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MSI gaming gs63 Review (2023): Specifications, Features, Prices, Benefits, Pros & Cons

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Are you curious to read more about a powerful laptop that perfectly matches your need all in one easily? This powerful laptop perfectly matches a gaming lover. Are you in need of an MSI gaming laptop? If that’s the case, then we should check out this MSI gaming gs63 laptop.

This article must be an outstanding gaming laptop that offers a powerful gaming performance. Also, this gaming laptop features a good number of ports. They also include Thunderbolt and many more features. However, the laptop is somewhat more expensive than all its previous models.

In this article, we will be discussing the MSI gaming gs63 design, display, ports, and connectivity. Not just that, we will also discuss the gaming laptop’s performance in areas such as CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and battery life. Also, in many sections, we will be rating the laptop on a scale of one to ten based on the expert’s level and its performance.

What is MSI gaming gs63?

MSI stands for (Micro-Star International) and it is a Taiwanese company. It is known for making powerful gaming laptops worldwide. This company does not only make gaming laptops but also sponsors eSport events and makes smart robotic appliances.

However, in 2018, MSI Company launched the GS63 laptop and this laptop is very powerful from previous models. To add to its gaming laptop collection, this company has launched many gaming laptops and other robotic gadgets as well. Impressively, this laptop is a powerful gaming laptop that features a long list of awesome specs.

However, from the look of things, Gs63 laptops are not ready to cut down on the quality of their gaming laptops to make them cheaper. As a matter of that, the MSI laptop’s price is quite high and they are starting from $1,499.77. 

MSI gaming gs63 laptop Design, Display, Ports, and Connectivity complete review

As we all know, gs63 laptops, in general, usually have an attractive look and also have the perfect design. Agreeably, this company makes its laptops and selects high-quality materials for constructing many of its laptops. Regarding the build material, the MSI laptop has a lithium-magnesium case with a brushed metallic finish.

Striking appearance:

Indeed, this MSI laptop’s case looks smooth and feels pleasant to touch. As for color, the entire laptop’s body is black. And these laptops have some red linings that is giving it’s a striking appearance.

Looking at the lid, we’ll see two vertical trims on the left. As well, we can see the right sides’ trims and little curves around the edges. Besides these trims, we can see a red MSI logo at the center of the lid.

MSI logo on the lid:

With most gaming laptops, the MSI logo glows continuously as long as the laptop’s screen is on. However, there is also a white “MSi” inscription which is finely placed above this logo on the laptop.

When we are moving on, two small hinges are holding the MSI laptop’s lid in place at the edges of their base. These hinges are not too tight and flexible as well. They are allowing users to open the lid with one hand. Moreover, these hinges are also allowing the lid to open up to 180 degrees. Thus, we will be able to lay the laptop flat on a surface if we would prefer to do so.

MSI gaming gs63 laptop’s display system:

When we are opening the laptop’s lid, then we will see a 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) resolution display. This display has various features. Besides it, it will also allow us an immersive gaming experience.

The IPS (In-Plane Switching):

To begin with, the display system has an IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel. It is also allowing to delivery of wide viewing angles of up to 178 degrees. Hence, even when we’re sitting adjacent to the display (close to 180°). The contents of these laptop displays will still look sharp and clear.

In addition to the IPS panel, it has a perfect display system. It also has a 120 Hz refresh rate and a response time of 3 ms. For clarity, the refresh rate of a laptop’s display is the rate at which it draws some new images per second.

The GPU’s clock speed:

The display system of this gaming laptop has a refresh rate that can be as important as the GPU’s clock speed. It is because even if our laptop’s GPU can render many frames per second. This is how many of them the display can draw that we’ll see. However, the 120 Hz refresh rate of this laptop’s display should make images smoother and sharper. Thereby they are improving the overall gaming experience of these laptops.

Response time:

It is discussing how long it takes each display pixel to change from one color to the other. Moreover, they have a response time of as fast as 3 milliseconds. They have fast-motion content like racing games will be very smooth. It is appealing on the MSI laptop’s display.

On the downside, this MSI’s display is surrounded by thick bezels. It may cause some distraction while playing any gaming. At the bottom bezel, it also presents a white “MSi” inscription at the center.

The webcam:

Likewise, the user will see an HD webcam at the center of the top bezel. The webcam of this laptop is good for Skype and zoom video chats. But it may not do well for selfies as well. It is due to that, the webcam generates some blurry images. Nevertheless, this webcam may capture good images as long as the environment is well-lighted.

The MSI gaming gs63 keyboard:

MSI gaming gs63

Moving on to the base, this laptop did some marvelous designs on its keyboard. It has a full-sized keyboard which is powered by SteelSeries Engine 3. The keyboard of this laptop is fully backlit. It has supported 3-zone RGB color customization. This laptop implies that we can set each zone to glow in any color of our choice. It is very impressive.

The travel key:

The key travel of the keyboard is about 2.2 mm. By key travel, I mean that there is a distance between a key’s resting point to when it hits rock bottom. Moreover, it has a key travel of 2.2 mm. It is typing on this laptop’s keyboard. Hence, it should be comfortable and pleasant for all users. Also, the keyboard of this laptop should offer an adequate and amazing gaming experience.

The Window key:

This laptop’s keyboard has a bit different from other models. It has the position of its Windows key. Usually, the Windows key is on the left side end among the bottom row keys that can be found on the keyboard easily. However, it has on the right end among the bottom row keys. Nevertheless, it is an awkward placement of the Windows key. But this window key is common among all MSI laptops. It is not a big deal.

The MSI laptop’s touchpad:

Well said, it has a wide smooth-looking touchpad at the bottom of the keyboard. The touchpad of this laptop has integrated click buttons. They are very responsive. Also, the touchpad of this laptop is very accurate and sensitive. Hence, it has navigation and cursor control. It should be very easy with the touchpad.

MSI gaming gs63 ports Description:

Moving on, the laptop’s model comes with a decent amount of ports. Precisely, when we are looking at the right side of the gaming laptop, then we come to know that there is present one USB 2.0 port. There is also one USB Type-C port. It serves as a Thunderbolt port.

Also, on the right, the user will find one HDMI port. There is also find a Mini-Display port. Hence, there is a charging port. Turning to the left side, the user will see an Ethernet port. There is also a 3-in-1 card reader, a microphone jack, a headphone jack, and three USB 3.2 ports. As for wireless connectivity, the MSI laptop has the features of Bluetooth 5.0 and there is a WiFi 5 card (802.11ac).

The wireless modules:

Impressively, there are two wireless modules. They are present among the recent wireless technologies for data sharing. Therefore, even though these laptop got successors, we won’t feel the need for a newer version any time soon.

Coming to the bottom of this laptop, there are present several air vents for exiting hot air. The hot air is blown out by the laptop’s single CPU cooling fan. There are also present two GPU cooling fans for these laptops. Hence, this gaming MSi should keep its cool even under an intensive gaming session.

The dimension and weight of MSI gaming gs63:

MSI gaming gs63

This gaming laptop can be measured at 379.9 x 248.9 x 17.5 mm (W x D x H) and it weighs 1986.7 g. Although these MSI laptops are very heavy. For instance, the ASUS ROG GL502VM laptop can measure 390 x 266 x 23.50 mm (W x D x H) and weighs 2240 g. Also, the Lenovo Legion Y720 measures 380 x 280 x 30 mm (W x D x H) and weighs a massive 3061.8 g.

The MSI gaming gs63 Processor and (CPU):

The MSI laptop comes with a 6-core Intel Core i7-8750H processor. It features a cache memory of 9 MB. For user information, the cores of this laptop are just different and they have central locations on the CPU for executing separate tasks. Meanwhile, the cache memory of this laptop is a storage component of the processor. Cache memory can store data temporarily for quicker execution of various tasks.

Usually, there is a CPU with more cores and cache memory. It should process tasks faster. Hence, this MSI gaming laptop has a faster processor. It should offer better performance than other processors. They have a lesser amount of cores and cache memory.

Laptop aside, the CPU system of this laptop runs at a base frequency of 2.20 GHz. It can boost a frequency of 4.10 GHz. When we are looking at its Performance-wise, it should be able to handle most high-end gaming sessions and it has an intensive task like video editing as well.

Cinebench R15 test result:

For a better analysis of the laptop’s performance, we should discuss its Cinebench R15 test result. In case we don’t know that Cinebench R15 is an app-based benchmark test. They are used to measure a CPU’s performance when they are handling demanding workloads.

In the end, there are two numerical values. They are assigned to the CPU and it has higher values. It has better CPU performance. These values included the single-core score and it has the multi-core score.

MSI gaming gs63 laptop’s Memory (RAM) and Performance:

The MSI gaming laptop has two RAM slots. They come with a standard memory of 16 GB in one slot. The RAM type of this laptop is DDR4. Furthermore, it has the maximum memory size. This laptop can be supported is 32 GB. Thus, we can upgrade the standard memory up to 32 GB. 

Certainly, the laptop has an upgrade system. It will enhance the performance of the laptop. However, we believe the standard 16 GB memory of the laptop. This gaming laptop is enough for it to effectively play and they are most high-end games.

The memory system of MSI gaming gs63:

The standard memory of this laptop will be able to multitask seamlessly. Speaking of which, it should be able to simultaneously run 40 Chrome tabs without any lagging. It has a high score on this test. It indicates good performance. 

MSI gaming gs63 Options and Performance:

When we are choosing its storage option then it will go for options. It will depend on two factors and they are speed and storage space. It has SSDs and they are faster than HDDs. The HDDs is offering more storage space. Speaking of storage space, its SSD supports a maximum storage capacity of just 256 GB. The HDD on the other hand, can support a maximum storage capacity of 1 TB.

The HDD option of this laptop is offering a larger storage space than the SSD option. However, the laptop comes with an SSD. It will surely be way faster in loading any files and then saving files compared to the laptop with HDD. However, it will save files faster than other models.

Before concluding this section, it is worth mentioning that the MSI laptop has the best feature of a 3-in-1 media card reader. And, it will allow the card reader to store expansion.

MSI gaming gs63 Graphics Card Performance

As expected from a user’s gaming laptop, the MSI laptop comes with a dedicated graphics card. Moreover, the name of its graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. Its GPU has a base frequency of 1404 MHz and it has a maximum frequency of 1670 MHz. Moreover, there is available a dedicated graphics card also. This laptop has the following GPU features and they are a dedicated VRAM of 6 GB GDDR5.

It has the best and most dedicated VRAM. Its graphics card should be able to effectively handle graphics-demanding apps also. Also, this laptop should be able to seamlessly play title as AAA games.

MSI gaming gs63 Battery Life

MSI gaming gs63

The MSI laptop is specially designed for gaming purposes. As because these gaming sessions are quite long and time-consuming as well. It has the features of a 3-cell 65 WHr Li-Po battery. However, this company didn’t mention how long the laptop can last with its battery.

Pros and Cons

The Pros of this laptop are the following here:

It has Portability and High performance. These laptops are Convenience and also have the option of Versatility. It has Customization options. We can easily access the latest technology.

The Cons of this laptop are the following here:

They have a higher cost and Limited upgradability. These laptops have limited performance and customization options. They have a shorter lifespan, Heat and noise, and also Battery life.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: Does the MSI gaming gs63 laptops Have Bluetooth?

Ans: Yes, the MSI GS63 laptops have the best and latest Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.

2: When did The MSI gaming gs63 laptop come out?

Ans: The MSI gs63 laptop was launched in 2018.

3: Does The MSI gaming gs63 laptop have Thunderbolt 3?

Ans: Yes, MSI gaming gs63 laptops come with a Thunderbolt 3 port.

4: How much is The MSI gaming gs63 laptop cost in the market?

Ans: The MSI gaming gs63 laptops had a starting price tag of $1,499.77.

5: Write MSI gaming gs63’s Pros and Cons?

Ans: It has an Attractive design

        Adequate specs

        Excellent GPU performance

        A good number of ports



        Average battery life

My Final Thoughts

MSI gaming gs63 is one of the big names in the gaming laptop industry. Every game lover has a big dream of using this laptop. Hence, there is no surprise that this model is offering excellent specs and performance. It has the best features of a powerful Intel Core i7 processor. It has a dedicated NVIDIA GPU also. This MSI comes with a sleek design and a nice keyboard.

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