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Obat Sakit Gigi Overview 2023: Best toothache medicine Features, Benefits & Hazards

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If you are suffering from toothache and you have not found any medicine nearby then you should try Obat Sakit Gigi for your toothache.

Introduction of Obat sakit gigi:

If you are suffering from toothache and you have not found any medicine nearby you then you should not worry about your toothache. Here is the complete guide about your discomfort. And we are also describing all the essential and useful tips and tricks for your toothache. Any discomfort that arises from a toothache, can be overcome with toothache medicine or Obat sakit gigi and also with homemade remedies.

Toothache medicine also consists of drugs that can be found easily in pharmacies. But if you need any antibiotic drugs then you need to get a prescription from your dental doctor. In this article we are going to discover some toothache medicine and also know dental remedies for you. 

But we are telling you that any solution to any type of dental pain can be seen by only a dentist as soon as possible. When if you can’t get to your dentist, however, then you may have to endure some amount of discomfort in the meantime. 

Well, here is an amazing guide which is covering the following tips that can help you minimize a toothache while you are waiting for your dental checkup. So, let’s start the topic here:

What is Obat sakit gigi aka toothache medicine?

Obat sakit gigi aka toothache medicine is such type of oral medicine that a patient can use if he is suffering from any type of dental problem. He can use these medicine without any doctor’s description. 

Most toothache medicines we can easily buy at the nearest pharmacy without needing to go for a doctor’s prescription. However, we should still consult our dentist first to find out which drug is most suitable for us. There are a large variety of toothache medicine options that can be found in pharmacies as follows in this article here.

What to do for a Toothache—-Obat sakit gigi?

Obat Sakit Gigi

While if we have the number one goal might be to eliminate tooth pain as quickly as possible, then we may need to consider the potential cause first. Moreover, if our bodies experience pain, they are sending warning signals to our brains and tell them that something isn’t right. If we have oral pain, then it’s generally a sign that we have a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Variety of oral pain:

There are so many varieties of oral pain and they can be caused by a variety of serious issues. They are including tooth decay, a damaged filling, a tooth fracture, infected gums, or an abscessed tooth. If the latter has occurred, we could suffer serious complications without rapid treatment. These toothache complications can include the loss of the tooth and supporting bone etc.

In some cases, many bacterial infections can also spread to other parts of the body in the patient. They are leading to hospitalization or worse. For these reasons, it is important to seek emergency treatment as well. If any patient shows any of the following signs of an abscessed tooth:

Red, swollen gums

A fever

A swollen, red bump in the mouth

Blood or pus

Throbbing pain

Unpleasant or salty taste in the mouth

Swollen face or jaw

Broken or severely chipped tooth

If any patient is experiencing any of the above symptoms, then he should call one of his dentists immediately.

There are some Toothache medicines or Obat sakit gigi which are easily found in nearby pharmacies and medical stores.

Hydrogen peroxide 3%—-Obat sakit gigi

It is a liquid antiseptic and it is often used as a mouthwash to kill bacteria and germs. It can be used the cause tooth and gum problems including canker sores and gingivitis.

We can easily use this liquid by simply dissolving hydrogen peroxide with water and gargling it for 30 seconds. After that, we should throw it away and rinse it again with clean water.

 We should remember that it must be dissolved first because it comes in pure form which can injure our mouth and gums.

Paracetamol—-Obat sakit gigi

This medicine belongs to the NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) class of drugs. This is also used in quoting the results of a study in the journal Annals of Maxillofacial Surgery. This medicine formula can also help relieve toothache, especially pain which occurs after tooth extraction.

This works by inhibiting the production of prostaglandins in the brain so that they can stop any kind of pain. This drug can also reduce fever and comfort headaches that may arise from toothaches.

It is available in various brands such as Panadol, Biogesic, Sumagesic, Bodrex, and so on.

Paracetamol dosage to treat toothache, among others—-Obat sakit gigi:

Obat Sakit Gigi

In Adults:

 This drug’s 1000 mg is given in every 6-8 hours or 2 500 mg tablets taken every 4-6 hours in adults.

Children aged 12 or over:

 In children, we can give the dose of this medicine 325-650 mg every 4-6 hours or 1000 mg 3-4 times daily. Maximum daily dose: 4000 mg/day

Children over 6 months to 12 years: 

We can take the dose of 10-15 mg/kg/dose every 4-6 hours as needed and not more than 5 doses in 24 hours. Maximum total daily dose: 75 mg/kg/day not to exceed 3750 mg/day.

However, if we have allergies or serious liver problems, then it is not recommended for any patient to take paracetamol. Make sure that, if any patient knows and reads how to use it first on the packaging label.

ibuprofen—-Obat sakit gigi:

It is just like paracetamol but its name is ibuprofen. It is also classified as an NSAID. Also, It can be a way to treat toothache and other accompanying problems. However, we should avoid taking ibuprofen on an empty stomach because it will injure the stomach of one.

It is used as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It is claimed to work well for toothaches because it can reduce inflammatory problems in gums. This is common when there is a pain in our teeth.

It is a type of generic drug. It is available in various brands, such as Brufen, Proris, Arfen, Advil, Motrin, and many more.

How can we avoid Tooth Pain—-Obat sakit gigi:

Whatever the cause of our dental pain, it’s important to visit any local dentist for an evaluation. If we suspect our dental pain is caused by a cavity or minor fracture, then we can use the following strategies to minimize pain until we can see professional results.

How to Relieve Tooth Pain—-Obat sakit gigi:

If we are desperate for a temporary toothache remedy? If we have a toothache that isn’t caused by a serious underlying issue or we are waiting for an upcoming dental appointment. We can get toothache relief with over-the-counter medications like cold compresses and other at-home treatments easily. We can read on for more home remedies for tooth pain.

What are the Home Remedies for Toothache—– Obat sakit gigi?

Obat Sakit Gigi

Applying a cold compress: 

Normally, there are two ways to easily stop or blunt toothache pain. The first method is reducing inflammation, and the second centers on interrupting the signals from the injury to the brain. We can accomplish the first goal by applying a cold pack. 

Even we can use a bag of frozen vegetables to the side of our face for 20 minutes at a time. We can also use a piece of cloth as a buffer on there. So, we don’t accidentally damage our skin. It will help alleviate discomfort by blunting pain and reducing swelling easily.

Taking an anti-inflammatory:

We can also reduce swelling and blunt pain signals by taking an anti-inflammatory medicine. We can use such as ibuprofen. If we do take ibuprofen, then we should try to continue taking the medication every few hours. We can use these types of medicine according to the product label. 

We should avoid taking the medication once and then stopping when we feel relief, or the pain and inflammation are likely to return. If we don’t have ibuprofen, then we can take acetaminophen instead; however, it will help with the pain. This isn’t an anti-inflammatory medication as well.

Rinse with salt water:

Moreover, if the pain is not going, then we should use some cold packs and over-the-counter medications. Here are some natural ways to stop a toothache. We can clean infections and promote temporary pain relief by rinsing our mouths with warm salt water. We should be treating a toothache with salt water. It can also help heal any oral wounds and reduce inflammation as well. We make sure not to swallow any of the salt water while we rinse.

Use a hot pack:

We can reduce discomfort or toothache by applying a hot pack to the side of our jaw. If we don’t have a hot pack, then we can make one by filling a clean sock with rice and tying one end. Then, we should place the rice-filled sock in the microwave and heat it for a couple of minutes. The heat from the pack will help interrupt pain signals from our mouths to our brains.

Try acupressure:

Some doctors suggest that acupressure may be able to reduce toothache pain like Obat sakit gigi. It is causing the body to release endorphins. There are specific key points on the body that are believed to be associated with oral discomfort and pain. If we’d like to try acupressure, then we should consider researching reputable internet resources for more information about these areas.

Using peppermint tea bags:

It is generally considered a safe method. The peppermint tea bags have mild and numbing properties that can ease oral pain or discomfort for a short time. Most people prefer to cool their tea bags in the freezer for a couple of minutes before use. 

We can also apply the tea bag while it’s still warm and then wait for it to cool. It can create a pleasing sensation that can help take our minds off our toothache.

Try garlic:

Garlic has been used for its medicinal properties. And garlic is the best medicine for any discomfort. In addition to killing potentially harmful bacteria, garlic can also act as a pain reliever. If we want to use garlic for toothaches, then we can crush a clove to create a sticky paste and then apply it to the affected area. Alternatively, we can chew a clove of fresh garlic and spit it out.

Rinse with a guava mouthwash:

Guava is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Their leaves also have antimicrobial traits. It can blunt pain and sterilize oral wounds. We can either chew on fresh guava leaves or boil crushed leaves in water to make a mouthwash.

Use clove oil:

We should use clove oil to treat dental pain. Clove oil can reduce inflammation and numb oral pain. It also contains eugenol. It is a natural antiseptic that can sterilize oral wounds and relieve pain. We can treat a toothache or tooth sensitivity from it. 

We apply a small amount of the oil onto a clean cotton ball and then dab it on the affected area. Also, We can dilute the clove oil with a few drops of water or add carrier oil if it seems too potent as well.

Try a homemade thyme mouthwash:

As we all know, thyme has powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties. To alleviate toothache symptoms, we can add a few drops of thyme essential oil to water and make a mouthwash. We can also dilute thyme essential oil with a few drops of clean water and add it to a cotton ball. Then apply it to the affected area in the mouth.

How we stop tooth pain fast—–Obat sakit gigi:

Obat Sakit Gigi

Sometimes, over-the-counter medication and at-home remedies are not still enough to stop tooth pain. When we’re not sure what to do for our tooth pain, then it’s time to visit for a professional checkup. 

Whenever our dental pain is too much to stand, then we may need emergency dental care and it is warranted. If the pain is severe, then we should use the dentist’s emergency care line. Otherwise, we can make schedule an examination as soon as possible, so we can get pain relief and avoid further complications of toothache. 

What to expect from the Dentist—-Obat sakit gigi:

To treat our tooth pain, a dentist will first review our medical history and then conduct an exam. The doctor will ask specific questions about our toothache and discomfort. It is including when it started and where it is located. And how severe it is? What makes it feel worse and what makes it feel better? The dentist will then examine our gums, teeth, and any other relevant areas. He should do some kind of X-rays and/or other tests that may be needed to determine the exact cause and reasons for the problem.

Once the doctor determines the root cause, the doctor will outline available treatment options for us. For cavities, we may need a filling. If the tooth’s nerve is infected, then we may require root canal therapy. If the area has become infected, then a dentist may prescribe some antibiotic medication to kill bacteria. 

Moreover, nowadays dentists are using phototherapy with a cold laser. This new technique of dental along with other treatments reduces inflammation and pain.

Depending on the seriousness of the issue, we may receive treatment immediately or a few days after our exam. If the latter occurs, our dentist may choose to prescribe pain medication to help us cope with discomfort while we may wait.

How can we stop a Toothache before it starts—-Obat sakit gigi:

A good way to deal with toothache and oral discomfort is to avoid it in the first place. We can reduce the risk of oral health issues by thoroughly brushing our teeth twice a day. We should be flossing at least once. Also, We should eat a healthy diet and we can be avoiding sugary or sticky foods and beverages overall. We should be careful not to chew ice or hard items that might cause any fractures in our teeth. 

Finally, we should be sure to schedule regular dental cleanings and checkups from the dental health line. So we can get treatment for minor dental issues before they become painful problems that demand expensive treatments.

We should get closer to our perfect smile. Moreover, we should book our next appointment at a Gentle Dental location nearby.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: What is the best medicine for Obat sakit gigi?

Ans: The best medicine for any toothache or discomfort is listed here:





2: Describe some home remedies for Obat sakit gigi?

Ans: We can use some old home remedies for removing any oral discomfort and toothache. We can also use garlic, and clove oil and rub some iced packs on affected areas.

3: What are the names of anti-biotic medicine for Obat sakit gigi?

Ans: The names of some antibiotics are listed here:





4: Is everyone needs an antibiotic for a toothache?

Ans: No. everyone needs antibiotic medical treatment.

5: What are the benefits of Dentova pro mouthwash for Obat sakit gigi?

Ans: It has some major benefits are following here

Remove sensitive teeth and cavities,

Prevent the growth of bacterial plaque, as well

Prevent damage to the supporting tissues of the teeth.

The Final Words:

Obat sakit gigi is an Indonesian term that means toothache medicine. In the above article, we are trying to cover all the essential medicine and remedies for toothache. We also covered all the essential and basic knowledge of medicines that are used in toothache in a patient.

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