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Mia Melano( born on June 19, 1993) is an American film actress, model, and well-known personality. Her appearances in adult films pushed her to fame.


Mia Melano is an American adult film actress, model, and well-known personality. Her appearances in adult films pushed her to fame.

She’s also been a professional performer for about three years. She is 21 years old and began her career when she was only 18 years old in 2018.

She has won multiple awards for her efforts in the pornographic film industry. From her age to how many siblings she has, this complete guide to Mia Melano will give you everything you need to know about the star.

We’ll tell you about her relationship history and dating life, including any married or engaged relationships, whether or not she smokes or drinks, what type of car she drives, even where she went to school and which teams she played on.

Mia Melano’s personal information, such as her age, height, weight, educational qualifications, relationship status and affairs, net worth, and more, will be discussed in greater detail in this article.

Mia Melano Biography

The porn actress was born on June 19, 1993, in the USA. Mia Melano’s wiki shows that she is a very beautiful lady. As per her parent’s nationality and ethnicity, there are no details available right now.

However, it can be assumed that she has Italian origin. At first glance of Mia’s career in the adult industry; one may conclude that her personal life is nothing less than perfect.

We mean by that not only because of her amazing body but also from various facts we found about her on wiki pages like Twitter and Facebook. She loves ice cream and always has at least two or three bars with her.

Even more interesting information regarding her private life is given below: it seems that lately Mia had several troubles with tax authorities which require payments almost every month but not much detail is given so far.

She also loves sports activities including soccer, horse riding, and hiking as shown on her Instagram page where almost all posts have some sort of sport-related content or images attached there.

Before Fame

Mia Melano

As a teenager, she trained at Robert Brace’s performing arts school and appeared in Amélie. In 2003, she graduated from Marie-Rose Sherman private school. Afterward, she moved to New York to attend Barnard College of Columbia University.

She began studying art history but soon switched her focus to film and literature. She was also awarded a Fulbright scholarship to attend Sciences Po in Paris. In 2007, Mia participated in an MTV reality show called The Real World: Paris and gained fame for appearing on it.

That same year she became a brand ambassador for Lancôme cosmetics and later featured in an ad campaign for the Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2008 collection which led to further recognition from critics and supporters alike.

Mia Melano Career

Mia Melano was born on 22 June 1995 in California. She is a PornStar and adult model. At an early age, she developed an interest in webcam modeling; where she got noticed by one of America’s biggest adult entertainment companies, Vivid Entertainment.

After she did some work with them in 2012, she signed an exclusive contract as an adult performer with Bang Bros where he worked for two years before venturing out to shoot for other top companies such as Brazzers and Digital Playground.

From these sources of income, Mia has managed to collect a net worth of $1 million which has enabled her to live comfortably with all comforts and luxuries. Her solo performance in Virtual Girl made her win AVN Award for Best New Starlet in 2014.

After that, she started her professional acting career by taking a role in Home of Phobia (2015). She played Ingrid. The film has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Mia won Young Artist Award for an outstanding young actress in a horror or thriller movie category.

Recently she is playing as Carly Comando in the TV series Runaways since 2017; and her role in Harriet was premiered on 11th April 2018. Now she is busy filming other TV series but she also gets time to promote his upcoming film Bathtubs Over Broadway.

Mia Melano height

Mia Melano is 5 feet 2 inches tall. And she weighs around 55 kg. She is an American actress and dancer who became famous for her role in High School Musical 3 as Kelsi Nielsen. Her ethnicity is mixed. Her nationality is American and belongs to mixed ethnicity.

In 2007, she appeared on Nickelodeon’s All That when she was ten years old as a member of The Ashley’s and then again in 2008 when she returned to play Ashley Fletcher for a few episodes before leaving the series for good after season 10 ended.

She made several appearances on different shows before returning to High School Musical; where she had a recurring part that lasted from 2009 until 2010.

Mia Melano net worth

Mia Melano is an American actress who has a net worth of $10 million. She is best known for her role as Maya on The WB series Pepper Dennis from 2006 to 2007. From 2007 to 2008 she starred as Sam in eight episodes of Red Mountain State.

In 2011 she had a recurring role as Sophia Petrillo on The Bold and the Beautiful and in 2013 she starred as Chloe Woods on 90210. From 2014 to 2015 she had a recurring role as Jade Hillman on Nashville and appeared in four episodes of Hell’s Kitchen season 14.

Mia’s interests

Mia Melano

Mia Melano has been growing in interest in music recently. She has been posting covers on her Instagram and does attend school events for it such as cheerleading and piano. Music is likely a large part of her life and she wants to pursue it further as she grows up to be an adult.

Mia Melano enjoys singing and loves some of her favorite artists such as Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande. It’s also obvious that she is interested in fashion because she constantly goes shopping at places like Abercrombie & Fitch. Mia’s motto is ‘Always live without regrets. This is a very powerful quote because people don’t always think about their future or what they want to do.

How much does Mia weight?

The only thing that we know about Mia’s weight is that she was born in 1992. This means she was 20 years old when she released her single Stay. At that time, Mia weighed 140 pounds (63 kg). If you were to compare it to today’s standards and assume that Mia has not gained or lost any weight since then; she would weigh approximately 125 lbs (57 kg).

This makes sense since most people don’t gain or lose more than 10 pounds within a year. For example, if someone weighs 180 pounds one day; they are expected to weigh no less than 170 and no more than 190 pounds after a year.

What may happen sometimes is that people become slimmer due to various factors such as exercising or eating healthier but they still maintain the same height.

In other words, someone who used to be overweight may have slimmed down but their overall weight remained roughly similar because they grew taller at some point during their life.

What is her nationality?

Mia Melano is an American Born and raised in the USA. Mia’s birth sign is Leo. She has a sister named Madison and it is not known if she has any other siblings. Her zodiac star sign is Leo which means that her personality can be described as ambitious, generous, and showy. Also, Her nationality is American.

Her ethnicity is Caucasian-American while her religion is Christianity (Roman Catholic). So far she hasn’t had any of her pets but if given chance then she wants to adopt dogs such as Chihuahua or French Bulldogs for pets.

Favorite Things

Mia Melano’s favorite colors are Red and Green. Her favorite food includes Chinese food, lasagna, and steak with mashed potatoes, spaghetti, or pizza topped with Chicken Fingers.

In terms of education; she attended Francis Parker High School for her high school graduation and further went on to attend The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) where she majored in English with a concentration in creative writing.

Does Mia Melano have any siblings?

No, Mia Melano does not have any siblings. It appears that she has had no jobs other than being a model and actress during her time on earth so far.

Mia Melano has been very successful at what she does with amazing looks; a great body, and a well-spoken personality which I like about her. Many people don’t realize how much work goes into modeling or acting but Mia knows it takes lots of training to be good at it.

Her boyfriends and relationship history

Mia Melano

This is a list of people who have been in relationships with Mia Melano. She is openly bisexual and has been in relationships with women as well as men. Although there are rumors about her hooking up with multiple women when she is drunk; there’s no proof of anything serious between any of them.

Mia Melano has never talked about any of her past hookups or anything like that on social media or in interviews. There are no leaked nudes either; so we don’t know if she likes to sext or keeps her private life pretty quiet.

However, being an actress, you can imagine how hard it is for someone not involved in Hollywood to keep their privacy and not get into some drama here and there. We can only hope those days are behind her now that she seems happy and comfortable with herself.

Educational Qualifications

Mia Melano has a degree in Business Administration from Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. She worked as a news anchor for two years at News 8 in Knoxville TN and then joined CNBC for around five years. She has also worked for NBC Universal Sports and ESPN. Her present job title is Vice President of Content Marketing at 360i marketing agency.

The company provides digital advertising services to some of its biggest clients like Kraft, Warner Bros., HomeAway, etc. In 2015 they managed $500 million in revenues.

Social Media Fame

Mia Melanos is a social media star who has become so famous that; she is almost instantly recognizable simply because of her name. Almost every single one of her posts on Instagram gets millions upon millions of likes and for good reason; she’s extremely pretty and confident (which turns out to be a very winning combination).

Her fame stems not only from her looks but also her entrepreneurial spirit; she has created an empire within itself in terms of beauty products, clothing lines, and even fragrances. However, many other social media stars have done or continue to do similarly amazing things with their platforms.

Mia Melano Facts

  • Mia Melano’s zodiac sign is Cancer. Her father’s name is Edwardo and her mother’s name is Maria Desiderio who worked as a concert pianist before becoming a stay-at-home mom.
  • Mia also has a younger brother named Matthew who lives with her parents in Fort Wayne but spends most of his time with his sister’s family in Los Angeles.
  • Since she was young, Mia has always had an interest in performing arts which inspired her to learn musical instruments like Piano, guitar, and cello at a very young age.
  • In middle school, she started taking dance lessons at Fort Wayne Dance Academy.
  • In 2008, while attending Bishop Dwenger High School; Mia started pursuing her passion by participating in theatre programs such as Inspiration and other talent shows.
  • During their high school years, she sang Mariah Carey songs after appearing on stage in school musical productions including Grease, The Wizard of Oz, and Cinderella.
  • Following graduation from high school in 2012; Michelle relocated to Los Angeles where she had aspirations to be a part of the Hollywood film industry someday.


Mia Melano also had a guest appearance in ABC drama Castle. She recently finished her education at Lake Central High School. Besides that, she has gained huge fame with her acting skills and received many awards as well. Mia Melano is very popular on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. She has more than 667k followers on Instagram.

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