 Current residence

 London and United Kingdom




 Latina and white



 Height in feet




Height in centimetres


Weight in pounds

149 Weight in kilograms: 68

Body measurements in inches


Body measurements in centimetres


Hair color


Eye color


Relationship status



Adult actress, model, and social media personality

 Some frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Lissa Aires

1: Who is Lissa Aires?

Ans: Lissa is a famous adult actress and a model.

2: where was she born?

 Ans: she was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

3: where did Lisa and her family move to?

Ans: Her family moved to the United Kingdom, and when she was at the age of ten, they decided to move from their hometown, and 14 years later, she moved to Miami, Florida, in the United States of America.

4: What race is Lissa have?

Ans: she has a white race.

5: What do you know about her parents?

Ans: She was born to a half Spanish father and half Italian mother. But she is identifying as a Latina.

6: What do you know about her career?

Ans: She is a famous model.

7: What’s her Instagram handle name?

Ans: @lissaaires.

Her career and achievements information:

She started her modeling and acting career at the age of 16 and ventured into the adult industry. Initially, she worked as a receptionist with the National Health Services for four years, and there she was very happy.

 As a model:

She is a brand ambassador having with different companies and products like Fashion Nova Curve and endorsing their swimwear, lingerie, and sports brands. 

Social media platforms and the details of her account:

Furthermore, she is a famous social medial influencer and has a significant following on TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram. She has also continued to upload various videos relating to fashion and other enticing modeling photos. Nowadays, she is mostly dedicating her precious time to working on her OnlyFans page and her OnlyFans account.

Lissa Aires’s plastic surgery:

Before surgery, she looked like a regular girl, and then suddenly she transformed her body, and she invested her income £40,000 on her several operations and treatments. Moreover, after struggling with the continuous treatment, she got herself a nickname of ‘the biggest bum on OnlyFans.’ 

Accordingly, she is also famous and popular as a plus-size model, stating that, “I want to have the best shape to take photos, so I invested heavily on them or of course on several medical treatments. She added note that, “I always had curves, but I also wanted to have the biggest bum.” She wrote more on her wall on her social media account, “So, I took the opportunity to remove all the fat from other parts of the body to put it where I wanted.” She went through many plastic surgeries to gain a perfect and beautiful look.

The final words:

Lissa Aires is a famous and popular model and internet sensation. She leads a luxurious lifestyle, which is only made possible by her hard work on different platforms. And she also owns many branded cars, clothing, accessories, mansions, and much more things than what she wants in her life. She has more than 1 million followers on her Instagram account, and she became one of the top creators and set the trend because of her big bums on OF. She has over 1 million likes and 183 thousand fans there. 

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